Friday, January 11, 2008

Getting Instant Listings In Google

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o Getting Instant Listings In Google

Getting your pages and content listed in Google's
index is vital to your online success. That's why
I am devoting all of this newsletter to this subject.

First, you must understand how important getting
your pages into Google really is? Many people don't
know why Google carries such heavy weight in the
online search market.

Recent surveys have put Google's share of the
total world's online search at around 55%. But in
the important U.S. market it is now at around 65%
and for those marketing their products in the
States that's extremely important.

Those webmasters who have number #1 listings for
their keywords in all three major search engines
Yahoo!, MSN and Google - will tell you Google sends
by far the most traffic.

In other words if you want massive traffic for
your keywords you must get top listings in Google.

Why is this?

If you check with Alexa you will see that Yahoo!
and MSN are listed along with Google as the Top
Five most visited sites in the world. But what
you have to understand that all of Google's traffic
is search traffic (unlike the other two's traffic).

Google dominates the search market, in some countries
their share is as high as 90%. Keep in mind, Google
is also important because the surfing public respects
and trusts Google. If you want buying customers,
this is vital to your success.

You must get your pages listed in Google search, the
closer to the number #1 spot the better. Thankfully,
getting your pages and keywords listed or indexed
in Google is not difficult. In fact it is extremely
easy to do and anyone can do it.

Google has changed how they do business.

You must understand Google is constantly changing
and recently their index listings have been changing
daily. Once they would only update their index every
4 or 5 months - now it is almost happening instantly.

Here's just one example of how I know this:

Google has placed a lot of importance on social
bookmark traffic. Anything submitted to these
social bookmark sites such as Digg, Propeller,
Delicious... the so-called Web 2.0 trend... are
indexed almost instantly.

For example, I usually place this newsletter in
my online (
blog and it is instantly indexed by Google.
Granted Blogger is owned by Google but this
works with any blog.

How do I know it gets indexed in Google?

I use Google Alerts which tells me when my
site appears in the Google Index.

Here is how you can your content spidered
and indexed by Google.

First make sure your site has Blog and RSS
feed. I use the free WordPress software to
place at least one blog on all my sites.

Once you have a blog, first make a post to it
containing your targeted keywords. And second,
submit a small part of your post to sites like
Digg and Propeller. Bookmark your post in sites
like Delicious and Reddit. Finally, you ping the
bookmark RSS feeds with sites like Pingomatic
and Autopinger.

Simple and effective way to get your pages
and keywords spidered and indexed in Google.

If all this sounds a bit complicated and you're
scratching your head???

Another easlier way I found to do all the above
steps is to let your visitors do it for you!

Late last year, I started adding the free simple
social bookmark tool supplied by
This social bookmark button lets your visitors
bookmark your content (pages) in all the
social sites for you. This method is slower
and your content must be good enough so your
visitors would want to share it with others.

I have received hundreds of listings in the
different sites and one of my pages was even
make it to the front page of Digg - resulting
in 70,000 visitors to my site in one day.

As Google places more and more importance on
the whole social bookmarketing scene... you
must get your site or sites into this mix.
Your site will be constantly spidered and

So to recap here are some of the sites and
free tools you will need to take advantage
of the social bookmarking sites and to get
Google to instantly index your site. (Mone
of these are affiliate links or try to sell
you something!)

To place a blog and RSS feed on your site use:

To place a social bookmark button on yoursite use:

To ping your RSS feeds and blogs use:

If you're totally new or confused about
the whole RSS/Blog system explained above
you might want to download my simple
RSS report:

RSS Report and Guide

Finally, how to know when your new pages or
site receives new listings in Google:

I Hope you will try these simple steps I have explained
above and get your own content or keywords listed
in Google almost immediately.

Kind Regards,

Titus Hoskins

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