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Google Is Still The Key To Your Online Income

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o Google Is Still The Key To Your Online Income

o Google Spawn

o Marlon Sanders' Info-Product Dashboard


o Google Is Still The Key To Your Online Income

The news was kind of shocking - Microsoft bids
to buy Yahoo! for 45 Billion - now we know why
that exclamation mark was always at the end of

Even combined you still won't have a search
engine that will give Google any problems.
Google is still firmly in control of much of
the search on the web. It's not going anywhere
but up.

At least that my 2 cents worth - but I am a
little bias since I have been receiving checks
from Google for years now. And indirectly Google
still factors largely in most of my online affiliate

But as any serious webmaster knows or at least
one who religiously studies his site's traffic
stats - Google delivers the goods. Google delivers
the traffic. Not MSN and Not Yahoo! They don't even
come close to Google - individually or married.

The numbers are just not there - Google has over
60% of U.S. search traffic and that percentage is
increasing. In some parts of the world, Google
percentage is 80% or higher.

If you're into Internet or Affiliate marketing
Google and traffic from Google will play a major
role in the amount of income you make. If you
have a company or product to sell getting the
Top #1 spot in Google's organic search for your
keywords is the key to turning a profit.

Even doing PPC advertising with Google's Adwords
will give you a handsome income if you know what
you're doing. So don't rule Google out. Not by
a long shot.

Rather go after that number one spot in Google
- trust me - it will give you an online income.
How much will be determined by your niche market
or the product you're selling and the conversion
rate of your content but a number one listing
in Google can be any webmaster's or marketer's
best starting point to an online income.

The next question for most site owners - how
do you get #1 listings in Google. It is not
hard - if I can do it, anyone can. Here's
some of the main steps I take to get many
first page listings for my keywords in
Google's organic search.

Feature article:

10 Steps To Top 10 Rankings In Google

Just click this link:


o Google Spawn

You probably know Google is listed at the top
of the 100 Best Companies to Work For 2008.

But it's interesting to see where some of
Google's former workers have gone on to do.
These Ex-Googlers have spawned some very
interesting companies and start-ups.

If any eventual rival presents itself to Google
search or Google itself for that matter - it will
probably come from this group of former workers.
Just as interesting is the fact that many of them
are now working with FaceBook!

To see what the Google Spawn are up to - check out
this link:

Ex-Googlers (Google Spawn)


o Marlon Sanders' Info-Product Dashboard

I bought Marlon's "Info-Product Dashboard"
a little while ago and I have already created
my first product using his dashboard.

I have to recommend Marlon's Dashboard to
anyone who is interested in producing their
own products. I only create free products that
I give away to build my contact lists and to
help sell my affiliate products or services
which I am promoting.

Here's what I came up with:

Internet Fax Guide

This Dashboard was really handy for showing
you all the steps you have to take to make
your product. It's all hosted online so it
is very easy to use and worth the money I
paid for it.

Now Marlon is even offering an extra bonus:

*They have set up a limited time bonus for the
Info-Product Dashboard. Anyone that gets a copy
of the Info-Product Dashboard from Feb 1, 2008
to Feb 6, 2008 will get access to the Transcript
of the InfoDash Quickstart Call. It's a 25 page

So now is the time to check it out
this Info-Product Dashboard:


Hope this helps!

Kind Regards,

Titus Hoskins

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