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Is Social Network Marketing For You?

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o Into The Mix - YouTube, MySpace, FaceBook...

o Is Social Network Marketing For You?

o Social Media Tactics That Work For Me


o Into The Mix - YouTube, MySpace, FaceBook...

First, you have to realize the web is changing
at a blistering rate... just look at those
social media sites above, a few years ago
none of these sites existed.

Now they are the top-ranked sites in the world.

If you have a website or are marketing on the
net you must keep up with what's happening.
These social bookmark or media sites have
been become extremely important if you want
to stay in the mix.

You must tie-in or connect your site or sites
to these top-ranked social media sites. For
SEO linking reasons if nothing else... I believe
Google will favor these 'community/run/voted'
sites more and more in their index rankings.

Why do I think this?

From first-hand experience, let me explain,
if you go to google and type in "Internet
Facts" - you will see my site in the #1 spot.

Now, "internet facts" is not one of my
targeted keywords but awhile back this
page on my site was 'socially bookmarked'
in Digg by one of my site's visitors.

I had over 70,000 visitors to my site
in one day. Now this traffic from a marketing
point of view was rather worthless -
very temporary and fleeting.

But what I didn't realize at the time - how
important these social bookmark links
are to your search engine rankings... it's
over 3 months later and my site is still
number #1 for that keyword.

It points out the growing importance of
these social media sites in your overall
rankings in the search engines - or at
least in Google which is the main one.

Don't ignore these social bookmark sites
or you might regret it later on down the
road when these sites become even more

o Is Social Network Marketing For You?

Since I have been exploring these types
of sites - I try to find the quality ones.
Ones that I am proud to be a member of...
no it's MySpace or FaceBook, although
I am member of those too!

One site that I am exploring the whole
social networking and social marketing
topic with is - this site
is run by David Riklan and is "the # 1 Ranked
website for Self Improvement on the Internet,
getting over 1 Million visitors per month."

David and SelfGrowth are building a whole
network of experts... people who are experts
in their different fields. Most of us
are experts at something in our lives...
most of us have a special hobby or interest
that we know more about than the person sitting
next to us. It's an unwritten fact of life!

If you feel you are an expert in a subject
than you should have a look at SelfGrowth.

Once accepted as an expert you can create
your own "Expert Page" and start building
your social network of like-minded people.

You can link to your sites, products,
newsletters... etc.

My own page is here:

SelfGrowth has over 3000 experts and this
number is growing fast... I recommend you
give it a try. Keep thinking ahead. Always.

o Social Media Tactics That Work For Me

Getting involved with these 'Social Bookmark'
sites can be really easy. One tactic that
has worked wonders for my traffic and
rankings is a simple 'Bookmark' tool
offered thru

You just put their Social Bookmark button
on your pages or content - let your
visitors bookmark and build links for you!

Get the free bookmark button here:

Another good site that has worked for me
is BlogRush - you join a network of
blogs that let you display your postings
on other people's blogs. Exchanging links.

This site is run by John Reese and the
quality is excellent. If you have a
popular blog - this is a great way of
making it more popular.

Join this blog network here:

Perhaps the simplest tactic to use -
just make sure you join all these
social media or network sites. They
don't cost anything... and they work.

Get a MySpace account, get a FaceBook
account... try out and use Digg, Reddit,

Keep thinking ahead. Always.

Hope this helps!

Kind Regards,

Titus Hoskins

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