Friday, March 07, 2008

Helpful Suggestions For Designing & Creating Websites

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o Designing Websites That Work

o 4 Ways To Design A Site


o Designing Websites That Work

Perhaps, my most asked question is:

"How can I design a website that brings
in money quickly?"

The answer varies depending on what type
of site the person wants to create. A simple
sales letter, an affiliate site, a business
site selling your own product or products...

No matter what type of site your build, if
you read last week's newsletter you will realize
the key to the success of your online site will
be keywords and how you optimize your keywords
or pages for the search engines - mainly Google.
(See below)

Get that part right, and chances are good your site
will be profitable.

Truth be told, site design (graphics, layout, navigation...)
plays an important role but the real profits are
in the high rankings for your keywords.

Even though I have a background in Art, mainly
art education, when I designed my first website -
I didn't have a clue what I was doing... but thanks
mainly to Brad Callen I did get the keyword part

And since I do mainly affiliate marketing, that's
extremely important. I needed to get high rankings
for my keywords and sites to turn a profit.

Now, the overall design of your website is still
important. You must try to get a professional looking
site so that your visitors will take you seriously.
Flashy colors, links that don't work, mismatched
fonts... will all subtract from your site.

Unless you can do everything yourself, producing
a professional looking site will cost you some money.
How much will depend on your budget and what kind
of site you want to create... but here are some
helpful suggestions on how to go about designing
your site.

o 4 Ways To Design A Site

Here are some of my suggestions for going about
designing a website.

Sales Letter Site

Usually consisting of the ONE main sales page and
few smaller pages. We have all seen these types of
site, consisting of bold headlines, countless
testimonials and the offer to buy the latest
thing since sliced bread.

But I am not knocking these sites or the people
that make them... these Sales Letter Sites are
are some of the most profitable pages on the web.
They can be tremendously effective selling machines
when they're done right.

If you're interested in creating this type of
site or just want Graphics for any kind of site
I would highly recommend Irene Fulton's
"Sales Letter Graphics".

It contains everything you need to create a
website, including templates for your sales
letter site. All the graphics, buttons, bullets,
check marks, backgrounds... to design an interesting

This is a comprehensive Graphics Package with
lots of bonuses and it will give you everything
your need to create a sales letter web site.

o Design Dashboard

If you want a more elaborate step-by-step
help with designing a website I would recommend
Marlon Sanders' excellent "Design Dashboard".

Marlon is a well know online marketer, one
of the true pioneers, who really knows his
stuff. Design Dashboard gives you all you
need to design your webpages that work:

o Neil Shearing's 10 Days To Cash

Usually, I suggest you be patient when starting
an online site... it doesn't happen overnight.
At least that was my experience when I started
but we didn't have blogs in those days and it usually
took several months before everything started working.

Well, things have changed somewhat now, with sites
being indexed quicker and quicker. And Neil Shearing
has had a different experience, he has produced a site
that started bringing in cash on the tenth day. And not
from PPC (Pay Per Click) traffic but traffic from Google.

Neil shows how he did it in his "10 Days Cash Secret"
product so you can use his methods to build your
own site or sites.

o Site Build It

Of course, if you want a lot of help and guidance
in creating a web site or web business I would
highly recommend Site Build It by Ken Evoy.

It will be more expensive then the systems above
but it is a complete marketing system and a complete
education on how to make a profitable site.

A word of caution, using SBI will also be a lot slower
then the other site design methods listed especially if
your totally new at this, but it is the most comprehensive
and gives you a full understanding of how online marketing

I recommend SBI mainly for those who are really new
to online marketing and want to know the basics. It
is the perfect starting place to design your first

Site Build It

Hope this helps!

Kind Regards,

Titus Hoskins