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Internet Marketers You Should Know About

April 25, 2006

Warm welcome to all new subscribers.

If you're a regular reader of this small newsletter,
you will realize I only pick the best Internet marketers
to tell you about. Just my honest opinions from working
online for many years and exploring every marketing technique
you can imagine and way too many software programs to

Most of these marketers you will have heard about
already if you visit any online marketing forums
or subscribe to any well known marketer. Internet
marketing is dominated by a small group of elite
personalities who are well known online.

Of course, keep in mind, there are some major,
major players who you will never know the names
of... unless they come out into the open.

Think this is all imaginary, just have a look
at this guy, he's only 27 and makes a million in
commissions each year. You probably never heard
his name before now... Check out Jeremy Palmer at
his site here:
Jeremy's Book

Then there are the other well known marketers,
who are working online... I have always liked
Neil Shearing's online persona and marketing
techniques. Not too flashy, just solid methods
that work. You can check out Neil's new blog
here and pick up a few freebies while you're
there... one of real professional marketers
working online. Class act!

Important Side Note **** notice that Neil is
using WordPress - f.ree blogging software that
you can use to produce search engine friendly pages
very quickly. These types of blogs are becoming
extremely popular for the reason that they attract
traffic from the major search engines, get indexed
quickly and can be a major factor in building
your online presence.

Also notice, that Neil is posting to his blog,
three or four times aday... you must post regularly
if you want to keep the search engine robots buzzing...

I also use WordPress with one of my own online

You should have a WordPress (or something like it) blog
attached to every site you have online. If you want
to be competitive you must have a blog and RSS feed
to get your message out. WordPress is located
here and its free:

Don't underestimate these blog sites... and if you're
not blogging, why the hell not?

But where were we... ah yes... online marketers!

Then you can go to the other extreme, well this
guy is also a class act but he's a little
bit more showy... Dr. Joe Vitale is in the

Mr. Fire as he is some times known as... but
behind all that flash is a solid online
marketer that you should get to know. Another
one of those trail blazers who pointed the way...

Joe has just come out with his new HSS package

Hypnotic Selling Secrets is an entire course in
marketing... worth a close look by anyone trying
to market products online or off.

But back to more traditional online marketers,
with Ken Evoy and Site Build It program.
Ken Evoy has always been one of my favorite
marketers for the simple reason that his products
over deliver... you get more than what you pay for.

Ken also understand that 'content is King and will always
be King'. It is the basis for all his Sitesell products...

You can check out Ken's May Madness sale here and save
yourself $100.

Site Build It

There are many more Internet Marketers that you should
be aware of... don't forget Marlon Sanders, or Brad Callen...
and the list goes on...

As to last week's newsletter, you can find a follow
up Feature Article here on


<%First_Name%> Have a Great Week!

Titus Hoskins

Trust everybody, but cut the cards.
Finley Peter Dunne

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

BizwareMagic's Internet Marketing Newsletter

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Special RSS Edition
April 10, 2006

Hi ,

Don't quite know how many subscribers reading this newsletter
would be interested in learning how to mar.ket on the Internet.
Some people just want help or information on how to promote their
online site or business. They want to limit themselves to little
area of the Internet and the overall area of Internet Marketing
doesn't really interest them.

However, if you're like me, exploring all the endless possibilities
of marketing on the web then maybe some recent things that have
happened to me can be applied to your own online pursuits.

If you would permit me, I would like to discuss three areas which
has helped propel my websites and sa.les over the last couple of months.
First some background, I have been running a modest Internet marketing
website for over four years now. I have tested marketing products,
tried countless marketing techniques, explored many online marketers...
it has been a great learning experience and I never tire of this
fascinating subject. The more I learn, the more I want to learn.

Recently, my explorations have taken me down some interesting and profitable avenues...

o Marlon Sanders

First, I have become involved in studying and promoting Marlon Sanders. Marlon
is one of those pioneers of Marketing that I knew about for some
time but I never really started examining his products until recently.

Only to find out that his products are swift sellers, the conversion rate is
very good, people like his products and Marlon is a master at writing sales copy.
All this helps, if you're trying to sell or promote a product with your website. It has boosted the sales on my site and if you're marketing info products, you should have a look at Marlon's wide range of marketing products.

Marlon also has a whole range of marketing products from big ticket items
as well as inexpensive products. Products for the off-line market as well
as online.

If you're really new to Internet Marketing, Marlon offers something that
very few marketers will offer you... hands-on experience in the marketing
field. Granted the pay is lousy, (there is none) but if you have some time
to spare and would like to learn from a master - then try Marlon's Marketing Practicum - you have to give 10 hours a week but you will learn Internet
marketing from a major force on the web.

Top quality education that will return your investment 10-fold.
If you don't have the time, and you still learn from Marlon Sanders,
why not try Marlon's MILCERS Club -->

or try his Free weekly marketing tips from Marlon Sanders

Either way, try to get to know Marlon!

o Keyword Elite

Second point I wanted to tell you about... recently I bought Brad Callen's
'Keyword Elite' and it has made all the difference in the world to how I market on the web.

Keyword Elite is keyword research software that tells me which keywords are profitable and which sites are promoting them. I do a lot of keyword article mar.keting and this software is proving to be invaluable. I also do keyword marketing with my webpages and this software is proving very valuable and

Keyword Elite runs on my desktop and it provides me with the keyword
information I need and it gives it to me very quickly. It has cut my whole
marketing research time/process to a fraction of what it was. Before this
software, I spent hours researching a keyword for an article or webpage -
now that's down to minutes. And it's better quality information.

Granted, keyword marketing is a little more advanced marketing technique,
especially if you're new to doing business online. But keywords are what
runs the whole machine... get top rankings for profitable keywords and you can't help but make a good online income.

If you want to find out more about Keyword Elite...try my review:

o DATEwise eCalendar

Third, another major factor that has helped in promoting my main website is the simple but very effective 'DATEwise eCalendar'that can be downloaded from my site.
This simple viral promotional tool has proven very effective in spreading my profile and site around the web and around the world. It's a simple perpetual eCalendar that sits on your desktop withmy live links back to my site.

I get e-mails from people all over the world, inquiring about my site and the calendar. It is a great little promoter that never quits. You can also get a customized version of this eCalendar for your own business or website - with your contact links and sales information.

Have a look here:
In conclusion, the products and people mentioned above have helped make my site profitable. They can do the same for your site. Please give these suggestions some thought.

I hope you're having a Great Week!

Titus Hoskins

Trust everybody, but cut the cards.Finley Peter Dunne
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