Thursday, November 23, 2006

HappyThanksgiving and A Cool New Google Tool For You!

Happy Thanksgiving and A New Cool Google Tool For You!

Just a short note to wish everyone in the States
a Happy Thanksgiving. Hope you kick off the
holidays in fine style and enjoy your time with
family and friends.

Just heard about this new Google Tool from Dan (King
of Conversion) Lok. It shows you how to test your
website and landing pages to get the best results
from your traffic or visitors.

It basically lets you test different aspects of your
website or pages to get the best conversion rate or
ROI. Excellent service and tool for any webmaster
trying to increase the effectiveness of their site
or landing pages.

Check it out here:
Google Website Optimizer

Until next time enjoy the holidays!

Kind Regards,

Titus Hoskins

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P.S. My latest article is entitled:
"Saving Santa - Last Minute Corporate Gifts!"
You can find it here:

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Online Niche Marketing And Your Bottom Line

One of the main reasons for the success of my online sites
has to be niche marketing. It is the main reason I can work
full-time from the comfort of my home.

If you're struggling to make money or create income streams
with your site or sites - I would strongly suggest you
try niche marketing.

I have been marketing online now for over 4 or 5 years but
it has only been in the last few years that I have explored
niche marketing in any great detail. It is the reason my
online income has gone way up. You can do the same or at
least you should give niche marketing some serious

I kept hearing the so-called marketing Guru's praising the
benefits of niche marketing for a long time. If wasn't until
I tried some niche markets and aggressively marketed to them
that my income started to jumped.

Niche marketing is not difficult to do, but it might be
helpful to have a few pointers to get you started.

For those who would like to experiment with niche marketing,
why not join the Free Associate program with Amazon and
create an aStore on the niche of your choice. This can be
a great way of finding and marketing products related to your
subject area - Amazon is one of the most trusted merchants
on the web, building a niche site with Amazon affiliate products
could be one revenue stream you should explore.

I find the commissions somewhat low compared to other affiliate
programs I promote but Amazon is an easy sell - people like
buying from Amazon and you will probably sell more - at least
that's been my experience. I even created a Corporate Gift aStore
to go with one of the niche sections on my site...

Internet Marketing Tools

Another tip, if you get heavily into niche marketing, you
might want to re-invest some of your profits into a nice
keyword research software tool.

One of the best tools that I use with my niche marketing is
Brad Callen's Keyword Elite.

It has really saved me a lot of time and has pointed out some
profitable niche keyword phrases... but maybe I getting ahead
of myself here.

If you want to know more about niche marketing just read
my article for a brief run-down on niche marketing.


Let niche marketing increase your bottom line and
show you where the real money is made online. Savvy
marketers and webmasters are taking full advantage
of this effective marketing strategy, are you?

Feature Article:

o How To Create Multiple Income Streams From Your Website
Copyright © 2006 Titus Hoskins

The Internet is tailor made for niche marketing. As more
and more people turn to the web to find the information
and products they need, opportunities for online marketers
to cash in has never been greater. Buyers now look to the
web to find countless products and services not available
in their own local areas.

Niche marketing is a simple marketing technique you should
be using with your online marketing. Targeting small sections
of the vast online consumer marketplace is one of the fastest
and surest ways to produce an online revenue stream. Are you
taking full advantage of this marketing strategy with your
own site or sites?

The web and niche marketing has opened up this whole new
area in the worldwide marketplace; delicately balancing
supply with demand, no matter how obscure or unique the
product or service may be.

Niche marketing is catering to these small segments of
the marketplace, from mountain climbing footwear to fly
tying equipment to home entertainment systems. Narrowing
down and targeting a specific market niche or group has
proven to be a very effective online marketing strategy.

Internet marketers and webmasters who have searched out
and optimized for these small niche markets are reaping
the rewards. Those marketers who find the niche markets
where there is high demand but very little competition
are benefiting the most.

Finding these profitable niche markets is easier than
most people believe, mainly because most of the activity
on the web is keyword driven or powered. All a marketer
has to do is find the keywords or phrases potential
customers are using to search for the products they
want to acquire.

Savvy online marketers use different keyword research
software and online sites to find these profitable
keywords. They use software like Nichebot or Keyword
Elite and sites like WordTracker and Overture (Yahoo
Marketing) to find profitable keywords in their
respective niches.

Before any content is created, before any sites are made,
before any products are born - these marketers do extensive
keyword research to find out exactly what people are looking
for on the web. How many searches are made each month and
the keyword ratio or competition for their niche keywords.

The objective is to find little known niches where there
is great demand but very little competition. Many marketers
also use the 'Long Tail' - a whole long list of keywords or
keywords phrases that relate to their niche. Creating webpages
or content for this Long Tail has proven to be more profitable
then targeting general popular keywords.

For example, someone searching for the keyword 'vacation'
may just be shopping around or dreaming - whereas someone
looking for 'honeymoon vacation Jamaica' may have their minds
already made up and are ready to buy... finding a whole
(Long Tail) list of keyword phrases where the customer
is ready to buy will obviously prove more lucrative than a
general list of keywords.

Many niche marketers also use this Long Tail keyword list
in combination with targeted articles which they submit and
syndicate around the web through such sites as Ezinearticles,
GoArticles or IdeaMarketers. Thus, creating high search rankings
for the profitable keywords in their particular niche.

Many smart marketers also tie in an informative 'How To'
'Further Information' or 'Special Deals' autoresponder series
to keep in touch with their visitors. Knowing that many
interested parties may not buy on their first visit, it has
been shown that it takes around six or seven follow-ups
before many consumers will buy.

For those webmasters who are not extensively into web marketing,
joining a free affiliate program like the Amazon Associates program
and creating an aStore is an effective way of promoting niche
products on the topic of your site. Products can be hand-picked
to perfectly fit the content of your site or niche.

Niche marketing is not a complicated process. Anyone can
take advantage of these small marketing niches and exploit
the demand for countless products and services that have no
or little competition. There is no reason why you shouldn't
turn the information highway into your own private source
of income.

Your bottom line will be the first to thank you!

The author is a full-time online marketer who operates
numerous websites, including two sites on Internet marketing.
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gift-organizer try here: Corporate Business Gifts
Copyright © 2006 Titus Hoskins. This article may be
freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.

Until next time and thanks for reading
this far!

Kind Regards,

Titus Hoskins

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

How To Create Multiple Income Streams From Your Website

If you're a regular reader of this small newsletter you
will know I am a full-time online marketer. Not that you
should care so much about that but in a way you should.

Not about me personally, but about HOW I arrived at the
place where I am working full-time online and enjoying
the comfort of working at home. I am currently at around
100-200 aday. In web marketing terms that very small potatoes
but it sure puts a slight smile on my ugly face each and
every day!

Just glad looking good is not a requirement for earning
a nice income online! ;-)

Lately, my income has been going up and I thought it would
be helpful for you to know the reasons behind this increase.
Especially if you're into list building, web marketing or
just trying to earn money from your site or sites.

A few things that have nothing to do with Internet
marketing has caused my income to increase dramatically.
First, I upgraded to a high-speed Internet (I live in a
very remote part of Canada and worked from a phone
modem for years) and second, I upgraded to a very
fast Duo Core laptop. Those two things made a big

You must have good work tools to get the job done.

It has increased my work output - more articles, more
sites, more web content... I tripled my output, then
tripled it again. It has also proven, in order to fully
take advantage on web marketing, you do need the physical
tools to get your work done quickly.

Somewhere along the way of trying to make a full-time
income online I learned the most important factor or
key to why I have gotten this far. That main key is:

Know precisely who you are marketing to. Know exactly
who you are targeting.

Every new site, every new article, every new webpage
I create - I have my targeted audience in mind at
all times.

Let me explain, on my main site I have a section
on Corporate Business Gifts - instead of marketing
the general areas of gifts - I have narrowed it
down to corporate or business gifts.

Gifts for employees, workers, bosses or executives
- now a boss or company ordering gifts for their
workers are not going to buy one gourmet basket but
10 or even a 100 baskets for their employees at one

Corporate Business Gifts is a very competitive
niche market for that very reason - it can be
very lucrative, even for the affiliate marketer
but the competition is formidable. Boy, it is
an extremely competitive...

But it is one niche I am aggressively targeting
this holiday season. I have many more niches and
many more sites which I will keep quiet about -
why drum up more competition.

I mention all this because once you get into
niche marketing - you are also precisely targeting
or identifying your market or audience. It is this
narrowing down process which in my opinion results
in all those sales and your success.

If you're not into niche marketing, try it. Narrow
down a particular market section or product. There
are still hundreds of thousands of niche markets
out there to be exploited online. Just find a few
and work them like crazy!

Anyway, below are some other ways in which I create
multiple income streams with my sites... the first part
of article you probably already know about... but just
make sure you read my #1 marketing tip or method I use
to get those 200 dollar days...

Feature Article:

o How To Create Multiple Income Streams From Your Website
Copyright © 2006 Titus Hoskins

Creating multiple income streams from your website
is a proven marketing strategy. An effective strategy
anyone can use to earn a part-time or full-time online
income. If you are not currently earning revenue from
your site, you could be leaving significant amounts of
cash floating in cyberspace.

Significant amounts of cash that can help pay your
monthly bills: your rent or mortgage, your car payments,
your utility bills or even your hosting costs. Many alert
webmasters are doing just that by creating multiple income
streams from their site or sites.

Creating these multiple income streams is not a
difficult task. Nor is it a lengthy or time
consuming one; monetizing your site can be done
within a few hours of work.

Here are some effective ways of creating multiple
income streams:

1. Affiliate Programs

Joining affiliate programs related to your site
is an easy process. Placing html code or java script
on your site with your affiliate IDs embedded only
takes seconds. I find joining major affiliate networks
like Commission Junction, LinkShare, Amazon, ClickBank,
Shareasale... to be the most effective. You can quickly
find and join affiliate programs related to your site's

Affiliate programs are excellent income producers, all
you have to do is supply the traffic or leads and the
affiliate company does the selling, shipping and handles
all customer interactions. These programs pay on time
each month and there are no disputes about commissions.
Amazon pays quarterly!

2. Google Adsense

Perhaps one of the easiest way to monetize your site
is through Google Adsense. All you have to do is add
a snippet of code to your site and Google serves up
ads to match your site's content. Getting those checks
from Google each month will put a smile on your face.

3. Sponsored Links

Another simple way to earn revenue from your site is
offering sponsored links. Selling links to other
sites who want to be listed on your site. Set up
a PayPal subscription service, and if your site
has a high PR page rank you will have plenty of
webmasters more than willing to pay you each month.

4. Banner Advertising

A simple, direct way to earn revenue from your
site is to host and sell banner advertising on
your site. Bit traditional but still a money
producer for high traffic volume sites.

5. List Building

Building an opt-in list of contacts interested in
the topic of your site can be one of your most
effective income producers. Many webmasters and
marketers use followup e-mails to keep in contact with
their site's visitors. This does require some work
and set-up time, but once you have your autoresponders
in place, you can forget about them.

In addition, marketing special deals, joint ventures
and offers to your permission based email contact list
can be another lucrative income stream for you.

That's just five ways to create multiple income
streams from your site. There are many, many more
but these are good starting points for any webmaster
who wants to monetize their site or sites.

Additional Marketing Tip

Here's my #1 marketing strategy on how to
increase your number of income streams:

I use the Long Tail keyword marketing model to
create high ranked keyword listings in organic search
for profitable keyword phrases on the topics of
my sites. First, I use a keyword research tool
like Brad Callen's Keyword Elite or an online
site Yahoo's Overture to find profitable keyword
phrases for my sites.

These tools will tell you how many searches are
made each month for a given keyword phrase and
also tell you how much marketers are willing to
pay for each click to this keyword phrase - as in
PPC or Pay Per Click advertising.

The trick is to find low to mid-range keywords
or keywords phrases that are profitable but
have little competition. Then design a content page
on your site to target these keyword phrases
and draw in traffic. I use keyword targeted
articles which I place on my site and also submit
to online article directories like Ezinearticles,
Goarticles, Articlealley, among others.

In the resource box at the end of each article, I
place my keyword anchor text and links back to my
site. As these are competitively low ranked keywords,
my content pages usually land on the top positions
in the search engines for my targeted keywords
within a week or so.

This is a simple effective marketing strategy
that feeds targeted traffic into my sites, making
them more profitable with each keyword phrase I develop
content for on my sites. It is an online marketing
strategy that you can also use to booster your multiple
income streams from your own website.

Granted, all the above information comes with a
disclaimer, the amount of income will usually
correlate to how effective you are at marketing
your site and how much traffic you can generate.
Your different abilities will play a large role in how
much you will earn. However, there is no reason why
any healthy site getting a decent amount of traffic
can't be used to create multiple streams of income.
Just cash in!


The author is a full-time online marketer who operates
numerous websites, including two sites on Internet marketing.
For the latest web marketing tools try:
Internet Marketing Tools
To add RSS to your site within minutes - download this
simple RSS Report and Guide.
Copyright © 2006 Titus Hoskins. This article may be
freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.

<%First_Name%> Until next time, hope your marketing is going
great and you can use some of the stuff mentioned above or

Kind Regards,

Titus Hoskins

P.S. Never stop learning! Whether you're going back
to school or back to work. You must never stop learning.
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