Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Online Fax - Does Your Small Business Need It?

There's almost no denying that every business or company needs a fax number in order to truly operate in the modern business world. However, there is some strong debate ongoing as to which method of faxing your business should use: conventional fax machine vs. online fax. While there are solid arguments which can be made for each route, does using an Internet or web based fax system rule the day?

One major benefit of using an online fax service is simply the low cost. Your business doesn't have to install a separate phone fax line and you don't have the expense of buying a fax machine. In addition, since we are talking about a web based "paperless" faxing, your business won't have the ongoing costs of buying all those inks, toners and papers. These cost savings can be significant, especially over the long term.

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online fax services.

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Saturday, December 10, 2011

How Many Domains/Sites Should You Have?

The recent Google Panda Updates rang home the old
saying - never put all your eggs in the one basket.
In our case, if you just had the one site on the web
and Panda turned up its nose at your site - then you
would have suffered a great traffic loss, at least
in the short term.

But it you had numerous sites... the chances are great,
that at least a few of them were Panda friendly. Especially
if those sites or domain had your exact "keyword" for
the domain name, I found those kinds of sites are still
favored by the almighty and all important Google.

Why is this important?

Actually, it has long been known that ranking high
in Google, often meant buying the exact keyword domain
for your site. Obviously, these sites are super targeted
and relevant for the Google searcher - it should deliver
exactly what the searcher is looking for in their search.

Everyone comes away happy, especially the online marketer
who was savvy enough to purchase a lucrative keyword search
phrase and build a quality site around it.

Is this the future web?

One, where even long-tail (3 or 4 words) keywords, all have
their top level domain ranking in the top spot in Google.
Close study of Google's rankings, even Post-Panda, shows
this to be the case in many instances.

Could this mean a renewed interest in building "mini-sites"
instead of just a few "authority sites" for anyone who wants
to earn revenue for the web? More importantly, what could
all this mean for the online marketer - out to make a few bucks
for their sites.

Find out more on this issue here:

How Many Domains/Sites Should You Have?

Kind Regards,
+Titus Hoskins

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Thursday, December 08, 2011 - Newly Launched Online Fax Video Site

Check-Out our latest site promoting our YouTube online fax
videos and channel Internetfaxguide.
This new site will display and promote all our fax videos
in the future.

Buying any time of web-based service can be risky and
nerve-racking, so any information which makes this decision
easier is always a good thing to have in your corner.
The more educated you become, the wiser buyer you will

These videos are a vital part of our main website dealing
with online fax services.

You can view the new site here: online fax videos.

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