Friday, November 30, 2007

Create Your Own Products With Info-Product Dashboard

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o My Apoligies - Main Site Down

o Creating Your Own Info Products

o Peel Away Ads

o My Apologies - Main Site Down

Please accept my apologies if you're trying
to reach my main site - -
there are server problems with this hosting

Hopefully, these issues will be cleared up
shortly. It has my full attention!

My other 6 or 7 sites are all on different
servers and are not affected.

o Creating Your Own Info Products with Info-Product Dashboard

One of the fastest ways to earning real income from
the web is to create your own info-product.

This may seem like a daunting task for the ordinary
person but that's where Marlon Sanders and the Info-Product
Dashboard enters the picture. Marlon has used his
simple "Point-n-Click" dashboard approach to help
you accomplish this daunting task.

Simple steps and tools you can use to create your
OWN Info-Product that will start earning you money
and keep on earning you money for years to come.

Info-Product Dashboard

Professional online marketers already know the enormous
power of having your own producst; not only for earning
income but for creating credibility, forming Joint-Ventures
and most importantly, for getting your own affiliates...
people who will sell your info-products for you.

If you're not familiar with Marlon Sanders, be assured
he is one of the pioneers who invented all this online
marketing stuff! Marlon is well respected in online
marketing circles... I myself, run two Internet Marketing
sites and Marlon's products have always been popular
best-sellers on both.

Marlon knows how to create Info-products that sell and
he passes all this information along to you in this easy
and simple Dashboard.

Maybe the main reason I highly recommend Marlon's
products is because of his simple and easy-to-use
Dashboard systems. Lets face it, we all buy marketing
products that we don't use or read once and then forget
about them.

Not This One!

This Info-Product Dashboard is different, because it
has Marlon's easy-to-use system that makes it a marketing
product that you will Actually Use.

You need a product that will take you by the hand and guide
you step-by-step thru the whole creation process.

Marlon Sanders' Info-Product Dashboard will help you
create your own info-product and make that daunting journey
a lot easier.

Highly Recommended.

So check out Marlon Sanders'

o Peel Away Ads

This is the product I told you months back,
which I have been using and testing on one
of my sites here:

Internet Fax Guide

Quite frankly, I am still surprised how well
this simple little marketing product or technique
is working out. Guess everyone is curious and
many do click on the peel away ads.

The concept is really simple, you place an
animated flashing ad in the corner of your
webpage - when a visitor places his cursor
over the ad - your message/ad is displayed.

It's best to see how these ads work in action,
just click the link below and you will
see for yourself how it works.


Kind Regards,

Titus Hoskins

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving - Are You Thankful?

Happy Thanksgiving!

If you're celebrating Thanksgiving in the
U.S. today - have a great one!

I would also like to take this time to say
a very heartfelt Thank You to everyone who
has supported my Newsletters and Sites this
past year.

Thank You very much - it is because of you
I get to do what I love doing - working online
and helping people in my own small way.

I am rewarded each day of the year and for
that I am very grateful.

I wish you and your family a happy Thanksgiving!


Kind Regards,


P.S. If you have a few seconds to spare,
there is a really thoughtful video by Sherman Hu
entitled "Are you Thankful?"

It will move you.

Thanksgiving Video

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Do You Have A Marketing Strategy?

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BWMagic's Web Marketing News!

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o Do You Have A Marketing Strategy?

o Online Marketing Sample

o BlogRush is Delivering Free Traffic

o Web CEO 7.5


o Do You Have A Marketing Strategy?

When I started my first website around 9 or 10
years ago - I didn't have a clue about marketing.

Online or Off!

You see I have a background in art education and the only
experience of a business nature I could speak of was
my dealings with Gallery owners & dealers who handled & sold
my art for a hefty 40% commission.

Needless to say I didn't get rich selling my art
but very few artists do - just the way things go...

When I started online marketing with my websites I
had a lot to learn about marketing and I am still
learning. But I quickly learned enough so that I
could support myself and work full-time online
and from the comfort of my own home.

Something I never achieved with my art - no matter
how hard I tried!

Perhaps, the whole key to my success with online
marketing has to do with something I read early
on when I was just starting out.

One key marketing strategy that made it possible.

If you could bare with me - I would like to explain
this marketing strategy to you in my own words. It
may help your marketing as it did mine.

This marketing strategy is very simple. And it is very
easy to use with your own marketing.

You have to find your prospective customers at the
exact time when they're ready to buy. In other words,
you target your online marketing towards those times
when a person is ready to buy a product.

Sounds complicated doesn't it?

But in fact it is not. It is very easy.

Just examine the times when you made your own purchases
in the past. What did you do? How did you go about it?

If it was an item you knew little about - I bet you
asked around with your friends to see if they had one
and what would they recommend or what they paid for it?
Where they got the item... any information they could

The key here is information. You want to get your
potential customers coming to you or your site for
information on the product they're thinking about

Give helpful, useful advice that they really need
to make a good purchase. You can even lead them to
different options you have chosen for them, pointing
out the benefits or any disadvantages of buying
each product.

More importantly you want them when they have their
minds made up and are ready to buy the item.

With the Internet, it is easy to get them when
they're ready to buy. Online marketers have known
for years that buyers searching for the exact
brand name and model number - have their minds
made up and are looking to buy. These exact product
search phrases convert much better than a generic search.

For example, someone searching "sport cars" could
be just browsing, whereas someone searching for
"a 4.6 litre V-8 Ford 2008 Mustang Bullitt" probably
already have their car picked out and just looking
how to order it.

Even targeting keyword phrases with the words
buy or buy online will give you more sales -
for example someone searching for "buy laptop
online"... is probably ready to buy than someone
just searching for "laptops".

Along the same lines, targeting keywords such
as coupons, gifts, best deals, laptop discounts...
points to stages when customers are ready to buy.

Perhaps all this talk of marketing strategy is
all too abstract... here are some examples from
my own online marketing where I have used this
theory of finding the right customers at the
right time.

Since my main site deals with the work-place
and business. I have a whole section on
Corporate Business Gifts.

Here I am targeting bosses, employees, workers...
who want to purchase corporate gifts. The real
beauty of targeting this sector... a boss
or company buying gifts for clients or employees
are not just going to buy one item... rather
they will purchase many items at the same time.

Instead of getting an order for one box of
chocolates - you get an order for 50 or 60...
Instead of getting an order for one promotional
pen - you get an order for 100's even 1000's
of pens. Believe me it all adds up very quickly!

In my marketing I like to know:

- who I am targeting (bosses, employees, students,...)

- when I am targeting them (holidays, back to school...)

- how I am targeting them (article marketing, online guides,...)

In this case, bosses or employees looking
for corporate gifts for the upcoming holidays.

This is just one example of how to find your
customers at the right time - when they're ready
to buy. This marketing strategy has worked out
very well for me - I hope it can do the same for


o Online Marketing Sample

Using the marketing strategy above, one of my
most effective marketing techniques is to use
short informative articles which I distribute
all over the web.

At the end of each article is my resource box
with links back to my landing pages or places
where the potential customers can get more
information, sign-up to my list and/or buy
a product thru my affiliates links.

These are keyword rich articles so they get
picked up (indexed) by all the major search
engines (I many targeted Google because it sends
the most traffic, hands-down.) These articles are
a simple way of pre-selling to your potential
customers, warming them up so they will be more
receptive to your landing pages and anything else
you want to tell them.

Here's an Online Marketing Sample I use for
Corporate Business Gifts:

Tips For Buying Corporate Business Gifts Online
Copyright © 2007 Titus Hoskins

These days it seems like any business activity or purchase
can be done online, including ordering and buying all your
corporate business gifts. No matter if you're acquiring that
single perfect gift for a special boss or ordering 1000's of
promotional items for your customers, it can all now be done
from the web.

You can order large volume orders of promotional business
gifts from inexpensive pens, calendars and chocolates to
slightly more costly items such as USB Flash Drives, desk
accessories and clothing - all branded with your company's
name and logo, of course.

Almost any business gift imaginable can be found online;
even unique "one-of-a-kind" luxury items can be obtained
if you know where to look.

However, while buying your corporate gifts online does
present some distinct advantages, you still have to make
sure you avoid certain pitfalls when ordering any product
from the web. With this thought in mind, here are some simple
tips to remember when ordering your corporate gifts online:

1. Shop Around

The whole point of the Internet is to give us options. Almost
all well-known stores and companies now have an online presence
or outlet. Use the web to shop around from the comfort of your
office or home and do your homework before you buy or order your
corporate gift.

Not that you want to be a Scrooge when it comes to gift giving
but a little fiscal restraint never hurt anyone especially if
you have a large work-force, so shop around and find the ideal
gift at the right price. Just remember to remove the price tag
before giving the gift!

2. Check Out the Merchant

Of course, ordering and purchasing does come with some hazards
along with all that convenience; mainly you must make sure
you're dealing with a reputable company. With most large
well-known online retailers such as Amazon this is not a
problem. Just make sure if you're using a smaller company
or store to do a quick check of this company.

Try BBB or check for customer/user complaints and also check
the store's online ratings. Contact former or present clients
to inquire about the quality and support of your chosen merchant
or supplier. Make sure there is a physical address listed,
along with the usual phone/fax/contact information.

3. Look for Bargains & Coupons

The online corporate gift sector is an extremely competitive
field, especially when it comes to branded promotional gifts
and luxury corporate gifts. There are thousands of stores and
companies competing for your business, so check out any online
gift deals, bargains and coupons. Always check for a special
price on volume orders.

4. Use a Gift Guide & Organizer

As we all know, finding the appropriate gift for a demanding
boss or employee can be a real pain sometimes, so to lessen
your struggle try using gift guides and organizers. These guides
can save you time, money and make your corporate gift buying a
whole lot simpler. The gift guide and organizer created by Amazon
has proven very popular in past years.

5. Use Auction Sites for Finding Unique Gifts

Unique original gifts are some of the best gifts to give because
they show you have put a lot of consideration and thought into
getting that special item; you have gone out of your way to
please a special boss or employee. Some great places to find
unique gifts are the online auction sites; try using eBay for
finding that unique "one-of-a-kind" gift that will truly delight
the receiver.

6. Look for Free Shipping & Gift Wrapping

Many gift companies will offer free shipping and gift wrapping
especially during special holidays such as the Christmas giving
season. So always check for free shipping and gift wrapping, you
might be pleasantly surprised especially if you have a large order
or an expensive gift.

7. Order Early

Make sure you order early especially if you have a large volume
order or are giving personalized engraved or monogrammed gifts.
At special gift-giving occasions such as Christmas, Valentine's Day,
Mother's Day, Father's Day... most popular gift shops and stores
are extremely busy and backed up with orders so make sure you plan
in advance and order early to avoid disappointment at those special

8. Last-Minute Corporate Gifts

We are all human. If the inevitable happens and your corporate gift
order is late/delayed or you just forgot to buy a gift, be assured
there's a whole market sector formed around last-minute corporate
gifts. From magazine subscriptions to concert/sports tickets to gift
certificates to an impromptu night out at a popular restaurant or
club, most online corporate gift stores and sites will have a section
on last-minute corporate gifts. Use them to save your corporate derrière.

Just remember, your next corporate gift-giving occasion doesn't have to
be a major chore or pain. Simply relax, take a deep breath, turn on the
computer and browse the web for those special gifts that will delight
and please your boss, employees or clients. Just keep some of these
online corporate gift buying tips in mind as you get ready to play
corporate Santa.


For the latest corporate gift ideas for any occasion and
a handy Amazon gift-organizer try here:
Corporate Business Gifts
For Timely Special Savings/Deals/Coupons on Corporate here:

Copyright © 2007 Titus Hoskins. This article may be
freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.


o BlogRush is Delivering Free Traffic

A little while ago, I told you about BlogRush,
a free program designed by John Reese which
brings in traffic to your blog.

John is a well known online marketer who put
out Traffic Secrets a few years ago. He's well
known and well respected in marketing circles.

BlogRush is quite simple. You join and place a
small widget on your site with 3 or 4 blog posts
from other high quality blog sites in the program.
In exchange, you get to place your latest blog post
on other people's blogs.

The more interesting your posts, the more traffic you get.
You're exchanging impressions, you earn credits (impressions)
depending on your own blog traffic and the number of
people you refer, only people who are interested
in your post will click thru to your site.

Neat idea and it works... if you have a blog
there's no harm in checking it out:

o Web CEO 7.5 - Take Full Control of Your Site

I told you about Web CEO last week, and I would
like to mention it again because it is one of
the best web management programs out there.

Web CEO is a whole suite of software programs and
tools that will automate your online site or business.

Used by more than 414,774+ businesses in 124 countries!

From November 6th through November 17th you
can get it half price:


Kind Regards,

Titus Hoskins

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

The Big Google PageRank Slap - Perception Is Everything

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o Is Affiliate Elite Worth all that Money?

o The Big Google PageRank Slap - Perception Is Everything

o Web CEO 7.5


o Is Affiliate Elite Worth all that Money?

Quite frankly, anything coming from Brad Callen
is worth the money. Affiliate Elite is no different.

I have always been a fan of Brad Callen's products
mainly because they work. Years ago, I used one
of Brad's free courses connected with SEO Elite
to turn my struggling main site into a profitable

I will never forget that fact. Nor will I downplay
the fact that Keyword Elite has been the major
reason I now have many #1 positions in Google for
my targeted keywords.

Affiliate Elite will be just as important. This
latest software from Brad lets you find the
successful affiliate products and marketers

Knowledge is everyone on here - once you can
find out who's making the big affiliate income
and the Clickbank (or PayDotCom) products they're
selling to make that income - you will be ahead of
the game.

Plus, Affiliate Elite can show you all the
keywords these marketers are using in Google
Adwords to promote their products.

Powerful and valuable information any marketer
can use to earn their own incomes...

Check out Affiliate Elite:

o The Big Google PageRank Slap - Perception Is Everything

Recently Google did a major PageRank Update
where a lot of sites were downgraded. Many
experts believe this PageRank Update was
Google's response to link selling - sites
which sell links lost points in PageRank,
which is shown in that little green pixel bar.

It may be a smart move on Google's part to
curtail this practice, who's going to buy a
link from PR2 or even a PR4 site? Besides this
could be more than a warning that your site will
go down even further if you continue to sell links.

Now this is more of a cosmetic change in PageRank
than a real change in your true rankings in Google.
Just because your PR goes down, doesn't mean your
keyword rankings or traffic from Google goes down.

I saw some of my sites go up, some stayed the
same but my major site took a big hit - falling
from PR6 to PR4. This was more of a devastating
blow than I expected mainly for psychological or
moral reasons. After years of building the best
content you can provide and constantly getting
quality one-way links; to see that PageRank drop
was very disappointing.

I have been around for a while so I have experienced
many Google Updates - anyone remember the Florida
Update? I also keep my ears peeled to discussions
of the latest updates in Webmasterforum and Stompernet ...
so I knew not to panic just because of the sudden drop
in PageRank.

I also knew what they were saying was true because
my major keywords stayed the same and my Google
traffic actually went up. But that's little comfort
when you're talking about Google, you immediately
go into overdrive and try to find out where you
went wrong. What caused the drop - because whether
it is meaningless or not; you're still going in
the wrong direction.

I saw many of my competitors drop too but many stayed
the same or even increased in PageRank. What are
they doing right, what am I doing wrong? I don't
sell links but does Google think I am selling links
was main question? I even moved one external link
from my main page to another part of my site, just
in case Google is taking that as a paid link.

For SEO reasons I have very few external links on
my main page. Can't see why Google downgraded my
main site. I have been at PR6 for years.

Here in lies my main beef, with Google you never
really know where you stand, you are constantly
walking on eggshells. No matter how good your content
or site is - one mis-step and you could be in the

It wouldn't matter so much if it was one of the other
two major search engines downgrading your site but this
is Google.

Free organic traffic from Google is vital to any
online site or business. I would take traffic
from Google over any other source of traffic
on the web, except for traffic coming from my
articles on other sites, which probably got
their start from a search in Google.

Google and Google PageRank has always been important
to me - that's one of the reasons a sudden drop
causes so much concern.

There's another important reason Google PageRank
is important to me.

Most SEO experts mistakenly believe PageRank is
meaningless because Google is not giving us the
true ranking of any site or reveling all the
backlinks which is supposedly one of the major
factors in how Google ranks sites.

For this reason, many webmasters have dismissed
PageRank as a vital element in their sites - Don't!

Google PageRank is extremely important if
you're doing business on the web. The higher
PR you have, the better. And it has nothing
to do with keyword rankings or first page SERPs.

What many SEO experts fail to realize (not
really their business) is the whole "perceived"
value of PageRank.

Google, hate it or love it, has become the most
respected company on the web in the eyes of the
majority of the web's users. It carries enormous
weight and prestige. The "perceived" value of a
high PR7 or PR8 is extremely valuable.

We are not talking about link selling, we are
talking about how a perspective business partner
or customer will treat your site/business.

Say you have two identical sites you want to
do business with online and you discover one
is a Google PR2 site and the other is a Google
PR8 site - which one would you choose to do
business with? Honestly?

PageRank is important. PageRank has meaning.
Even if it has little importance on your SERPs
rankings, PageRank can greatly influence the
success of your online site or venture. Don't
ignore or dismiss PageRank as a meaningless
relic that didn't quite work out as it should

High PageRank will always be valuable.

The day Google gives its own site a PageRank of
PR1 or PR2 instead of the current PR10 - that's
the day you can dismiss PageRank as truly meaningless.


o Web CEO 7.5 - Take Full Control of Your Site

You probably know by now running a successful
website takes a lot of work.

And a lot of time.

Adding quality content, checking links, promoting
your site... it all takes time. A lot of time.

I learned early that the more you can automate your
whole online marketing and your site... the easier
it will become. That's why software which automates
all your daily chores is worth having and buying...

Web CEO is a whole suite of software programs and
tools that will automate your online site or business.

Used by more than 414,774+ businesses in 124 countries!

Now you can get the New Release 7.5 - Get it at half

Web CEO includes tools to:

Optimize Your Site

Keyword Mining Software
On-page Optimization Software

Promote YOur Site

SE Submission Tool
Link Popularity Analyzer
Link Partner Finder
PPC Campaigns Manager

Analyze Your Site

Ranking Checker
Web Analytics

Maintain Your Site

Website Quality Audit
SEO Web Page Editor
FTP Uploader
Website Monitoring

All of these are tools and programs you need to
run your site smoothly and efficiently. Web CEO
comes highly recommended. Check it out.

From November 6th through November 17th you
can get it half price:

Kind Regards,

Titus Hoskins

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