Saturday, January 08, 2011

List Building & Autoresponders

Without a doubt, one of the most important online marketing
tools has to be the autoresponder. This program or service,
automatically gathers contact information and email addresses
to build your lists. It also sends sheduled email messages
to those who have subscribed to your lists.

Autoresponders automate your whole marketing system and makes
handling thousands, even ten of thousands of subscribers, a
breeze. They're working 24/7 to bring in spropects to your
maketing funnels... and in the process supplying your sites
with targeted traffic and repeat visitors. The kind you want.

We have all heard the expression "The money is in the List"
but I have a feeling, not many webmasters or marketers have
truly experienced the power of list building. Unless you're using
autoresponders on a regular basis or working online full-time,
it's hard to judge how very effective lists really are to your

You simply must have an autoresponder if you're marketing online,
even a free service will do in a pinch. But in the link below
I have laid out some reasons why you should go with a professional
autoresponder service...

5 Reasons Why You Should Use An Autoresponder

Helping You Succeed Online Since 2002!

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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Only Google Can Do It This Good

For online marketers like myself, Google is extremely important
to our success. Mainly because getting and maintaining those top
rankings in Google for lucrative keyword phrases is vital to
everything you do. It can make or break your online endeavors.

Google gave every webmaster and marketer a very bumpy ride in
2010 with the implementation of Google Cafiene and then quickly
following it up with the release of Instant Search and Instant
Previews. Plus, countless tweaking of their search engine listings
throughout the year.

However, for those of us who love this marketing stuff, Google
has also made it a very interesting year, to say the least. I
can't imagine an online world without Google, Facebook just
doesn't do it for me. But Facebook is turning into Google's
only competition, forget Bing, MSN, Yahoo... or any other
search engine for that matter.

Google isn't going anywhere, but in the back of my mind, some
long forgotten history lessons are resurfacing. Empires, no
matter how great or invincible they may seem at the time,
come and go, like the flow of the tide or seasons. Those
pesky lessons are constantly telling me nothing is forever,
not even Google.

As ridiculous as that notion seems at the moment, it is
something webmasters and marketers should keep in the back
of their minds, or maybe not. In my humble opinion, as long
as Google keeps morphing and adapting new features it could
have a thousand year reign as king of online search.

And a major part of Google's success, comes not from online
search, but from Google's influence in the real world. It has
given us countless programs which directly affect our daily
routine, from Gmail to Chrome OS to Google maps. It is those
programs which will keep Google in the world's eye for many,
many years to come.

It could be argued, no other company in history, has permeated
our lives as much as Google has done. It's influence is growing
and getting stronger. A major part of that influence comes from
all the programs Google has given to the community and all their
contributions to charities over the years.

The same goes for this year, in 2010, Google has donated 20
million to various charities. This is only a small token compared
to all the revenues Google has generated over the year, but it
is more than the thought that counts when you consider the recipients
of these gifts.

To find out who has received these gifts you can view the
video here:

Titus Hoskins

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