Friday, September 25, 2009

The Tricky Issue Of Duplicate Content And What Google Says About It

Being a full-time online means you have to keep a close watch on how
Google is ranking pages on the web... one very serious concern is the
whole issue of duplicate content. More importantly, how does having
duplicate content on your site affect your keyword rankings in Google
and the other search engines.

Now, recently it seems that Google is much more open about just how
it ranks content. I say "seems" because with Google there are years
and years of mistrust when it comes to how they treat content and webmasters.
Google's whole "do as I say" attitude leaves a bitter taste in most
webmasters's mouths. Many have had more than enough of this attitude
coming from Google and ignore what Google and their pundits say.

I have long learned you have to rise above your own personal feelings
or beliefs with it comes to running an online business. Never let your
emotions affect your business. Go with the flow and keep your mouth
shut if you like taking those trips to the bank. But Google has been
very kind to me on the whole, they have driven me nuts more times than
I can count, but overall I am very grateful and pleased with my dealings
with Google so I try to do everything I can to please them.

Regardless, whether you love or hate Google, there's no denying they
are King of online search and you must play by their rules or leave
a lot of online revenue on the table.

Now as for the whole issue of Duplicate Content, Google offers up
some much needed advice on the subject. I have gathered some information
and videos coming directly from Google and placed it in the link
below. This is information coming from Matt Cutts and Greg Grothaus on the subject of duplicate content. If you're worried or just want to find out more on this subject go here:

The Tricky Issue Of Duplicate Content & What Google Says About It

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Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Back To Work - How To Boost Your Traffic & Sales

This is probably the saddest time of any year - September!

Getting back to work after a long hot enjoyable summer in
the sun is a real downer. No matter who you are. Still takes
some getting used to really working hard again.

Well, lets not get too carried away.

Work for me these days is getting out of bed, grabbing a
cup of hot tea and booting up my trusty Toshiba laptop to
check my overnight sales and traffic. I am still selling
$1000's of affiliate products from my different websites
that I run... things have slowed down because of the
bad economy in the States but everything is still very

Christmas is just around the corner and that has always
been my most lucrative time selling anything on the web.
Even in bad times, Santa still has to put in an appearance,
he's the greatest cash generator ever invented.

But that's a little ways off yet - right now, I am boosting
up my traffic numbers and sales by going back to work.
There are countless things I do to boost those traffic
numbers and I have listed them in my latest blog post

How To Boost Your Traffic & Sales

Hope you will find them helpful. They work for me and
my sites - they should also work for yours.

Kind Regards,

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