Tuesday, August 12, 2014

RingCentral Office Launches A New Free Personalized Demo

RingCentral Office Launches A New Free Personalized Demo

RingCentral Office has just released a very convenient personalized
demo for its virtual PBX phone services. This free demo will give
any prospective client or customer of RingCentral a first-hand look
of how these all-inclusive cloud based phone system works.

All-inclusive means any company can get voice, text, fax, conferencing
and even high qulaity video meetings... with one low monthly payment.

In addition, this virtual phone system works perfectly with your
current smartphones so you can be setup and running within minutes -
instead of weeks. RingCentral Office can be an excellent
alternative to conventional and somewhat limited "hard-wired"
phone lines.

Going the virtual route does have its advantages: easy and fast setup,
cheaper costs, completely mobile and totally scalable to meet your
company's growth. Plus, your office PBX systemPBX system can be
fully integrated with your whole computer network and your
company's operations.

Now with this New RingCentral Demo potential clients can
sample how this system can work for their company or business.
This is a great chance to see if going the "virtual route" is a
viable option for your company.

If you want to find out more about RingCentral Office, here's a
handy online review: RingCentral Office

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