Monday, August 02, 2010

What is LinkBait?

Whatever it is - Google likes it, at least according to
Matt Cutts who even did a special YouTube video on the
topic. However, understanding exactly what LinkBait is and
how it works is a little more tricky.

What linkbaiting really boils down to is producing content so great
that other web masters will want to link to it. This can be an handy piece
of software, an outstanding article or a helpful SEO tool.

Actually any page on your web site can be used as linkbait. Create
outstanding content and other web masters will link to it automatically,
giving you those all important one-way links. This is free traffic which
comes to your site without you having to do nothing.

This "word of mouth" advertising is some of the best kind of promotion
you can get because it is totally organic and natural. People are voting
for your content by giving you links and traffic.

The effective use of "linkbait" can be a great way to market your
site or products online. And knowing a few little tricks can make
all your content more linkbait worthy!

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What is LinkBait?

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