Monday, December 14, 2009

My Internet Marketing Strategies For 2010

As a full-time online affiliate marketer I have a feeling 2010 is going to be one of those "Watershed Moments" in marketing on the web. There are several key factors currently in place or which will come into play early in the next year that could possibly change the whole ballgame.

First, we have the new FTC (Federal Trade Commission) Guidelines regarding Testimonials and Endorsements which came into effect on Dec. 1st of this
month. These new rules could have many long lasting ramifications for Internet marketers, regardless of what you're promoting on the web. Changes
that every online marketer should be aware of and be paying some attention to.

Second, we have the countless new changes within Google that's stirring up the pot, like never before. Real Time Search and Google Caffeine are just
two new things online marketers must also be paying attention to in their marketing. Google Caffeine, which is a major overhaul of Google's search engine could cause major fall-out for online marketers.

Anyway, if you want to find out more about these new changes and my own strategies for coping with them, just click this link:
My Internet Marketing Strategies For 2010

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Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Are Search Engines Becoming Irrelevant?

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Are Search Engines Becoming Irrelevant?

In a week when Google has just launched "Real-Time Search" which it will incorporate into its search results, such a suggestion that search engines are becoming obsolete and irrelevant can be seen as downright laughable. Google is also about to launch Google Caffeine, its next generation search engine. And if that wasn't enough, Google is also introducing Google Goggles for mobile search which is turning quite a few heads and rightly so. And Bing is continuing its blazing media blitz that only a company like Microsoft could afford. Search engines are important than ever - aren't they?

Search engines are here to stay - right? They will play a leading role in the future web - right? Nothing can unseat or undermine the importance of these mighty search engines - right?

Whoa - Not so fast partner!

While search engines will always play a major role on the web but no matter how many new ways and programs they implement, nothing can disguise the fact that search engines are and have always been the "middlemen" of the web. Obviously, being in the middle, they come between you and the stuff you're searching for on the wonderful world wide web.

Will there ever come a time when the fastest way to find what you're looking for on the web be the direct route - cutting out or severely lessening the role of the mighty search engines? Will human nature dictate or lead us to take the direct and fastest route to the majority of the information on the web? Never underestimate human nature - it can take on the mightiest of opponents!

More importantly, will the evolution of the web and the web surfer, mean they become more and more web savvy so that they en masse cut out the middleman or middle route? Will more and more of these web savvy surfers change how the web actually works? In the process, will search engines take more of a supporting role in the "New Web"...

If you're interested in this whole foolish notion, you can read my "Soap Box" article here:

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