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Becoming The Spider: Next Generation SEO Tactics

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PPC Rant

You must excuse me, I haven't done a rant in over
two years... I have to get this out of my system.
Just bare with me for a few minutes and if you're
into PPC Pay Per Click advertising this rant might
also help you.

I also hate doing rants because I usually end up
with a lot of unsubscribes whenever I do one, but
I am having one of those weeks you really want
to forget about... you try not to let the little
things get to you and remind yourself you're
a professional marketer. Just deal with it!

I saw something that I didn't like this week...
not one bit! If you're NOT into PPC advertising you
can skip to the next article on the New Web 2.0
down below.

As I mentioned last week I started using PPC
in my marketing, more to check it out than
anything else - I have always found organic
marketing much more effective. Getting naturally
listed in the # 1 spot on Google is much better
than having your paid Ad in the #1 spot.

But this doesn't concern Google, I have my PPC
advertising with Yahoo! Marketing and the results
were pretty good until I started some "Content
Ads" this week - you have the choice where you
want to place your ads in Content or in the Search

Well my content ads returned traffic that was
pure JUNK. Now this is more a judgment on my
part and my opinion... but after religiously
reading my traffic weblogs for the past 4 or 5
years I can recognize Junk Useless Clicks when I
see them.

So I started checking out where my content
ads where being placed. Many were online
game playing sites.

Now this is not Click Fraud... these are
real clicks but the traffic is next to useless.
Many clicks are by mistake, players accidentally
striking a Yahoo! Ad when all they wanted to
do was play an online game.

As Yahoo! states on its site:

"We realize that advertisers are concerned about
traffic quality issues such as receiving traffic from
unwanted sources or increased amounts of traffic. While
we are not legally obligated to address traffic quality
issues, our aspiration is to bring good value to our
advertisers. We welcome information from advertisers
about traffic quality concerns."

Well Yahoo! is very welcomed to this information, as
far as I am concerned you can have all the bell and
whistles you want but if you can't deliver the product
I am buying (quality traffic) then it is just wrong
to charge me good money for it - no matter how small that

They are "not legally obligated to address traffic quality"
but alert advertisers will definitely have to address
this issue quickly or you could lose a lot of
money fast on useless traffic. I gave Yahoo! some
swift feedback by turning off all my content ads.
I lost a small amount of money, but wasting money
always puts me in a bad mood for some unexplained

Recently Google Adsense has banned publishers from
placing their Adsense content ads near images - maybe
they found out something Yahoo! has not yet discovered!

And it's not really the money, just the feeling that
you've been mistreated and taken advantage of...
one sobering thought - there must be hundreds of
companies out there spending money just like I did
- I firmly believe I can't be the only idiot out
there doing this. Billions are paid on PPC each

I am off content ads for the moment, I have placed
all my ads over to Search Ads. I am having some
success with search ads so I am sticking with
Yahoo! for the moment. I was actually enjoying
working all the 'ins and outs' of the new Yahoo!
system until this little hurtle came along.

Just shows you have to be very careful when
dealing with PPC advertising, especially when
you're just starting out.

If you're using Yahoo! content ads maybe you've had
different results from mine. And maybe your traffic has
been useful, also keep in mind, there are a lot of factors
involved in PPC advertising... this could account for
what I am seeing but from these marketing eyes... it
just doesn't look or seem right to me!

If you're into PPC content ads... just check out
the URLs your ads appear on... could be a big
eye opener... you may even save yourself some
money. Thank me later!


I am still being impressed and entertained
by Glyphius!

This is the copy writing software I told you
about last week. Basically it has taken
100's of Thousands of the most profitable
ads/copy from past campaigns and placed it
into a database.

You type in your web copy - headline, PPC ads,
resource box, sig. file, or whole paragraphs
you want to place on your site and then you score
your writing with the database and your copy
is given a number. Higher the score the better
your written copy should perform.

Change some of the words, then score again
to try if you get a higher score. You can
improve the copy compared with this database
of profitable text. Sounds so simple and
it seems to be working.

I changed a headline on my main opt-in page,
the subscriptions are up but I have also
seen much more traffic lately... as the
article listed above just appeared on
SiteProNews... this always brings up my
number of opt-ins. Will keep testing
this neat software and keep you posted.

Testing your pages and ad copy is one of
the best ways to increase your profits.
You should split test all the important
money pages on your sites.

Now Google has just come out with a great
Free Split Testing system here:

Becoming The Spider: Next Generation SEO Tactics

This is my article on Web 2.0 - the brand New Net.

Here's a little teaser:
Everyone has probably heard of Web 2.0 but very few
know exactly what it is or how it can help your site's
rankings. Here are some Next Generation SEO tactics you
can use to take full advantage of this new Web 2.0
generated SEO gold rush.

Just when you believed you had all your SEO tactics
figured out, the web goes and changes on you. Not just
the rules of the game but it takes the whole web platform
right out from under your feet and changes it. What's a
poor webmaster to do?

Web 2.0 changes the whole ballgame. It not only places
the Internet user squarely in the middle of things,
but it gives that user the means and power to create
and manipulate data. Web 2.0 dramatically changes how
we view and use the web. Actually, in many respects,
it creates a whole new Internet.

What Is Web 2.0?

Just what exactly is Web 2.0? What does it mean?
Is there a precise definition that all webmasters can
get their heads around and understand? Not really,
many believe Web 2.0 is just another one of those
contrived buzzwords, signifying mostly marketing hype!

However, perhaps the simple definition can be found in
the word "you"! Time magazine probably summed it up
best by making reference to the "you" in user generated
content. Web 2.0 is basically all the platforms that give
us this brave new user-powered interactive Internet,
generally referred to as 'social media'.

Web 2.0 can be seen or manifested in such sites as
YouTube, MySpace,, Digg, Squidoo...
Web 2.0 uses scripting languages such as Python, Perl
PHP, RSS... to construct interactive platforms that
websites can use to create all this user-generated

Many refer to these evolving formats and scripting
platforms under the name AJAX and no this does not
refer to the popular cleaning agent under your kitchen
sink! This AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) comes
from Google and takes web based interactive programs
such as Google Maps, something that's usually associated
with desktop applications, but is now being applied on
the web. If you have used Google Earth, you will realize
how powerful and revolutionary these new applications
can be, not to mention, they are a whole lot of fun.

Where Did The Name Web 2.0 Come From?

Many point to Tim O'Reilly, the constant innovator
of many technological changes on the web. O'Reilly has
been at the forefront in discussions and conferences on
the nature and substance of the 'meme' open source
platforms dominating the new social media.

How all this new media plays out is anyone's guess but
all webmasters should optimize their sites for this new
Web 2.0 and take full advantage of all the SEO possibilities
presented by this brave new Internet.

Here are a few SEO suggestions you can try:

1. RSS/Blogging - You must place a blog and RSS feed
on all your sites. This is a fairly simple procedure to do
with free server-based programs such as Wordpress. Having
a blog and RSS feed will place your site into the whole
tagging process. Each category you create in your blog will
be seen as a tag by such sites as Technorati. RSS stands for
'Really Simple Syndication' and your RSS feeds will get your
content distributed across the web. A simple and easy way to
tap into the new Web 2.0 universe.

2. Create some Google Juice! Join as many of these
highly interactive sites as you can: MySpace, YouTube,, Digg, Wikipedia ... my favorite is Squidoo,
where you can create Lenses on different topics that interest
you. User driven content that's utilized by all the major
social media sites. Of course, link back to your sites in
your posts and creations in these user-created content havens
and watch your PR ratings go way up.

3. Use Interactive Scripts - Place interactive JavaScripts
and platforms on your own sites. Have membership forums, polls,
blogs, feedback forms, user-contributions... to build unique
content driven sites. Become the spider!

4. Tagging (Folksonomy) Be constantly aware of the tags
(keywords) you're creating with your blogs and sites. This can
have a very beneficial effect on your traffic and rankings.
Closely relate these tags to the content on your sites and build
higher rankings in all the major search engines.

5. The Long Tail - Especially important for affiliate
marketers, you need to cover special niches where there is
less competition and content. These narrow niches make up a
large portion of the whole vast web, creating content in these
unique areas will get your site included in the search engines
a lot quicker and keep them there a lot longer.

6. Holistic Web 2.0 - Be constantly vigilant in placing
your sites in the whole 'Interactive Game', building links and
partnerships with the important YouHubs: MySpace,,
YouTube, Digg, Squidoo... the more connections you have, the more
your own sites will prosper.

Be The Spider!

No doubt, Web 2.0 will play an ever increasing role in the
development and evolution of the web. Make sure your sites
are optimized and in the 'You' game. Create blogs, RSS feeds,
interactive forums, membership areas, user-generated content
and truly make your sites interactive havens in their own right.
Just remember to tag everything and your sites will reap the
benefits of this new Web 2.0 generated SEO gold rush.


The author is a full time Internet Marketer with numerous
sites on the web, including two niche sites on Internet
Marketing. His main site is
Internet Marketing Tools
For the latest and most effective marketing tools to boost
your online marketing try:
Marketing Tool Guide
Copyright © 2007 Titus Hoskins. This article may be
freely distributed with this resource box attached.

Free Keyword Tools

Keywords are the starting points for making any kind
of income online. You have to get this right from the
get-go! Pick the wrong keywords and its game over.
Choose the right ones and you're on your way to earning
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I just got an email from a lady who has site selling
high end luxury albums but she made the mistake of
marketing them exclusively to hunters. (Hunting
Photo Albums) she was wondering even after getting
#1 spots in Google for her keywords she still
wasn't getting much traffic.

Problem - not many people search for hunting albums!

My suggestion to her was to offer her luxury album
to the wedding market also - this niche has a lot
of searches each day - and you can also bring in the
gift market. People spend more from luxury gifts
especially at weddings.

Anyway you must start with highly searched for
keywords or it's really is game over before you
even start.

How to find popular highly searched for Keywords?

Here are two free keyword tools you can use
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Much Success,

Titus Hoskins

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Watch Videos of Real People Making Net Income

Watching these videos of real people making
money from the web is totally uplifting for
some reason. Maybe the main reason for this
feeling is because I have experienced a similar
liberating effect with my own online marketing.

Videos are here:

Site Build It Videos

Earning a living from the web is totally different
from working for someone else. It is totally different
from working a 9 to 5 job. Totally.

I have a background in education and art. It even beats
working as an artist... that lifestyle is great but
you have to deal with gallery owners and waiting for
your commissions checks, besides your paintings have
to suit the marketplace or they might not sell.

Teaching was great, I loved teaching art but even that
had it drawbacks... you have to deal with so much
paperwork and social issues now in that field.
In urban and even rural settings, teaching is becoming
a very dangerous job! Just a reflection of the
dangerous times we are living in.

I have found nothing that compares to working on the
web. I can make my own hours, I am basically working
for myself. I mostly do affiliate marketing so I don't
have to worry about customer complaints, shipping
on time, filling orders... etc. etc. etc.

The sense of freedom is overwhelming.

I only have to build websites and drive targeted traffic
to them. That's all I have to do!

If I want to talk time to go for a walk I can. If
something comes up and I have to leave it for a few
days I can. If I want to go on vacation I can... I took
a 3 week vacation last summer and I make more while on
vacation than in the previous 3 weeks.

Vacation is a relative word... with my online marketing
I feel like I am always on vacation. I am working on
something I totally enjoy doing... even when I am working
it doesn't seem like working. If you have a favorite hobby,
you know what that's like - time spent on a hobby is not work.

The hobby just pays extremely well!

Plus, I can take my work anywhere. All I need is a laptop
and an Internet connection to earn my income. I can work
basically anywhere in the world. I can travel anywhere
I want to and still earn a great income as I go!

Working from the Internet is totally liberating...

Many ordinary people like myself have found this out and
are enjoying the rewards. Anyone can do this.

But it does take some hard work, especially when you're
learning all this and setting everything up. Once you
get your site up and running, it's there 24/7 earning
you money 365 days of the year.

However, once you build you first site and it starts
producing income for you - you won't want to stop there.
I am on my 8th site and I am going to have to stop at
probably 10 or so... unless I hire someone to run
them because they may become too much to manage for
just one person. But that's a whole different ballgame...
one I could play if I want to, many online marketing
outsource their different tasks and really start making
large sums of money.

It's not where I want to go at the moment, I am enjoying
working from home too much, not interested in running
a small company. I like handling all the tasks myself,
this is my operation, this is my hobby, one that pays
really well.

Do yourself a favor and watch these videos of people
experiencing the same kind of liberation...

These videos are from the Site Build It - the well
known site building system from Ken Evoy. I am using
SBI to build my 8th site. I have also written a review
of what I have experienced so far, along with my opinions.
You can read the SBI review here:

Site Build It Review

But these videos do a much better job of explaining
what SBI is all about. Ordinary people making good
income form the web. And enjoying every minute of it.

Site Build It Videos

Much Success,

Titus Hoskins

Internet Marketing Tools
Internet Fax Guide
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