Monday, April 16, 2012

Does Google Believe Your Links Are Real?

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Does Google Believe Your Links Are Real?

Without a doubt, where Google is concerned, the last
year and half, has seen more disruption for webmasters
than the last 10 years combined. The Panda Updates have
taken well-established sites and completely wiped out
their valuable search engine traffic coming from Google.

Google seems to be moving more towards brand/corporate
sites in free organic search, even for general topic
keywords where a comparison or review site would seem
like a much better fit or relevant match for the search
query. These corporate sites are now displacing the
more "affiliate focused" sites at an alarming rate.

One just has to wonder:

Does Google Really Care About Relevancy Anymore?

Some are even suggesting Google is rewarding its
corporate Adwords clients with free organic traffic
- if true, this practice could be a very smart business
move on Google's part. The more revenue these clients
make, the more they will spend on advertising.

Simple greed dictates this will probably be the case.

However, a more likely scenario is that Google has
come down hard on those sites and webmasters who
have "SEOed" their sites to get the top rankings. The
whole Panda Fallout could just be re-arranging or
de-ranking these affiliate based sites because of too
much link building and too much optimization.

These sites have to be replaced with other sites...
why not have the corporate brand name sites take these
top spots - regardless of relevancy.

Anyway, I have a placed a whole article on this
subject on my site here:

Does Google Believe Your Links Are Natural?

Kind Regards,
+Titus Hoskins

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