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How To Make 2007 Your Year To Succeed

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o Make 2007 Your Year To Succeed

o My Number #1 Tip For Online Success

o Joel Comm's Christmas Adsense Gift

o Site Build It BUY-1 GET-1-FREE Holiday Special


o Make 2007 Your Year To Succeed

A few years ago I made 2005 my year to succeed online,
I had been struggling to make a decent income from
the net for over 3 or 4 years. I kept reading and
seeing countless success stories of ordinary people
making a good income online.

Was this all hype? Was it just to sell me another
marketing how-to info product that I couldn't afford?
Were people actually making money online, from the
web, from the comfort of their own homes?

It was very hard to believe! I was getting nowhere fast!

So I made 2005 my year my break or bust year - either I
would succeed or I would stop completely. I put this
promise into the back of my mind as dove into 2005 with
a fury of work.

I mention all this because 2005 was the year I started
to succeed, it didn't come overnight... sales were slow
at first. Then they gradually increased as my traffic
and marketing picked up steam. By oct of 2005 I was
starting to see consistent daily commissions of around
50 to 80. Not much by Internet standards but to
me this was a decent income.

Looking back on it, I did something different in 2005
that I didn't do in all those years proceeding... I
made a commitment to myself. I got serious about
making a living online. And that as the saying
goes - made all the difference in the world.

Please don't get me wrong, I am still not making
fantastic amounts of income. As I near the end of
2006 - I consistently make 100 to 200 aday. I have
had a few grand days but they have been the result of
special sales or bonus incentives from the different
affiliates programs I promote.

However, 2006 is the year I started to expand, I
created more websites, I am spending more in advertising
each month and I am gradually growing my online business.
It is also the first year I started referring to all
my online activities as a business. Because that's it's
what it is. A small home business. One that just happens to
be online.

I believe I wouldn't have this business today if I had
not made that commitment to myself. If I had not
finally decided to give Internet Marketing a chance.

Now what about You?

Are you trying to earn a decent income from web?
Do you want to start an online home business?

If you are - my suggestion to you is quite simple -
make 2007 your year to succeed. You must first
start with that commitment to yourself. Always
remember your Internet business starts and ends
with you. The success or failure of your business
happens between the keyboards and the seat you're
sitting on.

You can make it happen. You can succeed.

If I can succeed, anybody can succeed. I am not
being modest or foolish. If I can do it - so can
you. I started from the very beginning, by learning
html and working my way up... to where I am today...
but I am not stopping there and neither will you!

Once you truly get started, once you truly make
that commitment to yourself, once you make 2007
your year to succeed. You will!

Just go for it.


You can read my story here:

'In Search Of The $100 Click or How I Found A Full-Time
Online Income And Came To Love The Internet!'


o My Number #1 Tip For Online Success

If you're still searching for ways to make you
online activities or pursuits more successful
- here's my #1 tip.

Rather than buying the latest marketing info product
from the latest marketing Guru - join their affiliate
program and study from the inside how that particular
marketing expert "markets" their products.

Study all their techniques, their set-ups, how they
launch a product, how they promote... look at their
Newsletters, look at their videos, look at their
free products they use to build their contact lists...

I started this technique way back in the dark ages,
with marketers like Corey Rudl, Marlon Sanders, Neil
Shearing, Ken Evoy, Mark Joyner... and it's the best
marketing training on the Internet.

These marketers will SHOW HOW it's done. But you
have to look beyond their info products - watch
closely how they are marketing those products to
you and you will be one step ahead of the crowd!


o Joel Comm's Christmas Adsense Gifts

Lately I have been studying and promoting the
products of Joel Comm. He's a relatively new
person to the marketing scene, he has been on
the Internet for a long time but he juts recently
entered the marketing arena with his Adsense

Last year, there were many big products such as

Brad & Andy's "Stomper" program...

Rich Schefren's coaching program...

but for me Joel's Instant AdSense Templates has
to be among the best.

In fact, Joel's package was the most popular low-
price point package of the year! While others were
launching expensive products with a price tag of
$1000 or more, Joel shocked the online community
by putting together an enormous package filled with
unbelievable content for under $300!

Well, Joel is at it again...

And this time he has REALLY lost his mind.

Joel has donned a "Santa" hat and is GIVING AWAY
a FREE Christmas gift to everyone!

What's in the package?

Joel has created a FREE set of Instant AdSense Templates
for YOU to enjoy, whether you own his package or not!

He's also offering some other great marketing information
that you can use.

And the best part, you Won't have to give your
email address to download these gifts:

More importantly, Joel is a marketer worth studying
and keeping an eye on - I know I will be!


o Site Build It BUY-1 GET-1-FREE Holiday Special

Another marketer that's a gold-mine to study is
Ken Evoy. Anyone trying to start a website or
business online should study Ken Evoy.

Now Ken is also offering one of the
Best Deal Of This Holiday Season

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This is still one of the best marketing deal on the
web and it's mainly because SBI builds compels you
to build site based on content.

Content Will always be King - on or off the web.

As Time Magazine has pointed out - YOU are that
content. Your interests, your hobbies, your own

You can create a website that is popular with the
search engines. You can earn a part-time or full-time
income online from your SBI site or sites. Now you
can get two sites for the price of one. Join as
an affiliate and you can get those two sites for
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SBI over delivers, gives you all the marketing and
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"Buy-1-Get-1 Free"

Treat yourself, or give these always as gifts to
a relative, friend or just someone you like. Makes
a great gift that keeps on giving, year after year.

But this deal is only good until the 25th of Dec. 2006
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How To Find Profitable Keywords In 3 Easy Steps

Newsletter Contents

o Marlon Sanders' Design Dashboard

o How To Find Profitable Keywords In 3 Easy Steps

o Santa's Deal Time for a few days only

o Website Wizard BUY-1 GET-1-FREE Holiday Special


Very sorry to bother you with such a long post
at this busy time of year but this is probably
one of the most important emails I have sent.
I know everybody says that - just to get you
to read their emails but in this case it is the

Mainly because in the article below I explain
the methods I use to earn a full-time income online.
Getting a simple system in place for finding profitable
keywords was the one factor that made it possible for
me to earn a living from the web.

You must know how to tap into the search engines and
use them to earn money from the web - finding profitable
keywords will do that for you. I have explained my simple
system and the tools I use to profit from the web below.
Hope you can give it a quick read and maybe it will spark
a few ideas for you.

But first here is something you should know about...

o Marlon Sanders' Design Dashboard

One of the major problems that keeps the ordinary person
from starting a website or a web business has to be all
the design work/graphics/html needed to produce a unique

Now one of the Internet first online marketing experts
Marlon Sanders has solved this major hurdle by creating
a product called Design Dashboard. As the name suggests
this is a complete design dashboard where you go thru
a step-by-step system to create a website.

Sure you can always use a free template that comes with
your hosting package but many of these sites look the
same and they just look unprofessional.

You really do need a site that's unique and has that
professional quality that makes it stand out and
get noticed. And you get that professional quality
by using simple point-and-click software and all the
unique features in Design Dashboard.

Marlon has covered all the bases in this product
and it is worth your consideration if you're planning
to build a website any time soon.

Perhaps, what is even more important, Marlon Sanders
is a top Internet Marketer. This product reinforces
this fact and your sites created with Design Dashboard
will reflect this Internet marketing influence; these
sites are designed to sell.

I have been marketing online for over 5 or 6 years now,
I have many niche sites, including two Internet Marketing
sites, and
- in the daily running of these two sites I examine and
carefully look at countless Internet marketing tools, products
and programs. This product stands out.

Some of you may know, I also have some formal training in art
and design. I have basically taken my training and designed
websites of my own, my sites are a bit crude but they
earn me a very comfortable full-time living on the web.
Just wish there had been a product like Design Dashboard
when I started designing websites around 6 years ago.

Very few design software or products matches what Marlon
is offering here. It is a good product worth your consideration.
For what it's worth, I highly recommend this product and yes
this is my affiliate link! But you must keep in mind, I see
countless Internet Marketing products or programs in the
run of a week - I could promote any of them but I only pick
the ones I think/believe will prove to be the most helpful
to you or anyone starting a website.

Find out more...

Feature Article

o How To Find Profitable Keywords In 3 Easy Steps
Copyright © 2006 Titus Hoskins

Each day I go on the hunt for profitable keywords for my sites.
I have been doing this daily task for years and have come to
enjoy the simple steps I take to find profitable keywords.
It has become so enjoyable because I know with each valuable
keyword I find I am adding hundreds, sometimes even thousands
to my yearly online income.

Keywords power much of the online traffic and commerce on
the web. Keywords are the exact word or phrase surfers type
into search engines to find what they're looking for on the
Internet. They are the essential elements in your website's
profitability and in many cases keywords will largely
determine how much revenue you earn from the web.

Finding profitable keywords is not a difficult task, anyone
can use popular online sites and tools to find valuable and
profitable keywords with a few minutes of work. Quick, easy
and simple. You just have to know how to find the answers to
these three questions:

1. How Many Searches Are Made Each Month For Your Keyword?

A keyword that receives no searches is worthless. A keyword
which receives just 10 to 100 searches each month may be very
profitable. Your first task is to find out or discover HOW MANY
SEARCHES are made each month for your keyword or keyword phrase.
You can use sites like Overture (Yahoo Marketing) or WordTracker
and they will give you the number of searches made each month
and also variations of your keyword phrase. For quick reference
I use this site:

Once you know how many searches are made for your keyword you
can determine how much traffic you will receive if your site
lands on the first page SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).
The closer you are to the number one spot will determine
the percentage of these monthly searches you will receive.
Most of your traffic will come from Google, even if you get
#1 spots in all three major engines, Yahoo and MSN will
return less traffic - at least this has been my experience.

Keep in mind, even keywords with low search numbers may still
be profitable. For example, 'unique corporate gift ideas'
only has around 400 searches but this may be very profitable
for companies or websites that cater to corporate gifts.
Also remember, some keyword searches are seasonal, i.e. the
number of searches made for 'valentine gifts' in July will
greatly differ from those made in February.

2. How Much Competition Does Your Keyword Have?

You must know the level of competition for each keyword
phrase you target with your online marketing. Extremely
competitive keywords are not worth your time because
you will not place for these keywords on the SERPs
and you will get no traffic. As a general rule, the
most popular keywords with 100's of thousands of
searches a month will have the stiffest competition.

You can still place for very competitive keywords but
it may require months, usually years of content/link
building. Unless you use a PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising
system such as Google Adwords or Yahoo Marketing; you
won't get any traffic from extremely competitive keywords.
It's best to target keywords with little or no competition.

One of the best sites to use to find out your keyword's
competition is Google. If you type your keyword phrase
'corporate gift ideas' into Google search you will see
there are 7,660,000 pages/listings returned. To get
the number of pages that have your exact keyword phrase,
you need to search your phrase within quotation marks
"corporate gift ideas" and you will see it has around
275,000 pages featuring your keyword phrase.

If you check out the sites on the first three pages of
listings you can determine the level of your competition.
I use the professional keyword research software
Keyword Elite to determine my competition. But here's a
quick way to check the PR (Page Rank) of the listings for
your keyword phrase. Let's run thru an example.

First do a search in Google for 'corporate gift ideas' and
then highligh and copy the return url.

Next go to this site
and paste in your Google keyword return url:

This will give you a quick visual pagerank of all your
chosen keyword's Top 10 competitors!

3. How To Know If Your Keyword Is Really Profitable?

One quick and simple way to tell if your keyword
is profitable, i.e. people are making money from
promoting and optimizing your chosen keyword phrase.

Take your keyword phrase and type it into Google, Yahoo
and MSN. Just count the number of Sponsored Links at
the top of the page and at the sides. If your keyword
phrase is profitable you will see a lot of sponsored
links, which means sites/businesses are advertising.
Where there is advertising, there is profit!

You can use Yahoo advertising (Overture) to discover
the amount each advertiser is welling to pay for
each click or visitor to their keyword phrase -
this amount can range from $.10 to $10 to $100
per click!

I use the keyword software mentioned above to monitor
the different sites promoting my keywords. If my
competitors are buying PPC advertising month after
month, you know this keyword phrase is profitable
for them and chances are it can be also profitable
for you.

Many savvy Internet Marketers instead of targeting
extremely popular keywords, find a niche market and
target a whole string of related keywords that have
little or no competition. This Long Tail marketing
method can prove very profitable.

How profitable will largely depend on what you do with
your keyword traffic, how well you can convert this
traffic into a sale or how well you can monetize it
with affiliate programs or Google Adsense?

Just follow these three easy steps for finding profitable
keywords and you will have a simple system for adding
valuable keywords to your site or online marketing.
Take full advantage of these little income magnets which
powers so much of the commerce done online and you will
succeed. Always remember, these little nuggets of gold
are yours for the taking.


The author is a full-time online marketer who has numerous niche
websites, including two sites on Internet marketing. For the latest
web marketing tools try:
For the latest Internet Marketing Strategies go here:

Copyright © 2006 Titus Hoskins.


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