Friday, November 25, 2011

My Top 5 Performing Articles On

Free Ezine Articles!

Lately, there has been a lot of talk above
articles and article marketing on the web
after the Panda Updates. Some say the article
is dead as a marketing tool, others say articles
are still a vital part of your marketing strategy.

This is a subject where I have first-hand experience
and knowledge since writing articles has really allowed
me to earn a full-time living from the web. Believe me
I am not the best writer in the world and grammar has
always been a major chore to get right.

That's why I am always surprised when one of my
articles is featured on a major site or placed in
a popular ezine.

One of the first times I experienced the true power
of articles was when presented one of my
articles and I received over 150 subscribers in a few
hours. Another time, Digg featured one of my articles,
and I received over 70,000 visitors to my site in
one day.

But the real power of article marketing has been
brought home to me with thousands and thousands of
targeted visitors and buyers which have come to
my sites via my articles. That traffic and those
sales have made article marketing a very profitable
endeavor for me over the last 6 or 7 years.

Anyway, I took a close look at my best performing
articles in EzineArticles, one of the top article
directories on the web. I go into some detail with
the stats (number of views, click thru rates...)
and how article marketing has changed since the
Panda Updates.

Panda has changed article marketing forever and
everyone will have to adjust their strategies
somewhat if they want their articles to still
be helpful.

If you're interested and if you're currently doing
article marketing or planning on using it in the
future... my articles and stats could be of some
benefit to you. I talk about my successes and some
big mistakes I made which you should avoid at all

You can find my 5 Top Performing articles here:

Top 5 Ezine Articles

Kind Regards,
+Titus Hoskins

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Can Apple's Siri Defeat Google?

This week's post deals with Apple's new
Siri technology which uses the spoken word
to answer your questions.

Some search engine experts are saying that
this new language search will kill SEO as
we know it and change everything.

There is even an interesting article in Forbes
saying that Siri is a Google Killer!

While I wouldn't go that far, this new Apple
Siri does pose some very interesting questions
for the future of search and the web in general.

One thing is for sure, Google won't go gentle
into that good night or go down without a fight.
And they have the resources to back up that
fight and then some.

However, probably the only company at present,
besides Microsoft, which has around the equal
resources is Apple and Apple is coming on
strong even after Steve Jobs.

Let's face it-

Apple showed us how to use the Walkman.

Apple showed us how to use the Smart Phone.

Apple showed us how to use the Tablet.

Can Apple show us how to use a search engine?

This upcoming showdown, if there is one,
will definitely be something every webmaster
and online marketer should be aware of and
if you want to know why, simply go here:

Can Apple's Siri Defeat Google?

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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Are There Any Pay-As-You-Go Online Fax Services?

One of the most common questions asked about Internet or online fax services usually goes something like this, "I only send a few faxes a month, can I get a Pay-As-You-Go fax service?" The simple answer is yes. There are several fax providers who will offer you a pay-as-you-go plan which can be a real money saver because you only pay for the faxes which you need.

For example, one of the plans from Popfax will only let you send faxes and you don't have a fax number, but you can pay for your faxes as they are needed. With other providers like Faxage, if you go with the lite fax plan, you pay a small monthly fee for a fax number and faxing is 5 cents per minute.

Keep in mind, some providers charge per fax and others charge per minute. What's the difference you ask? Well, it usually takes on average around 40 seconds to send a fax but if it's a large fax or has numerous pages, it might take several minutes to send your fax. Some providers charge 5 cents a minute so you can do the math. Other providers charge you per fax which can be equal to the same amount depending on the provider.

The same thing applies to overage rates, most fax providers will give you around 300 to 500 (incoming and outgoing) faxes per month, with the average monthly cost being around $8 to $10. But if you should go over that monthly limit, any extra faxes will usually cost you around 5 to 10 cents per fax. Some providers will charge per fax and others will charge per minute.

The reason these costs are just estimates is because each online fax provider or company will have slightly different fax plans and rates. So it does pay to do some quick comparison shopping before you sign on the dotted line. If you go with a monthly plan, this will be an ongoing business expense and you can save a lot of money by doing a little homework now.

Online fax services are relatively inexpensive so it might be worth your while to check into acquiring a monthly plan instead of a pay-as-you-go plan. Depending on the number of faxes you send, a monthly plan may work out to be even cheaper. The great part is most providers will offer you a 30 Day Trial so you can check out their services and also see if your fax requirements justifies going with a monthly plan. Also most if not all providers offer local or toll-free fax numbers with your account. Your faxes are sent as an email attachment, mostly in a Pdf or Tiff file.

On the other end, there are corporate fax plans which can be especially tailored or designed to exactly meet your company's needs. These plans can be quickly scaled up or down depending on your requirements. In a changing economy this flexibility can be a great money saver, as you only pay for the fax lines that your company needs.

Regardless of which fax plan or fax provider you choose, as mentioned before, it would probably be smart to shop around before you buy. Even with pay-as-you-go services there will be different rates and you must check out the quality of any service you're considering using, regardless of the price. No good getting a great price, if the quality of the service provider is inferior and causes more problems than it's worth. Choose wisely.


For more information on Internet Fax Services use this handy online fax Comparison Guide to get your own: online fax services. Or if you want more detailed information on Internet Fax try here: Are There Any Pay-As-You-Go Online Fax Services?

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Friday, November 11, 2011

My Top 5 EzineArticles Articles And How They Have Performed

With all the discussion that Google Panda Updates in 2011 have
killed article marketing, especially viral non-unique articles and
article directories, I took a closer look at my own article marketing
strategies and numbers. Not surprisingly, many of my most popular
articles have stopped performing simply because Google is no longer
ranking them in places like Ezinearticles and the other major

Believe I submitted my first article to Ezinearticles in 2005 and
at that time I was writer/member #1561, now there are over 400,000+
writers on that site.

Now, I have not written a lot of articles - around 400 - spread out
over 5 or 6 years.

At one point I did receive a lot of targeted traffic from EzineArticles,
but not since the Panda Updates... other writers/marketers have
had better luck even after the updates, so sometimes it's important
to remember not to draw general conclusions from your own data.
Again, it may also be a matter of whether or not those articles
are "unique" to EzineArticles.

Lately, my articles have not been delivering traffic and I do believe
the PageRank passed along from that site is now very minimal. Not to
say that this won't change in the future, mainly because Chris Knight
who runs Ezinearticles, have put into place many quality changes since
the Panda Updates. He explains thess changes in an interview here:
EzineArticles Reacts To The Panda Update

Over the years, my Top Performing Articles have been:

1. How To Choose The Best Student Laptop?

Which has 129,652 views and 35,783 - this article also has one of my most
highest click thru rates at around 27%.

2. How To Find The Best Laptop Deals?

This article had 72,007 views and 8,263 click-thrus with a 11.5% click rate.

3. How To Choose The Best Gaming Laptop

Which has 54,234 view and 7,541 click-thrus with a 13.9% conversion.

4. Are Any Free Online Faxing Services Really Free?

This article has 53,060 views and 4,817 click-thrus with a 9.1% click rate.

5. New Laptop Technology You Need To Know (Before Buying Your Next Laptop)

Lastly, this one has 29,113 views and 1,343 with a 4.6% click rate.
Please note, this was not a successful article because as soon as
it was written - it was out of date! Laptop technology is changing
so fast, an article like this one becomes dated very fast. This is
a fact I learned early and I quickly changed how I wrote my articles to
give them a longer life-span with information that can be used -
even if it's read 5 or 10 years from when it was written.

In real actual return, my most successful article on the Ezinearticles
site was none of the above... and it was an article that only received
13,000 views BUT it had a click thru rate of almost 50%. That is of all
the people who read the article, 47% clicked through to my site. That
rarely happens with any kind of links or articles.

The name of that article was:

Using Internet Fax Comparison Charts To Find The Best Fax Service

As for overalls stats/numbers with my Ezinearticles account:

Total Articles: 409

Total views: 653,934

Total URL Clicks: 87,759

Average Click Rate: 13.4%

Articles Published: 6,330

Summary - I use article marketing to "pre-sell" my promoted
products and companies since I mostly do affiliate marketing
through the major affiliate networks like Commission Junction,
LinkShare, Shareasale, Clinkbank, Google... and many more.
Ezinearticles at one time was a major, major, major factor in
my overall traffic and promotions. Sadly, this has changed
dramatically over the last year mainly due to the Google Panda
Updates which has seen articles from directories featured less
often in their SERPs. At least this has been my experience with
my articles. Going forward, I am finding myself submitting more
and more "unique" articles to major sites and even to Ezinearticles.
Finally, while I wish it wasn't so, I believe article marketing
has passed its golden days. It is still effective, but less so.


My name is Titus Hoskins and I am a full-time online marketer who
has numerous websites. You can find this post located here:
My Top 5 EzineArticles Articles And How They Have Performed.

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Monday, November 07, 2011

Online Fax Can Modernize Your Workplace Communications

Even in these troubling economic times, it does pay to modernize all your workplace communications and networks. This is especially true for all your faxing requirements. Companies must bring their faxing systems up to date and into the modern era if they want to truly compete in today's marketplace. Here are several reasons why companies must modernize their communications - both with employees and their clients.

As you probably already noticed, computers now handle much of the work associated with running all aspects of your business. The same applies to your faxing, you must connect your faxing to your computers in order to have a truly integrated communication system. Online fax is one solution many companies are opting for simply because it's cheaper, paperless and much more convenient than traditional faxing.

What is online fax?

Simply put, online faxing is using your current email program, your computer and your web connection to send/receive all your faxes. You or your company simply sign up to an online fax service provider and they will handle all your faxing for you, in return for a small monthly fee or charge. You can get your own local or toll-free fax number. Many providers will also let you "port" your current fax number over to their services, for a small transfer fee. This can definitely be worth the price if you don't what to lose clients or have a disruption in your business communications.

Why use online fax?

Mainly because the whole world and the modern workplace/workforce has become extremely mobile. We want instant messages or instant communication, regardless of where we're located. This both applies to our personal lives as well as with our business dealings - in the era of smart phones, netbooks and ipads - being constantly connected with loved ones, friends and workmates is taken for granted. Online fax simply takes or makes all your faxing portable since it is web based and not strictly confined to the office fax machine.

With online fax, any mobile device that's connected to the web can be your virtual fax machine. You can send and receive your messages at anytime, anywhere. This will truly have a modernizing effect on your company or business. All your workers and/or clients are reachable around the clock, regardless of where they're located. Keep in mind, since online or Internet fax is available at any time of the day, it also means your business is open around the clock. This can make any business much more competitive in these trying economic times.

How is using online fax more modern?

Besides connecting your faxing to computers, there are several reasons why online fax is more modern than traditional faxing. First, you have to realize that this new modern way of faxing is much more secure. You can use SSL encryption to send your messages which is a much more secure method. Plus, only you have access to your faxes, via your email account, no one else can see your messages. Second, you can more easily store and retrieve your faxes since they can be filed/stored on your computer. This means no more lost or misplaced faxes, they are at your fingertips, ready for easy retrieval.

In addition, you must realize that these web based services are completely scalable should you need to quickly adjust your number of fax lines or accounts. This scalability will definitely save your company money and make the whole system much more modern. Lastly, with online faxing, you can easily import your client lists and use fax broadcasting to simultaneously send a fax to countless recipients at once. Again, this will save you both time and money.

As you can plainly see by the reasons stated above, using or going with an online fax service will make all your workplace communications much more modern. It will connect all those communications seamlessly with your computer and the Internet; making all your faxing extremely portable and accessible, regardless of where you or your employees are located. It truly is a step forward in the right direction. Are you using online fax? It's your call?


For more information on Internet Fax Services go here: Online Fax Can Modernize Your Workplace Communications. Or here: Online Fax Services.

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