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Boost Your Sales With Long Tail Marketing!

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Feature Article:

Boost Your Online Sales With Long Tail Marketing
Copyright © 2006 Titus Hoskins

Years ago, when I first heard the phrase 'Long Tail Marketing'
I did a double take and wondered what the heck the phrase
was referring to? Little did I know then how important a
factor it would play in the overall success of my online

I first heard of Long Tail Marketing from Chris Knight
who runs, an online article site which
is ranked around the Top 500 sites on the Internet.
Ezinearticles had also sent over 50 thousand unique
visitors to my main website so I knew any marketing
information coming from Chris was the real deal.

Unfortunately, when you run several sites on Internet
marketing you are constantly bombarded with online
marketing products, techniques and the latest marketing
fads... you become very cynical of the latest trends.
I only half-heartily started testing Long Tail marketing
- huge mistake - for I immediately started seeing results
with my online sales. Just wish I had paid more attention
to Chris's advice on Long Tail marketing and implemented
it sooner in my overall marketing strategy.

It has made all the difference in the profitability of
my websites. The reasons why are explained below, as well
as a detailed description of Long Tail Marketing and how
you can use it to boost or increase your online sales.

Don't make my initial mistake, discover everything you
can about Long Tail Marketing and start using it in
your own marketing.

What is Long Tail Marketing?

Long Tail Marketing refers to the technique or method
of using a long string of keywords when targeting
prospective buyers. Instead of using/targeting one or
two single keywords in your online marketing - you
use a longer keyword phrase or a whole group of related
keywords - thus the name, a long tail or string of keywords.

Perhaps, the best way to explain Long Tail Marketing is
to use a simple example. Lets say you have a travel business
and you have an online site associated with your business.
Instead of targeting the keyword 'vacations' which will
be very competitive and very hard to place on the first
page SERPs in the major search engines such as Google,
MSN, Yahoo... now with Long Tail Marketing, instead of
targeting the broader competitive keyword 'vacations',
you target a longer, more precise phrase - 'honeymoon
vacation packages to Niagara Falls'.

Keep in mind that keywords are the exact words surfers
type into search engines to find what they're looking
for on the web. You can plainly see that the second
keyword phrase is more targeted than the general keyword

Why is Long Tail Marketing So Effective?

There are several reasons why Long Tail Marketing is so
effective. It has narrowed down and targeted exactly
what the prospective buyer is searching for. It is
precisely the product or service that they intend
to buy. It's only a matter of you selling it to them.

But more importantly, by using Long Tail Marketing,
you have found the prospective buyer at the exact
time or stage when they are ready to buy. You have
found them at the right moment in their buying process
- they have made up their minds to exactly what
they want and are just looking for a quality product
or service to meet their needs. You satisfy their
needs with a quality product or service.

Lets look at an example from my own marketing, I run
a simple online laptop guide within one of my sites.
Instead of targeting the very competitive and
unreachable general keyword 'laptops', I go for
a longer keyword phrase such as 'best gaming laptops'.
And the even more targeted 'Alienware Aurora m7700'
- someone searching for the last keyword phrase more
than likely has already decided on what type of gaming
laptop they want to buy. This last keyword phrase is
much more likely to convert into a sale.

How do I Use Long Tail Marketing with My site?

Remember back to when you last bought something online,
what keywords did you use to find it? If you have an
online business, you must target the keyword phrases
your customers would use to find your product or service.
You have to find these keyword phrases and use them in
your marketing.

Most professional marketers use some type of keyword
software to research their keywords and keyword phrases.
I use the very powerful Keyword Elite by Brad Callen and
it quickly gives me all the keyword information I need
to put my Long Tail Marketing into place.

But this software is expensive, so another alternative
would be to use such sites as Wordtracker or the
one I like - it will tell you how many
searches are made each month for your chosen keyword
phrase and give you some indication of your competition.

The real beauty of using Long Tail keywords - there is
little or no competition for your keywords. You will find
it easier to place on the first page of the different
search engine for your targeted phrase. If you do
Pay-Per-Click advertising, you will save on costs by
using Long Tail keywords. Plus, both your conversion
rate and ROI will be higher.

Marketing Tip: Always create a page on your site for each
Long Tail keyword phrase you target, place it in the title
and the url. Plus, if you write articles, place your keyword
phrase in the title of your article and syndicate your articles
around the web using sites like mentioned

Of course, all income results from Long Tail Marketing
or any marketing method will depend on your own effects
and marketing abilities. No one can guarantee sales but
I hope you will give Long Tail Marketing a go. It is
simple, direct and effective.

Long Tail Marketing has made all the difference in how
profitable my sites have become. It is the one marketing
method I use daily and plan to use for years to come.
In fact, Long Tail Marketing has become the backbone of
my whole online business. Go figure!


The author is a full-time online marketer who operates
numerous websites, including two sites on Internet
Marketing. For the latest web marketing tools try:

Copyright © 2006 Titus Hoskins. This article may be
freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.

o Chris Knight's Blog

Here's some feedback on my article on the Ezinearticles blog.
Add you own!

Ezinearticles Blog


o Google's 1000+ Domains - Very Interesting!

Of course, it doesn't take a rocket scientist or a marketing
expert to you that another key to earning a decent online is
Google. But Google is much more than the major search engine
on the web - it is rapidly branching out into all areas of
the world wide web.

I found this list of 1000+ Domains owned by Google to be very
interesting to browse thru - who knew!

Google's Domains

Of course, there are probably many more we don't know about
and probably will never know about - keeps you wondering where
this business giant is headed. Complete domination of the
wired universe would be my guess.

Regardless of your opinion of Google, (I like it and all the Google
products I have tried) this online entity will have a direct
correlation to the how profitable your online websites will be.

You must master Google. Well, the SEO aspects at any rate
if you want your online business to succeed rapidly.

And mastering the Google Cashcow can also be fun!

Google does have some nice programs for the affiliate
marketers - read more here:

Google Cash File


o Joel Comm's Next Adsense Templates & F'ree Report

In October, Joel Comm is releasing the next series
of Instant Adsense Templates. The last ones sold
out in under 2 days.

He's keeping this product secret - there are a lot
of copycat products being offered by marketers who
know a very hot marketplace when they see one. Even
if it's in the rear view mirror!

But none of these will have Joel's expert advice
and knowledge.

Joel wrote the book on Adsense Income!

He's knows and has perfected all the Adsense strategies
and techniques.

If you're interested you can sign-up for the preview
list and get a F'ree brand new 33-page report
The Adsense Traffic Guide here...

Until next time, hope your marketing is going great
and you can use some of the stuff mentioned above.

Kind Regards,

Titus Hoskins

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Monday, September 04, 2006

Back To Work...Down To Business! Site Build It - RSS Ezine

Back To Work...Down To Business!

For most people this time of year is
back to work time... the summer is over
and it's back to work, school, university
... as a former teacher the Labour Day
Holiday always marked the beginning of
a new work year...

For the first time in over 25 years I
will not be going back to work this fall.
At least not in the real world!

I have gotten to the point where I am now
working full time online on the Internet.
Working from the comfort of my home... I
say work but it is really just a hobby
that pays extremely well!

It doesn't seem like work when you're
enjoying every minute of it... it doesn't
feel like work when you can earn money
while you're sleeping, while you're enjoying an
evening out with friends or even while you're
on vacation!

Regular readers of this ezine will know
I take things easy in the summertime -
I just came back from a three week visit
to relatives.

What really surprised me this year is how
well my sites did while I was basically on
vacation. It still amazes me how powerful
and effective Online Marketing can actually
be... how automatic it can become.

Once you set up your sites, once you get high
rankings for your keywords, once you have all
your lists/ezines programmed and collecting...
Once you have everything in place - your online
business is operating 24/7/365 . Automatically
running and collecting automatic Income.

It earns income whether you're eating in a
nice restaurant, taking a pleasant walk or
watching your favorite movie. The more sites
you create, the more keywords you target, the
more traffic you get---- the more income you earn.

You can do the same!
Internet Marketing Tool Guide

It never fails to amaze me to find out I
have made a couple hundred bucks while
I was sleeping... while I was sleeping. It does
take some adjustment in your way of thinking.

Of course, I didn't get to this position overnight...
I was 3 years before my first website started making
any decent income but then again I started from scratch.
And I do mean scratch... from learning basic html
to how to use email... I started at the very beginning.

Anyone starting an online business today
usually has some experience with computers and
the web. They know their way around the Internet.
They know computers. Many have some knowledge of
html and how to create a web page. It's a much
easier road for them. If you're familiar with
the web and computers - it will be a much easier
road for you also.

However, creating a profitable site does require
some knowledge and some skill. Actually, I believe
anyone who creates an interesting or entertaining
web site will eventually make money with it! It just
takes some patience and most of all it takes a lot
of perseverance . You have to stick to it - you have
to keep working at it. Keep adding good quality content.
Keep adding helpful information..

You will succeed.

And you can cut the time you need in order to succeed
by getting some good information up-front.
Information that will help you build that profitable
site quickly and smoothly. There are countless
business models you may follow. There are countless
marketing gurus that will offer their advice - usually
for a hefty price. Others will offer their advice for
free, knowing you will be purchasing marketing products
(marketing info, hosting, marketing software, etc.)
down the road, hopefully from their affiliate links.

Not that there is anything wrong with that - everyone
has to make a living. Most good marketers have
found the products that work - have found the hosting
company that give good quality service at a reasonable
price - have found the marketing software that cuts
their workload in half and runs their sites automatically.

Online marketers recommend these products thru their
affiliate links and earn a small commission.

But what most don't understand is that an online marketer,
even minor ones like myself, are offered countless software
products to try, countless info products to sample...
in the hope we will promote the products to our lists or
on our sites. We can promote any product, any service,
or even any other online marketer...

If you're selling something, it is always easier to sell
the top quality product. One that works and offers
the best bang for the buck. One that offers the best
service... it's not rocket science, not even close.

Naturally, when you offer the best products you make
more sales, you make more commissions.

Over the years, I have tried and marketed countless
products, I recommend products that I find helpful.
I recommend products that run my small online business
automatically. I recommend the products that have
basically let me work full time on the Internet.
I recommend tools that have let me earn money
from the web.

Realize one thing - if you run an online business
- you will need Internet Marketing Tools.

You will need some marketing tools to run your
business, you will need some marketing tools
to run your site or sites. Most of all, you must
know something about web marketing tools
and how they work. And we not taking only about
expensive software programs... but simple
stuff like keywords, opt-in lists, articles...

If you want to build a full time or part time
income online - you must have the right tools.
I have recently created a new site where I list
all the best marketing tools and programs... there
is also a simple 7 day ecourse that you can take
for free that will point out the most effective
marketing tools you can use.

If you haven’t tried my simple online course,
give it a go - I have included most of the methods
and tools I use to earn 4-5 grand each month from
the web. Lot more in the 3 or 4 months before xmas!

If you want to experience the lifestyle of working
from your own home on the Internet. Please try
this course - it's quite painless and you will
learn some pointers about marketing online...

Internet Marketing Tool Guide


But always keep in mind there are countless
business models and online courses you can
follow to position yourself for working
full time or even part time online. Here's
one of my favorites...

Site Build It - Video Action Guide

Site Build It by Ken Evoy has always been one
of most popular affiliate products that I offer
on my sites and to my lists.


It is a quality product that works. The main reason
it works so well is the emphasis the whole SiteSell
program places on creating quality online content as
your main starting point.

Unique quality content will always be KING on the web.
By building quality sites full of original content
- you will succeed on the web.

It has all the marketing tools you need to build your
online business. It also has a large online community
that will help you with building your web business.
Never underestimate how important 'help and advice' from
fellow SBIer's will be to the success of your online
site or sites.

Now it is even easier to learn more about marketing
online and the whole SBI program by watching a few

You can learn the SBI system by video and audio...
lessons delivered by video. Many people prefer this
method of learning. It can be much easier on the
old brain than reading!

If you want to give video a go - click here:

Site Build It - Video Action Guide

Site Build It is also having a Back to Work
Special - you can now save $100! But you
have to hurry - this discount offer is only
good until Sept.6
Site Build It

Until next time,

Kind Regards,

Titus Hoskins

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