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Google Trends, Webmaster Tools, & Len Thurmond - RSS Ezine

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Google Trends, Webmaster Tools, & Len Thurmond - RSS Ezine

May 22nd, RSS Ezine



o Len Thurmond
o Google Trends

Hope you enjoy this week's splattering of topics. If you have a website - you must check outmy favorite free website for webmasters: link below).

If you're thinking of building a content rich site from online sources (blogs,articles,SERPs,RSS feeds), you might want to check out the product offered by Len Thurmond.

I personally don't believe in short cuts, but some people swear by them. The methods of building fast, quick and easy may just work for awhile - and people are earning top dollar at it - if you're interested in letting different software do all your site building work for you, then check out and grab a copy of: How To Win The Billion Dollar Adsense Game.

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Hope you will find time to check out this week's ezine:


This site has some of the best webmaster tools on the web, and you can use all of them for free. My favorite tool is the visual PR page - it lets me see all the PR rankings visually for all the links on a given page. Check out your own webpages or spy on your competition. Or check out any online business partner site and see how they're doing.

My next favorite tool at this site is the PageRank Prediction Tool - it predicts what the future Google PR rank of your site will be. Great for planning and figuring outwhich sites will need a little extra help.

Another favorite tool is Backlink checker - check what sites are linking to yours and the PR of each of these links. Helps you in picking your linking partners.
This free site will give you some valuable knowledge that you can use. It is all information every webmaster should know about their is information thata smart marketer can use again and again to further their goals.

If you have a website, check out:

o Google Trends

It's hard to believe Google is letting users have access to this information. Just seems like the information they would keep secret and hidden from public view.

For webmasters, it's a very good source of what people are looking for on the world wide web. For marketers, it can be a source of some valuable information that will help their businesses grow and prosper. This data can be used in all kinds of ways - especially in planning any sort of online or offline business. It basically shows you what products are hot and what's not.

For example, my main website has a guide for buying laptop computers - with Google Trends you can do a comparison search for"laptops,PCs," and compare the results and searches made for each. This points out laptops are still a very hot item to market.
You can compare many different products and see which have the most buzz - where there is high interest, there are buyers.

Google Trends is a great, handy, free marketing tool.
Thanks Google!

Discover more on Google Trends here:
Google Trends

Titus Hoskins
Internet Marketing Tools

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