Saturday, November 21, 2009

Gearing Up For Black Friday & Cyber Monday - Some Marketing Strategies

The weekend and days after the Thanksgiving Holiday are
some of the best marketing days of the whole year. They
are also the best shopping days which every online marketer
should take full advantage of, if they want to bring up
their sales for the year.

For four or five years now, Black Friday and Cyber Monday
have always been my best marketing days on the web. Like most
affiliate marketers, I make special plans and run special
marketing campaigns during this time. Usually, conversion
rates increase significantly leading up to Christmas, so
spending more revenue on advertising just makes good
business sense.

There are certain things and tactics I use that may be of some
interest to others marketing on the web. Just a few marketing
tips on the things I do to increase my overall sales. I have
found you can't just want for things to happen, you have to
make things happen.

In other words, you have to be proactive and take steps to
make sure your sites and promoted affiliate products are
front and center during this holiday season. Make sure you
don't miss out on all the increased shopping and spending
which takes place on those days.

Anyway, if you're interested in finding out what my marketing
tactics are for Black Friday & Cyber Monday? Click this

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Saturday, November 07, 2009

Google Caffeine - Are You Ready For It?

Google Caffeine caused a big stir last summer ('09)
when it was first announced. This is the codename
given to Google's next-generation search infrastructure
going forward.

But what does this mean for your site and for your

Might mean major changes if your rankings are different
from Google's current index. Even a few place changes
on the first page results can result in big losses or gains,
as any professional online marketer can tell you.

Google has simply become that powerful when it comes to
online search. At the moment it is the only major
player, despite what you keep hearing about Bing, Yahoo...
Google is still the search engine that will return
the majority of your quality traffic.

Therefore, you really need to find out how Google Caffeine
will affect your site and online marketing. I have just
posted some information on Google's next search engine

Google Caffeine