Saturday, October 22, 2011

More Reactions To The Latest Google Panda 2.5.2 Update

Last week, on Oct. 14th, I noticed a big down-swing in my
traffic numbers coming from Google search. I immediately
checked my keywords and most of them were down... not a good
thing and not a good sign.

I have been marketing online for 10 years, and have weathered
countless Google Updates... actually none of them really
affected my Google traffic in any big way. On the first run
through of Panda, some of my keyword rankings dipped a bit
but nothing too alarming or drastic.

Besides, my numbers jumped back up a month or so later, but
last week's down-grade was not expected and rather surprising
-like a sledgehammer to the skull - it was a real wake-up call.

But I am not alone, other webmasters have been reacting
to this latest Panda roar: and

While I didn't panic, I did become very concerned mainly because
most of major competitors kept their rankings. I don't mind it
when we ALL jump around on that first page... but when it's only your
site that seems to be affected - then it is really time to worry
and act.

What am I doing wrong? Why did my site get hit? What triggered
the latest penalties?

Now I have numerous websites and only a few were affected by
these latest Google adjustments... and since these Panda changes
have to do mainly with "Site Quality" - I had to take a hard
look at my content and how it is presented.

Here Are Some Of Things I Checked And Did:

1. Checked my site in Google Webmaster Tools and found there
were no problem/issues with my sites.

2. Checked to see if my site had any Spyware/Malware issues
but it had none:

3. Used Free Xenu Software to check all interior links on my site
to see if there were all working. Fixed a few broken links.

4. Used the same software to check and fix any broken external
links. Boy - did I get a surprise here. I had a lot of broken
links... which I fixed in a hurry! Can't believe how many websites
or businesses are going under and no longer exist.

5. Checked the number of outbound links I had and eliminated
a lot of them, especially too many affiliate links on one page.

6. Checked again for duplicate content and did find a few affiliate
pages from an affiliate marketer that weren't original so I quickly
deleted those pages. In the distant past, I used to put all my
own articles on this main site and also submitted them to the article
directories. This could be an issue, but I don't want to erase all
my own original content - even though it is not unique. I now
only submit different or unique articles to the directories.

7. Checked my backlinks and found some article directories have
gone a bit paranoid. has even deleted all of its articles,
even the unique ones. Now you can still submit an article to
Buzzle but you can't have a link out - not even in your profile.
Haven't these guys ever hear of the "nofollow" tag. Take about
being Google Whipped!

And I also wrote another article on the whole experience, I tried
to keep my sense of humor and perspective on this matter because some
of my keywords have already gone back up a few spaces but I am still

Anyway, you can find the article here:

My Reactions To Panda 2.5.2 Update

Onward and Upward,

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Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Your Competitor's Most Powerful SEO Strategies

As a full-time online marketer, you have to keep a close
eye on what your competitors are doing. It is a simple matter
of survival.

Especially what SEO strategies and tactics your competitors
are using to "outrank" you in the search engines, mainly
Google. These tactics can range anywhere from solid strictly
"WhiteHat" methods to down right dirty "BlackHat" techniques
that will leave your mind spinning.

From what I can observe in some very competitive and some very
lucrative niche markets... one of the most effective SEO
methods is simply building a "cluster" or "group" of sites
all related to your theme or subject area.

Linking all these sites together will usually get you, not
one, not two, not three... but four or more sites in the
top 10 on that all important first page of Google.
Even Post Panda and all its aftershocks have not lowered
these sites in the rankings, but increased them.

And the key lies in the fact that these sites have good,
high quality content and probably deserve to be in the
top ten. However, they are all owned by the same person
or company... there's probably nothing wrong with this
savvy marketing technique if you don't mind someone
hogging the spotlight or rather taking all the sales.

Don't just build one site, build fifty or a hundred.

Outrank your competitors by pure volume.

But that's just one of the SEO tactics your competitors
may be using to knock you off the first page. Click this
link to discover many more... you might not like what you

Your Competitor's Most Powerful SEO Strategies

Helping People Succeed Online Since 2002!

Kind Regards,
+Titus Hoskins

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