Friday, June 19, 2009

What do you do when Google doesn't do what you want them to do?

Have you ever heard of the DoDo Bird?

Well, all kidding aside, if you're not listed in Google for
your chosen keywords - you will probably become extinct, at
least online!

Google is King of online search, it's pretty unlikely anyone
or any search engine will dethrone it any time soon. Bing may
have a chance at stealing some search traffic away but a full
blown overthrow of Google is highly exaggerated and highly unlikely.

For now and for the immediate future, Google is still King of
the jungle.

So it is extremely important that you can get Google to do what
you want them to do in regards to listing your site and keywords
in their index. Higher to the top of the first page, the better
you will do.

Create great content and optimize your site for it in Google and
usually everything else falls into place. However, sometimes
Google can get a bit testy - what's a search engine without a
few problems? What's life without a few problems?

Extremely pleasant!

Over the years I have pretty much figured out enough about
Google search in order to get my major keywords listed on
the first page in their results. Sometimes in the top spot
but mostly in the top 5 listings.

Now we are not talking about very competitive keywords that
get 1000's of searches each day. Usually keyword phrases that
get from 10 to 100 daily searches - believe me, all this quality
traffic adds up very quickly.

For the most part, Google has been very stable, that is: my
keywords have remained on the first page for years. Of course,
I am constantly creating new links with article marketing,
unique content on my sites, ebooks, videos, software downloads...
all providing link bait so that webmasters naturally link
to my content because they believe their visitors will benefit
by visiting my sites.

However, recently all is not well in Google Land, for some
puzzling reason or reasons - two of my most popular keywords
have been bouncing like they're attached to a bungee cord.
Popping in and out of Google's first page results. One week
they're on the first page, next week they're down to around

At first, this didn't worry me... Google was probably doing
another one of their endless updates to their Algorithm (whole
set of rules and math stuff they use to rank pages/keywords)
and things usually settle back to normal in a few days or so.

Not this time, those competitive keywords have been erratic
for months - and this after being very stable for over 3 or 4
years. This has totally unsettled me to say the least.

What do you do when Google doesn't do what you want them to do?

I have been trying to figure out what's going on with these
bouncing keywords? I have some possible reasons why these keywords
are bouncing but with Google it is extremely hard to pin-point
what exactly is happening... guess if we knew all of Google's
secrets we would all be sitting pretty high in the rankings.

Anyway, I have placed my whole investigation and findings in
an article that may or may not be of help to you. Again, until
I firmly pin-point my mistake and discover exactly what's happening,
this keyword ranking issue in Google is still open.

I even went so far as to contact Matt Cutts in his blog about
it but, of course, I knew I wouldn't get an answer. And this was
rather foolish of me, but I thought Google's recent openness with
webmasters would give me some information of what's going on
in my case. It also shows my sense of frustration with those
bouncing keywords and I will try anything to solve the problem.

Anyway, here's the keyword situation in more detail and what
I (believe) to be causing this erratic bouncing of my keywords
in Google.

SEO Mistake


Saturday, June 06, 2009

Can Microsoft's Bing Beat Google?

As a full-time online marketer I keep my eyes peeled to anything
new that hits the web. Especially if it has anything to do with
getting quality web traffic. My online income depends mainly on
getting that quality traffic from the different search engines but
mainly from Google which presently has control of roughly 70% of
the web's search traffic.

Now when any new search engine comes along, I have to
take a very close look at it to see if it will give Google
any serious competition. Most of these new search engines
won't have a chance in hell of competing with Google - excuse
my language but I think I needed to get this point across
strongly to you.

However, the new search engine from Microsoft called Bing
could possibly give Google some serious competition.
The chances are still unlikely because of Google's strong
standing, but Bing should be watched closely to see if
it cuts into Google's search numbers.

Anyway, this is another one of those wordy research pieces
looking at this issue... besides if you have a site you
should already be optimizing it for Bing. Never know this
search engine could take off, especially when you consider
Microsoft can throw a lot of money at promoting/advertising

I am already seeing some traffic from Bing in my different
sites' log stats so they have my attention. They should also
have your attention...

Anyway here is the article:

Can Microsoft's Bing Beat Google In The Search Engine Wars?