Friday, June 27, 2008

Why You Should Twitter?

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o Do You Twitter?

o My Biggest Affiliate Marketing Mistake


o Do You Twitter?

I just had to do it! After hearing top online
marketers raving about Twitter and how good
it can be as a marketing tool - I had to take
a second look.

Personally, I don't use IM (Instant Messaging)
and at first I couldn't see the point of me using
Twitter. I heard about it a while back but dismissed
Twitter as a messaging tool for the college-set to
find the latest party.

But when John Reese and Willie Crawford started
singing Twitter's praises - I knew it was time to
join Twitter and see what all the fuss was about.

And Webpronews sealed the deal when they created which is like a directory that allows
you to search all the people on Twitter. I had
no choice but to join and find out first-hand
what is going on here.

If you haven't heard of Twitter, you're probably
not alone, it is a relatively new program which
allows you to post short statements about what you're
doing at this very moment in time.

It was intended as a means for friends and family
to keep in contact and know exactly what they're
doing. Sort of IM (Instant Messaging) on steroids.

"Twitter is a free social messaging utility for
staying connected in real-time."

You can follow different people and see what they're
doing. Simple concept that works. Twitter is becoming
very popular very quick.

Of course, Internet Marketers pounced on the marketing
angle of this new vehicle... it is a great way to keep
in touch with other marketers and let them know about
any new projects or products you have on the go. It is
also a great way to draw attention to any new blog posts,
articles, ebooks... well you get the picture.

Twitter's strongest point, besides keeping in touch
with what's happening with your friends and colleagues,
is the SEO aspect - it is very SEO friendly.

The search engines love this kind of thing... even the
posts are only 140 characters long, which is easy to
display and index. It's current, it's relevant and it's
real people. Like blogs, using Twitter can be very
helpful at building links - as long as you don't
over do it.

Then there is the whole "list building" aspect to
Twitter... you're really building contacts which
will keep in touch with you and what you're doing.

Twitter is one marketing tool you can't iqnore,
as it becomes more and more popular - it will probably
become a great way of getting your message "out there".
Letting everyone know about your site, product, brand...
and of course about "you"!

Twitter is worth checking out. You can find it here:

Or my own Twitter url is here:

Darren Rowse has written an excellent piece on how
to use Twitter. You can find it here:

How To Use Twitter

o My Biggest Affiliate Marketing Mistake

We all make mistakes, here's my biggest mistake
I made with Affiliate Marketing... it has
cost me thousands of dollars over the years.

Don't let the same thing happen to you. Avoid
my faith.

Read more here:

My Biggest Mistake In Affiliate Marketing
(And HOW You Can Avoid It!)

We all make mistakes, it's a fact of life. It's no
big deal in the whole scheme of things as long as
we learn from our mistakes and move forward. The
same goes with affiliate marketing since everyone
will probably make mistakes at first, but as long
as you fix them, it's no big deal.

However, some mistakes are much more costly than
others and we are not just talking monetary costs.
These mistakes are the ones we only discover years
down the road after we have lost hundreds of
thousands of dollars and more importantly, wasted
valuable time doing something that was totally the
wrong way to do things.

Recently, one of my biggest mistakes in affiliate
marketing hit me front and center. Although I make
a very comfortable living as a full-time affiliate
marketer, this mistake has cost me significantly
over the years.

Perhaps a brief rundown of the common mistakes many
affiliate marketers make would prove helpful.

Some of these mistakes are:

- you forget to build a list

- you fail to track your affiliate links/traffic

- you don't develop your own unique selling position

- you link directly to your affiliate link instead
of going thru an interior keyworded page

- you ignore MSN and Yahoo

- you forget to diversify your affiliate products/networks

Plus, the one major mistake many beginning affiliate
marketers make: they try to sell products directly to
potential customers.

This is not the way to proceed on the Internet. You must
try to solve a problem first and then sell later. Most people
using the web want to solve a problem, anything from how to
lose 50 pounds to finding the right student laptop for
a son or daughter. They want help solving a problem first
and foremost. Your goal as an effective affiliate marketer
is to solve their problem for them... selling should always
come second or as a by-product of this whole interaction.

Help first - sell later.

By giving advice and help, you establish your credibility
and trust-worthiness with your potential prospect. It is
a win-win situation, they get valuable helpful information
to solve their problem and you end up with a sale or a

This whole idea of pre-selling is a very effective method
for affiliate marketing but is a common mistake many beginners
make or rather fail to do. So if you're just starting affiliate
marketing make sure it is not a mistake you're making.

But my biggest mistake had nothing to do with those
discussed above; from the get-go I was building my
lists, linking to keyworded interior pages, optimizing
for all the search engines, diversifying my affiliate
products/networks. Most importantly of all, I was "pre-selling"
by helping my potential customers with online guides,
e-courses, advice... and only selling as a fall-out
from all this online trust building. All these steps worked
wonders for my online marketing and my bank account...

However, I missed one key factor or element in my
affiliate marketing. I didn't "leverage my returns"
or rather I didn't max out what I could get from my affiliate
marketing efforts. I settled for what the affiliate networks
were offering... this ranged from 2-3% up to 50-70% commission
on a sale. All good money, considering all you had to
do was find the customer for the client/company and they
would handle all the rest such as order taking, delivery,
customer service... all you had to do was deliver the potential
customer to their affiliate link.

Let me explain further, for years I was satisfied with
this arrangement because it suited me to a "T". It gave
me an easy lifestyle anyone would envy: own boss, work
at home, automatic income while I slept. All you had to
do was deliver traffic to your affiliate links to earn
a comfortable income online - no headaches, no hassles
- just receive your countless checks each month. But there
was one problem, these were only one-time sales, i.e. most
affiliate sales thru the major affiliate networks like
Commission Junction, Linkshare, Shareasale... only paid
you commission once and that's it.

Now, why was that a problem? Well, in one of my niches
I was selling/promoting a service where I knew the customers
I were delivering would be long-term paying customers earning
those companies money for years to come... I was only getting
a one time sale and perhaps a bonus incentive if I worked
really hard.

My Biggest Affiliate Mistake

This was my biggest mistake: not going after long-term
residual affiliate income from the start. Like most affiliate
marketers, I concentrated all my marketing on getting that
one-time sale. I eventually realized my mistake and approached
the companies involved, a few even gave me private deals with
"residual income" for the life of the client. Now, which companies
do you think I will be concentrating most of my marketing efforts
on in the future?

But why stop there?

I could further leverage my affiliate income even more
by offering a "white label" or a co-branded service thru
my own website. It would greatly increase my share of
the sale and give me long-term revenue. I believe, this is
where many affiliate marketers drop the ball, they don't
fully explore "white label", "co-branded products", "full resell
rights", "back-end profits" and "residual income" when
they think of affiliate marketing.

Now some may argue this is more of a "hands-on" arrangement
and may involve more work on your part but the rewards
will be well worth it; for instead of getting a one time sale
you could be building long-term residual income for years
to come.

Likewise, you should try to "leverage your returns" when
picking affiliate products or programs to promote; if possible,
always go for those with residual income. Don't make the
mistake of settling for less, always check out the maximum
return you can get on your affiliate marketing. Investigate
special private deals or arrangements with your affiliate
partners and bargain for a bigger share of the pie.
Like me, you may be pleasantly surprised at the results.


The author is a full-time online marketer who has numerous websites,
including two sites on Internet marketing. For more tips
on affiliate marketing try: Affiliate Marketing Guide
Or why not try these excellent free training manuals and videos:
Free Marketing Courses
Copyright © 2008 Titus Hoskins. This article may be freely distributed
if this resource box stays attached.

Kind Regards,



Friday, June 20, 2008

How To Create Mini-sites, 12 Free Videos

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o How To Create Mini-sites, 12 Free Videos

o Summer Mode


Creating small 3-5 page mini-sites can be
a very easy way to get into the web business.
Do them right and mini-sites can be a virtual
cash machine running 24/7 for you.

If you're serious about earning revenue from
the web, you should check out what mini-sites
are all about. Find out how they are created and
why they work.

I spent some time last week watching these
12 videos. And it was time well spent for
I gained a lot of information and tips on not
only how to create mini-sites but also how
to improve my own "current" online marketing.

These videos will help you or anyone who
is wondering just HOW you go about creating
mini-sites. But not only mini-sites, you
can use this information to improve your
already existing sites and marketing.

The information in these videos is extremely
solid - while my main area are authority sites,
I use most of these same ideas or variations
of them to earn my own online income so I
know first-hand that they do work.

This is advice or tips that "cut to the bone",
tips that get straight to:

* what you have to know and do to create
a mini-site

* what tools you need

* what marketing systems or techniques you have
to put into place to earn an online income.

Make sure you view the 12th Video because, even
if you're not into mini-site building, this
video has some great tips on getting traffic.

These mini-site videos were created by
Michael Rasmussen, who is a well-known
online marketer. He did a similar product
a few years ago called "Email Promos Exposed",
I liked that one so much I included it
as a bonus in my own list building course.

Now Michael has produced another excellent
course - this time on how to create mini-sites.
And it will gain just as much praise as
the last one, if not more.

And the best part? The entire 12 video home study
course is free!

If you're in a hurry, just go ahead and take a
look at this web page to see what I'm talking
about in this email.


So what's the deal with this course? Well, as I
told you, it was created by Michael Rasmussen,
one of the most successful online marketers in
the world today. If anyone can teach you how to
create a mini-site business that makes you money
24 hours a day, Michael can.

It covers everything from how to set up every kind of
mini-site you can imagine. You'll learn things like:

- How to create a name squeeze page to build an
email list automatically.

- The simple formula for creating profit pulling
sales letters that sell your product all day long
while you're out having fun.

- How to set up an automated back end system to make
even MORE money from each sale.

- And so much more!

If you're interested in learning how to
create your own profitable mini-site business, then
you need to get your hands on these free videos.
You'll get instant access to them, which means you can
start learning right away.

Go ahead and check out Mini-Site Profits Exposed right
now, and see what all the fuss is about.


o Summer Mode

Don't know about you, but during the summer
I take it easy. Fall-out from once being
a teacher - you worked so hard throughout
the year, once summer comes around, you just
had to take it easy and relax.

I will be making these newsletters shorter,
and I might miss a week or two - depending
on how good a summer I have!

But I will still keep you informed on major
internet marketing products as they come
online. And I still will be passing along
my marketing tips... will be back full strenght
in the fall.

Kind Regards,

Titus Hoskins

Friday, June 06, 2008

The New Free Is The Old Buy!

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o Free Is Now Better Than Before!

o Ken Evoy's Free Stuff

o List Building - Proven Strategies From The Trenches


Everything changes, including Internet Marketing.

Is it just me or are marketers starting to give away
valuable information that you can actually use.

What's up with that?

John Reese has been calling for this kind of
thing for some time now. May be other marketers
are listening to him.

Although I take a more cynical view, the
info-product market is becoming overwhelmed
with launch after launch - I believe most
buyers are being turned off and tuned out.
It's just harder to get people interested in
your info-product anymore, no matter how
amazing it is. So marketers have to raise
the stakes and offer something really
amazing just to warm prospects up to their
next offer.

Their problem - your gain.

Lately, there seems to be a change in the works...
many so-called Gurus are switching gears and changing
their marketing tactics and offering valuable free
items. They are giving away free products in order
to create some good-will so that you will buy more
products from them down the road.

What's the big deal - you ask?

Marketers have been giving away free products,
ebooks, reports, articles for years now - haven't

Yes, but now they have increased the quality of
these giveaways... they are giving away products
they are already selling or they could/should be
selling. High quality stuff that you would actually
pay money for if they weren't giving it away....

The New Free Is The Old Buy!

Most recent ones include Mike Filsaime with
"The 7 Figure Secrets", Brad Callen has a
spectacular web creator tool in the works
called 'BlinkWeb', Neil Shearing's "Real Link
Finder", Ken Evoy has just made free "Make Your
Words Sell", a book he has been selling for years
at around $30.

This just may be a change for the better.
Top marketers are now giving away more free
stuff but these are products that are actually
worth your time.

Of course, this is a marketing tactic to get you
introduced to their products with the objective
of selling other products to you. Many marketers
have high-end coaching products or courses that
they promote and sell; what better way to pre-sell
than to give you valuable information that will
help you get started.

However, that shouldn't stop you from benefiting
from all these high quality free products. Just be
aware of the marketing tactic behind them. Not that
there's anything wrong with what these marketers
are doing - most of them are "Tops" in their fields
and any offerings are worth checking out.

So if you're a IM junkie like me, keep your inbox
open, you never know when you will receive a valuable
free gift that you can actually use. I am particularly
keeping my eyes peeled for the new Brad Callen's web
design product... that looks like a real winner.
I will pass along the information with it comes

Here's a little video teaser:


o Ken Evoy's "Free Stuff"

Of course, Ken Evoy is one of those marketers
that has been giving away valuable free products
for years. Again, it is mainly to get people interested
in his flagship product "SiteBuildIt" but that doesn't
mean these free offerings are worthless.

Just the opposite, Ken's SiteSell products are
some of the best Internet Marketing training manuals
on the web.

If you want a "no-cost" way to find out what Internet
Marketing is all about - just download some of Ken's
manuals. Be warned, they're meaty and chalked full
of information but they're the real thing. They will
get you started on the right track... they got me started.
And I still use them!

Free SiteSell Products


o List Building - Proven Strategies From The Trenches

List Building has always been a special passion of
mine for over 10 years now. In those years I have
learned a little bit about list building and how
it's done.

In my latest SiteProNews blog post I discuss some
of the list tactics I use in order to make a living
online. One or two of those tactics have proven
very lucrative for me... if you want to find out
more you can find the blog post here:

List Building SiteProNews Post

Kind Regards,

Titus Hoskins

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