Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Free Keyword Tools

Free Keyword Tools

It doesn't take long for anyone marketing on the web to
realize "keywords" are essential for your success. They
are the backbones of all your efforts. The foundation upon
which all else is built.

Assuming of course, you're going the SEO or SEM route.

Getting targeted traffic from the search engines can make
or break any online business, so you have to rank high for
your keywords in the search engines, especially Google, which
will deliver the majority of your traffic.

If you're into Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine
Marketing, then you definitely have to do your keyword homework.
You have to first find the right profitable keywords and then
build quality content in order to rank high for these keywords.

Some marketers even base everything they do on achieving
high rankings for their targeted keyword phrases. All roads
lead to that almighty keyword which brings in the sales.

Free Keyword Tools

Obviously, because keywords are so important to any online
marketing strategy, there are countless keyword tools which
you can use to help you. Here's a post I did on my main site,
where I listed 5 Free Keyword Tools which you may find helpful.

Keep in mind, these tools are just starting points, most
successful online marketers learn everything they can about
SEM. This entails religiously studying your own website traffic
logs to find those golden phrases which bring in the leads
and sales.

Anyway, here's that link:

5 Free Keyword Tools

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Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Online Fax - 5 Things You Should Know About Online Faxing

For businesses operating today, having a good reliable fax service is a must. Regardless of what type of business you have, using an eco-friendly and cost-effective faxing system is the only way to proceed. That's where Internet or online fax services/providers enter the picture. There are many benefits to using this new more modern way of faxing... here's one of my articles which explains 5 of these reasons or benefits.

Online Fax - 5 Things You Should Know About Online Faxing

You may know it by many names: online fax, email fax, internet fax, web fax or even computer fax... but regardless of what you call it, online fax is the wave of the future. There are many reasons why this new more modern way of faxing has become very popular with both individuals and companies around the globe, most of which are listed below for your convenience. So here are a few things you should know about online faxing.

1. It is Completely Paperless. Online fax is a digital, computerized form of sending your faxes so it is completely paperless, unless you want to print out a hard copy version of your message. This new eco-friendly way of faxing will save valuable resources, while saving you or your company from the expenses of buying all those inks, toners and papers. Your faxes are sent as email attachments, usually in a tif or pdf file, but there are many other types of formats that can be used.

2. It is Completely Portable. Since internet fax is web based, you can access it anywhere on the planet, as long as you're connected to the web. Any portable device such as a cell phone, pda, netbook, laptop... can be used as your fax machine. Once you sign up to receive this service, you're given an online account where you can view and send your faxes. Keep in mind, you can also use your email program to send/receive your faxes. Many providers also have a desktop application which you can download to handle all your faxing needs.

3. It is Cost Effective. Using an online fax service can be much cheaper than using the old traditional fax machine. Monthly rates can be as low as $3 or $4, but the average cost is around $8 to $10 per month. This is still much lower than running a fax machine, connected to a dedicated fax phone line, not to mention the ongoing costs of all those inks, papers and toners. With email fax you have none of those expenses and you will save money, especially over the long haul.

4. It is Very Secure. Despite what some people might think, online fax is more secure than regular faxing for several reasons. You can use encryption to send and receive your faxes, which makes then very secure. Plus, only the person with the right username and password can view your faxes, this keeps them away from any prying eyes, unlike traditional faxes in an office setting where anyone can view them. Plus, you can even store your faxes on your computer in encrypted form if security is an issue with you or your company.

5. It is Very Competitive. This is something which many individuals and companies also don't realize, using online fax will make your business more competitive. How? First, you have to remember, going with an online fax provider, means your business is reachable around the clock, 365 days of the year. No more waiting for office or business hours to retrieve that important fax... all your faxes are at your fingertips at all times. If you have salesmen or agents in the field or traveling on business, they are all reachable, regardless of where they're located. All this can make your company or business more competitive, especially if you depend on faxes for promotions or to bring in new sales or clients.

Finally, in addition to the five things listed above, you also have to remember internet fax is extremely easy to use. Actually, it is as easy as sending an email and we all know how easy that is for everyone to do. A simple and convenient way to receive and send all your messages. Many would also suggest that online fax is simply a smarter way to fax, but we will leave that final judgement up to you.


For more information on Internet Fax Services use this handy online fax Comparison Guide to get your own:: online fax . Or if you want more detailed information on Internet Faxing try here: internet fax services. Titus Hoskins Copyright. This article may be freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.

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