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Google: Big Brother or Cash Machine

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April 17, 2006
Warm welcome to all new subscribers.

When I first started my main website many years ago,little did I know the major role Google would play inits success. Keep in mind, that Google has only been around the web since 1998. In the beginning, few realized it would become a multi-billion company controlling almost all areas of the web.
Google seems destined to dominate the web (aka Shades ofBig Brother) for years to come...
Love or Hate Google, you must not ignore theimportance it will play in the success of your website orsites. You must take full advantage of what Google offers.You must explore all avenues of this gently giant...

Years ago, as a struggling webmaster and marketer, receiving those Monthly commission checks from Google was a Godsend. They still are. Acquiring a high PageRank and receiving all that free targeted Google traffic was an even greater Godsend. It has put my sites in the Black and keeps them earning revenue, month after month.
Google presents a legitimate way of monetising your site or sites. It gives you a monthly cash flow that covers your hosting fees and provide you with a monthly income from your sites.
Google must be explored and exploited to give you that monthly income.
Regular readers will know I like to keep things simple. As simple as possible.
Now, lets put to one side the very complicated and risky endeavor of using Google Adwords advertising to bring targeted traffic to your site. This usually takes some training and skill to get right, in other words, you have to know exactly what you're doing or you may lose a lot of money. So put this aside for your more advanced lessons later down the road...
For now, lets keep things real simple. I always take the simplest route where possible.
Google Cash File
I keep a very popular page on my site called Google Cash File - it explains my simple method of working Google to bring in a monthly income. Just simple steps you can take to earn money from Google. You can spend money on info products and software but you don't have to - I started with all free information and worked my way up. As I brought in more income, I invested some of it in some good software like Brad Callen's Keyword Elite... but again, you can use all free programs to earn money from Google. It will usually take you time but it can easily be done.
* Four revenues sources from Google
Aside from buying advertising from Google Adwords, which does take some knowledge or you could lose a lot of money quickly...I use Google Adsense code on all my webpages... visitors clickon these targeted Adsense ads and I earn a small percentage ofthe ad revenue.
I also earn by marketing Google Three Referral Products thru the Adsense program:
Google Adsense, I get $100 for each referral I make to Google,that referral must join Adsense and earn at least $100 before I earn my commission.
Google FireFox Bar, I earn $1 for each referral that downloads the FireFox Browser and uses the Google Toolbar. Might not sound like much, but this quickly adds up.
Now, Google will pay $20 for each Adwords referral that spends$100 on Adwords advertising within 90 days.
If you have a popular site, and promote these Three Google referral products - you will be surprised at the extra income you earn each month.
Granted, Google is no way as generous as most of my affiliate programs I promote with my sites but Google is an 'Easy Sell'! People trust the Google Brand, People respect the Google Brand and most important of all - People like using anything Google. This factor simply means more money for you - but you must take advantage of what Google is offering.
I have listed all the techniques and methods I use to put Google products on my site which earns me a monthly income.Again, this is very simple steps you can take to make Google pay you each month...
so what's keeping you from turning that Big Brother into a wealthy uncle who sends you a generous allowance each month.
Anyone can do it... check out the Google Cash File.

Have a great week!


The secret of success is constancy to purpose.Benjamin Disraeli
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Your Internet Marketing Story RSS Ezine

My Internet Marketing Story

Bizware Magic's Web Marketing Tools, RSS List Building and Lead Capture Programs

Warm welcome to all new subscribers.

A lot of people ask me how I got started with online
marketing. I usually tell them in one form or other...
the following story. Hope you have time to read it,
it may help you write your own internet marketing story...

o My Internet Marketing Story

Four years ago, when I started my first website
- I didn't have a clue what I was doing!

I started from scratch. I didn't know html or how to even
send an email. I had to learn everything about creating webpages -
html, scripts, graphics, etc. It was like landing on another
planet with a blindfold on - calling me clueless would have
been a compliment back then. And I would have gladly taken it.

Today, when I checked my stats on that same website, I found
out that I had made over $180 while I was sleeping. Granted,
I don't make that much every day - sometimes it's less,
sometimes it's more. But that first website is bringing
in a regular income for me from Google Adsense, Affiliate
Sales and Advertising.

How did I go from a clueless webmaster to someone who is
making a full time living on the web. It's a story that many
online marketers can tell - we each have own stories. Mine is
not extraordinary. Nor is my story that noteworthy - I am not
making hundreds of thousands or even millions doing this - just
a steady stream of small checks that arrive each month. Checks
that pay the heating bills, car payments, etc.

Like so many webmasters before me, because I was starting
from scratch, I had a long learning curve. I had to learn
everything by trial and error. In other words, I learned
things the hard way - from experience.

Looking back on the whole struggle, and for me it was a
very long struggle. But it was also a very enjoyable struggle
for I love everything about the Internet. I find the whole
underlying structure fascinating to no end. I am easily amused.
I enjoy every second I am working online - it never becomes
boring or mundane. It always holds my interest. Guess that's
the main reason I am still working online.

The one strait you must have above all others if you want
to earn money online - persistence. You must keep at it -
success doesn't usually happen overnight - you have to work
at it. Day in, day out.

It took me three years before I saw any large amount of
income coming from my site. Until I built up enough traffic
to make those sales and earn money from advertising. So you
have to have persistence. Never give up - keep learning new
techniques. Absorb everything.

Create high quality original content, and create a lot of it.
And you will succeed. It's sort of an unwritten law of the
world wide web.

Looking back on the whole process, if I had to pick the one
turning point. The one eureka moment. The one factor that
changed everything for me and put my site on the road to
success. The key was always there, I knew about it for years
but never used it. It is really quite simple and I am sure
you have heard this a hundred times.

Article writing was the key.

It still is. Nothing was happening with my site until
I starting writing articles. This may sound a little old-hat
these days but writing articles is one of major ways of
marketing on the web. Never underestimate the marketing
power of simple 500 word 'how-to' article. It will work
miracles for any site.

Here's what happened when I started writing articles.

First, I found I had a lot of information to share. I had
all those first hand experiences of learning how to build
and market on the web. Years of learning in the marketing
forums made me aware of all the major marketing techniques
and the major marketing players. My website was on the subject
of Internet marketing, so I naturally learned everything
I could about online marketing for material to put on my
site. Over the years, I have absorbed a lot of marketing
knowledge that comes in handy when I do my own online

Perhaps, even more important, I have an education background
- I know how to learn. I know how to teach myself what I
need to know. Never underestimate the power of self-education.
Many people downgrade it - don't.

I started writing articles and to my surprise over sites
picked them up and placed them on their sites. In the resource
box of those articles I had links back to my site. As more
and more links grew - I received more and more traffic from
the articles and from the search engines.

To my surprise, major directories/sites carried my articles:, - also some major
ezines like addme, sitepronews featured my articles...
resulting in major traffic but more importantly it helped
build my opt-in list.

Google started to rank more and more pages on my sites in
top ten positions. These were targeted to the keywords
in my articles and on my site. Once I knew how to pick
good high paying keywords and get those same keywords
ranked on the first pages of the search engines (SERPs)
- I had my own simple marketing system that worked.

Its a simple marketing system anyone can use to build a
profitable website. It's not rocket science or anywhere
near it. My reasoning, if someone like me, who started
from page zero, can do this, then anyone can. You can too.

But this marketing fun doesn't have to stop with just
one website, after you have built your first successful
site you will probably want to build more. Last week I
bought five more domains and I am starting to build
websites for them.

Unlike the first time, I now know exactly where to start,
what exactly has to be done, what tools I need to get the
job done, and I know all the design features I need for
a successful site.

Now where did I put that Keyword Elite...

Titus Hoskins

Trust everybody, but cut the cards.
Finley Peter Dunne

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