Sunday, December 16, 2012

SBI SiteBuildIt BOGO Sale - Buy One Get One Free

SBI - Site Build It are having their yearly 2-for-1 sale
which has proven very popular with webmasters and site owners.
I remember years ago, I bought one of these packages and gave
one site to my sister. She didn't do much with her account
but I still have mine with SBI.

I mainly used this offer to discover more about Ken Evoy's
SiteSell and SBI. The only way to do that was to purchase
the product. I also did a very detailed review of SBI which
I placed here.

If you plan on taking advantage of this SBI offer - I would
strongly advise you read my review first. Now, there's nothing
wrong with SBI - the services are very professional and these
services are backed-up by one of the best online marketing
communities on the web.

However, if you're a seasoned marketer, going with a SBI might
not be the cheapest route. It roughly around 30 bucks a month,
that might sound like a lot but when you consider all the different
services and products associated with your hosting account, this
is a bargain by anyone's standards. I have found SBI does
over-deliver when it comes to building and hosting a web site.

But there are other limitations as well - your domain registration
has to within their system. I keep most of many domains with a
separate registry such as Godaddy. Again, not a serious issue,
but for the seasoned marketer who may have hundreds of domains
and wants them all in the one place - well, just saying.

There are also other limitations with FTP or uploading files
directly into your SBI web-hosting account - but frankly, this
is very minor and I have never had a problem with this issue,
but it's something you should be aware of before signing up.

Perhaps, the main reason I would recommend SBI, besides the
professional hosting and web site building tools, has to be the
invaluable information you receive from being a part of SBI.
There's a very active online forum and Ken Evoy is on top of
all the developments when it comes to running a site on the web.

Just take the Google Panda and Penguin Updates for example, Ken
and SBI, did extensive research into all its collective data and
came up with some valid solutions or ways to fix these problems.
That information alone is worth the price of your hosting account.

I have always considered or compared buying SBI to something like
joining an exclusive online club. One that will really help you
out when the cards fall the wrong way, like we saw with Panda or
Penguin Updates. For the beginning webmaster or online marketer
this membership is priceless.

Anyway, enough of the hard sell, if you want to check out SBI
and see what it's all about,  you can find the 2-for-1 link on
my main site here or you can go directly to SBI BOGO Sale!.