Friday, October 31, 2008

10 Words To Close Any Sale & 2 Halloween Treats

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o Halloween Treats

o SBI - Halloween Sale - $100 for Second Site

o 10 Words To Close Any Sale


Just a few Halloween treats for you. Hope you're
still a kid at heart, it helps on a day like this
to remember the magic of Halloween...

Enough with the sentiment, here are a few
things you might be able to use in your
online marketing.

o Halloween Treats

These free Internet Training manuals have been the
most popular downloads from my site. I am talking
about the free SBI Training manuals from Ken Evoy...
(Right-Click to save PDF files to your computer)

. Affiliate Masters Course

Affiliate Masters Course

. Work At Home Moms - Masters Course

Work At Home Moms

. The WebMaster Business Course

The WebMaster Business Course

. Make Your Words Sell

Make Your Words Sell

and much more... including an Action Video Guide.

These free Internet training manuals (in my humble
opinion) are the best education on how all this
"Online Marketing" is done. I have based my own
marketing on these manuals... and I have been a
full-time marketer for over 3 or 4 years.

Anyone starting out with a site or having intentions
of building an online business should definitely
check out these marketing guides. They will give
you a solid background in web marketing.

So treat yourself this Halloween:

o Site Build It - Halloween Sale - $100 for Second Site

SiteBuildIt is having their annual Halloween
sale so that you can team up with a friend or
relative and buy your SBI sites together
and save some cash. For $100 more you get
a second SBI site. Great deal, great system.

And one of my best Income Streams! And it
can be yours too...

SBI Sale

o 10 Words To Close Any Sale

No matter what you're selling, a simple
10 word question can often be used to seal
any deal or sale. Just ask your prospective
customer or client this simple question:

"What can I do to make this work for you?"

This question works because it gets to the heart
of your transaction. It tells you exactly what
the client wants and how you can directly help
them solve their problem or meet their needs.
Any sale or deal is not about your needs but
about your client's needs - but first you have
to know what those needs are in order to proceed.

Once a customer discovers exactly how a product
or service can help them - you've got a deal or

Might sound a bit simple, but if you think about
the marketing power behind this question, you
will realize how effective it can be to your
own business or marketing.

Try it next time you're trying to seal a deal or
close a sale.

Source: Charles Marc, "10 Words to Close Any Sale,"
Early to Rise, 10/1/08.

Kind Regards,


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Friday, October 24, 2008

Creating Multiple Income Streams With Your Site

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o Creating Multiple Income Streams With Your Site

0 My First Affiliate Check Was $5

o SBI - Halloween Sale - $100 for Second Site


As I directly help some of my readers and a
close relative with establishing an online site
or business - one question is always at the back
of my mind.

How can I help them set up or create multiple streams
of income from their site or sites?

It is something I have successfully done with my
own sites and it is one of the reasons I can work
full-time online enjoying all this marketing stuff.
As the world's economic situation goes further south,
I believe creating multiple sources of online revenue
will play a greater role in what Internet Marketers do...

But just how do you go about setting up these income
streams is the main topic of this newsletter. Hope you
can at least skim thru it - some of these ideas might
also help you with your own online marketing.

First and foremost the key to any kind of online
revenue is traffic - without traffic it is extremely
hard, if not impossible, to build your income or
business. After over 10 years of being online,
I have found the TWO main factors in getting good
quality online traffic are: Keywords & Quality Content.

You must target the right keywords for your site,
the ones everyone is typing into the search engine
to find your topic or niche. I always tell those building
a site to use this link if they don't have professional
keyword research software like Keyword Elite:

Keyword Research Tool

This site will give you a rough estimate of which
keywords everyone is using. But you must not ignore
long-tail keyword phrases because these longer keywords
convert better and bring in higher quality (buying)
traffic - you just don't want visitors, you want

Quality content is the other major factor - you
must create quality, useful content that your
visitors will seek out and share with their
friends. Great content will give you the
traffic you need.

Once you have a steady flow of quality traffic coming
to your site - it is almost impossible NOT to earn
revenue from your site. If you're selling your own
product, you will have a steady flow of interested
potential buyers. If you have an affiliate site, you
will also have a steady flow of interested buyers
to send to your affiliate links.

Now once you have the traffic, here are some
ways you can monetize this traffic to create
multiple streams of income:

(I am starting with the lowest streams to
the most beneficial streams. This is from my
own findings, you may have totally different
outcomes from mine.)

Google Adsense - This is one of the easist ways
to monetize your traffic but I find I can make
10 to 100 more by using affiliate programs
or links. Now, I still use Google Adsense
on my sites because it is almost impossible
to find affiliate links for all my pages on
all my sites. Besides, Google Adsense is one
revenue stream I have enjoyed for over three
or four years now - its very steady and solid.
I also like getting paid by Google!

Amazon - This is another easy way to create
an income stream from your content or site.
I find building links and aStores in Amazon
for my affiliate products to be quick and easy.
Amazon links convert very well, mainly because
I believe customers are very comfortable
using and buying online from Amazon. However,
Amazon doesn't pay that much... but comissions
build up quickly. Like Adsense, this is a very
steady and solid source of online income.

LinkShare - This is an affiliate Network which
handles thousands of companies. You sign up
with LinkShare and you can promote hundreds
of different companies or products with your
site. Each companies will have different commission
rates... around 3% to 10% or more. Another very
professional network you can use to set-up an
income stream on your site.

Clickbank - This is the program you have to
have if you're selling digital products online.
Very professionally run program and commission
rates are very high, usually around 50% or more...
which means if you sell a $200 product, you
earn $100 per sale. Pays every two weeks and
another very steady source of income.

Commission Junction - This is one of my favorite
programs and it's the one I have worked the most.
Some marketers have complained about the low
rates and poor reporting... but I find CJ an
excellent source of income for me. Very steady
and solid monthly checks over the last 3 or 4

Residual or Recurring Income - These are the
best revenue streams to create on your site.
Make one sale and get paid month after month
for years. I spend the majority of my online
marketing efforts on these types of programs...
some examples would be service oriented programs
like auto-responder, utilities services and
web-hosting affiliate programs which pay you
commissions month after month once you sign-up
a client. SBI or SiteBuildIt affiliate program
has been one of my most promoted program on my sites.
Once customers sign-up to SBI and see the kind of
quality service they get - they keep it form years...
and a great affiliate program run by Ken Evoy.

Independent Affiliate Programs - Once you
have established your site or sites online,
other more lucrative income streams will
present themselves to you. Companies may
approach you to set up partnerships or
special affiliate deals. Some of my best
income streams are ones where I have made
special arrangements so that I get residual
income from each client that signs up thru
my affiliate link for the LIFE of that client.

Now, I have other income streams but these
are the major ones I use. So far these have
served me very well even as we are entering
some very uncertain economic times. Over
the years, certain income stream have dried
up, the company goes under or changes its
online marketing... but I just keep replacing
those with other streams.

Some final notes...

One key factor that I have not mentioned and
which can be another great source of income
are your contact opt-in lists... promoting
a product or products to your list has always
been an income source for most marketers -
including me. I also use a lot of follow-up
emails on the different products I promote
online... which increases my conversion rates.

Picking quality big brand name products and
companies will increase your sales numbers...
I have had success with promoting Dell, HP,
Toshbia, Sony... buyers feel comfortable
buying these brand names online rather than
unknown products or companies. So choose the
products you promote carefully.

Use your time wisely, allocate your energies
or marketing efforts to the revenue streams
that bring in the biggest paychecks... especially
concentrate your efforts on residual and recurring
income programs since this will build up your
security - if you lose all your sites tomorrow,
those revenue streams will keep paying you
for your past marketing success.

One final, final note - don't expect to create
a site one day and have multiple income streams
flowing the next day. Some marketers promise this, but
for me it has been a long steady building process
over several years. You start with your first
dollar and go up from there... steadily increasing
month after month, year after year, until you
have 10 or more monthly checks coming to you
each month. There's no life like it!


0 My First Affiliate Check Was $5

You always remember your first online affiliate
income or check. Mine was for $5 dollars
and it was from Internet Marketing Center
which was then run by the late Corey Rudl.

I can also remember my brother laughing,
you're going to make your living at that?
But the last laugh is on me and I am not
finished yet!

Anyway, if you're a new comer to all this
online stuff and want to find out more.
Here's a video from Derek Gehl who took over
CEO of IM Center after Corey died in a
car crash in 2005.

Lots of good pointers here... you will have
to give your email address but its probably
worth it.


SBI - Halloween Sale - $100 for Second Site

SiteBuildIt is having their annual Halloween
sale so that you can team up with a friend or
relative and buy your SBI sites together
and save some cash. For $100 more you get
a second SBI site. Great deal, great system.

And one of my best Income Streams! And it
can be yours too...

SBI Halloween Sale

Kind Regards,


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Friday, October 17, 2008

Google Reveals More Linking Secrets To Webmasters

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o Google Reveals More Linking Secrets To Webmasters

If you're marketing online you will already know
the importance of Google to your success. Google
controls much of the search market so "doing everything
Google's way" pays off in the long run.

Lately, it seems Google have been giving webmasters
more information on linking than usual... on inbound
links, on how to do internal linking, on how to create
your content so it gets highly ranked and so on.

In that light, one of most helpful is solving your
404 links within your site and outside. Google has
made available this very handy tool here:

Fix Your 404 Error Links With Google's Help

Google will give you the source URL for the 404
page/link which can be within or external to your site
- so that you can fix or repair your links.

Continuing with the same theme...

Recently at a Links Week event, Maile Ohye (Google Spokesperson)
gave some insights into how Google handles linking/ranking
within its massive index. These linking tips might prove
helpful to many webmasters... because it really shows
what Google is looking for.

Feature Article

Google Reveals More Linking Secrets To Webmasters
Copyright © 2008 Titus Hoskins

One of the most problematic and confusing issues most
webmasters have with Google concerns linking. How your
links are ranked? How you should link out? How you should
construct your internal links? How you should get more
inbound links? How many links should you have on a page?
And the list of questions goes on...

Perhaps, the most annoying aspect for the struggling
webmaster, has been Google's secrecy in how it actually
ranks links and pages. Google's whole PageRank and
Ranking Algorithm is so complex that no one can fully
boast they understand how the whole system works.

Google's ranking secrecy and complexity has probably
been well-planned mainly because there are millions of
webmasters who would like to "game" the Google Algorithm
and achieve high keyword rankings through manipulation
with so-called "black-hat" SEO techniques and reverse

Wouldn't it be ironic if this whole secrecy and complexity
is more of a smokescreen rather than an actual deception
on Google's part. What if the keys to the kingdom are
actually yours for the taking? What if the solution is
hiding in plain sight for everyone to see? What if the
secret to high rankings in Google is not a secret at all?
Wouldn't that be a hoot!

Actually, that's not a far-fetched assumption to make,
mainly because many of Google's linking policies and
recommendations are freely given by Google. Whether
you can believe Google is actually giving you the goods
is another issue that we'll put on the back-burner
for another day; but for now, Google's advice on link
building is rather generous and informative.

As a part of Links Week held recently, Google's Maile
Ohye gave some pointers on what Google is looking for
and how it does its index ranking. No big surprise that
content and inbound links are the two most important
factors. This is what most SEO experts have been saying
for years.

A site's content is one of the main factors. Therefore,
you should have a compelling site with interesting
information and/or offer quality products, entertainment,

(Quoting Maile Ohye)

"One of the strongest ranking factors is my site's content.
Additionally, perhaps my site is also linked from three sources --
however, one inbound link is from a spammy site. As far as Google
is concerned, we want only the two quality inbound links to
contribute to the PageRank signal in our ranking."

"Given the user's query, over 200 signals (including the
analysis of the site's content and inbound links as mentioned
above) are applied to return the most relevant results to the

"As many of you know, relevant, quality inbound links
can affect your PageRank (one of many factors in our
ranking algorithm). And quality links often come naturally
to sites with compelling content or offering a unique service."

(End Quote)

Then Maile Ohye explained further how to create unique and
compelling content for your site:

(Quoting Maile Ohye)

- Start a blog: make videos, do original research, and post
interesting stuff on a regular basis. If you're passionate
about your site's topic, there are lots of great avenues
to engage more users.

- Teach readers new things, uncover new news, be entertaining
or insightful, show your expertise, interview different
personalities in your industry and highlight their interesting
side. Make your site worthwhile.

- Participate thoughtfully in blogs and user reviews related
to your topic of interest. Offer your knowledgeable perspective
to the community.

- Provide a useful product or service. If visitors to your site
get value from what you provide, they're more likely to link
to you.

(End Quote)

SEO experts have been telling webmasters for years that
creating valuable, unique, relevant useful content is
one of the best ways to get your site and pages highly ranked
in Google. If you create valuable content then other sites
will want to link to you naturally.

Linking out to other sites should be done in a "common sense"
manner and it's a way of offering value to your visitor's
experience. We expect helpful relevant links when we visit
other sites since it's a natural way a good quality site should
work; so be careful of linking out to spammy sites that only
offer pages of links with very little or no unique content.

There are several things every prudent webmaster should be
checking like making sure your site hasn't been hacked and
hidden links placed on your site without your knowledge; those
with WordPress blogs should be installing the latest security
measures and updates. Make sure you keep checking all your
outbound links regularly since you may initially link out to
a valuable resource, but over time this page may be closed
or replaced with one of those spammy-links-holding pages.
It can happen to the best of us.

What has confused things lately is all the "link buying"
which Google greatly discourages and has shown its displeasure
by de-ranking many paid directories. The size of your "wallet"
shouldn't be the determining factor in how pages and content
are ranked. If you're selling a link, it should have the "no-follow"
tag so that it doesn't pass PageRank along and confuse the system.
Policing or deciding what is or what is not a "paid link" has
become a major problem for the search engines, including

You should not have more than "100 links on a page" as this
can overload the search engine robots that regularly crawl
the web, indexing pages. Likewise, your site's "linking
architecture" should be natural and easy for both your
visitors and the robots to follow. Make sure your important
pages are no more than a few clicks away from your homepage.

As to interior linking, the two main points being: Intuitive
Navigation for your visitors and Crawlable Text Links for the
search engine robots. Use descriptive anchor text links that
explain your content to your visitors. The anchor text is the
underlined clickable part of the link and many SEO experts suggest
you place your keywords or variations of them in your anchor text.

Make sure your site is transparent. Do not use "link cloaking"
on your site. Make sure what your visitor sees is what the robots
are indexing. Use a 301 Redirect if you have permanently moved
any webpages. Again, there is stressed the need for a sitemap
as this can be very helpful for both your visitors and robots to
see and find all your valuable content. Make sure you have a
sitemap and all your important pages are listed on it.

One final note, many professional webmasters and marketers
don't worry about PageRank as much as they are concerned
with SERPs. Getting those top rankings for their sites in
the search engine results is what really matters. Again,
quality content and building quality links play an important
role in achieving those top spots and maybe Google has already
given you the formula for getting them. Maybe, a big maybe!


The author is a full-time online marketer who runs numerous
web sites, including two sites on Internet marketing. For the
latest web marketing tools try:
Discover more about linking and ranking directly from Google here:
Copyright © 2008 Titus Hoskins. This article may be
freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.


SBI - Halloween Sale - $100 for Second Site

SiteBuildIt is having their annual Halloween
sale so that you can team up with a friend or
relative and buy your SBI sites together
and save some cash. For $100 more you get
a second SBI site. Great deal, great system.

SBI Halloween SALE

Kind Regards,


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Friday, October 10, 2008

Finding Profitable Niche Markets In These Harsh Times

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o Finding Profitable Niche Markets In These Harsh Times

The sky might not be falling but it sure seems that way.
Watching all the bad global financial news will surely
make you think your "glass is half empty". Checking your
mutual retirement funds will probably confirm it.

I know all the experts say the Stock market will bounce
back and we will get thru this crisis... they are probably
right but we are still in for some tough times. Not just
in the States but everyone will be feeling the fall-out
and pain of this one.

On a brighter note, as everyone is bunkering down
the hatches and staying close to home (if it's not
foreclosed out from under them) - the Internet will
probably become more important than it is today.
Shopping online could be a cheaper alternative than
venturing out... as everyone will be looking
for ways to save money.

For around 3 to 4 years now, I have made a very good
living selling affiliate products online from my 9 or
10 websites that I run. I basically make my living
selling other people's stuff on the web. I do put in
a lot of work but I love every minute of it.

So far, business has not slowed down but we are getting
into the holiday season so everything goes up a notch
at this time of year and it's hard to tell. I haven't
seem any drop-off in the business services and products
that I sell - go figure!

Anyway, even in harsh times, there are opportunities
that open up. You just have to find them. Picking
the right niche market for your online business is
probably your most crucial factor in your success.

But How Do You Find A Niche Market?

First, you must find something that you're interested
in... if you're going to spend the next couple
of years exploring a niche market - make sure it one
that you like or already have an interest in. Be it coin
collecting to building backyard sheds...

Picking a favorite hobby or past-time is always wise...
we all have something we do better than others. Just
take that hobby and check to see if you can turn it
into a profitable niche. See if you can turn it into
an info-product others would be interested in buying?

One very simple trick I use to find or check to
see if a particular niche market is profitable -
I use Google. First I find the keywords associated
with that niche - these are the words people will
type into search engines to find out more about your
niche or subject. Keywords = Niche. For online
marketing this is more true than in the off-line

Then I check these keywords in Google Search. Now
I forget about the organic results for a moment
and I check the number of ads on the page?

These are at the very top and on the right hand
side of the page. If there are a lot of ads, lots
of people advertising products - it's probably
a profitable niche. People don't advertise if
they're not making money. At least not over the
long term - I monitor these keywords over a
couple of weeks or months - if people are still
advertising - they're probably making money from
this niche.

Now since I am into affiliate marketing... I check
who is advertising and look at their links. If
there are not linking directly to the core domain -
they are probably affiliates. After a while you
can easily spot affiliate links... ones coming
from the major networks like CJ, LinkShare...
usually links with an "ID" or "?" in them.

If affiliates are advertising week after week,
they are making money from this niche. Take a
close look at what they're doing and see if you
can come up with something similar - don't try
to re-invent the wheel, just see it you can make
it spin for you.

Now when I go about choosing a niche market... I
always think about who the customer is going to
be. I like picking niches where the customer is
in the right time or mind-set to buy. I like the
"gift" angle... if someone is looking at gifts,
obviously they're ready to buy.

Another angle is to pick niches where people
are buying gifts not just for one person but
many. Such as in Corporate Business Gifts where
a boss or company may be buying gifts for their
employee. This has been one of my best niche
markets on my site - ooophs, not supposed to
have told you that!

Another angle or tactic to take, no matter what
you're selling - is to target the words "coupons"
"deals" "cheap"... if customers are actively
seeking out a bargain or coupon - they are
ready to buy.

Many successful online sites are based around
offering "coupons" "gifts" "discounts"... everyone
likes to save money, more so now in these
harsh times than ever before; so it does
offer up a lot of opportunities.

And keep in mind, during hard times, many people
are searching for ways to earn a little extra
income and many of them will be turning to the
Internet as a solution. There will probably be
mini-boom in online businesses and services as
all these potential customers gear up to take
advantage of what the web offers.

Finding a profitable niche is within everyone
reach. My firm belief, if I can do it, anyone
can do it. Just take a hard look around and see
if you can find something you would like to
promote and build on for the next couple of

Your profitable niche is out there, you just
have to find it. Even in these harsh time...


Now if all this talk about "niche markets" and
finding the right "keywords" is still all a bit
confusing for you. I sometimes forget not everyone
reading this ezine have been working 'day-in, day-out'
online for the last 4 or 5 years... so if you still
need help at finding profitable keywords here's an
article I wrote several years ago on:

"How To Find Profitable Keywords In 3 Easy Steps"

you can find it here:

Find Profitable Keywords

Kind Regards,


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