Thursday, October 09, 2014

Top Gaming Laptops Page Updated For 2014 With Reviews

Just finished a major updating of Bizwaremagic's
popular Best Gaming Notebooks Webpage for 2014. New gaming laptops are appearing almost daily - or so it seems. Keeping up with all the new rigs can be a major hassle, but it's also something I enjoy doing since I have been covering this topic for over 10 years.

What I find most interesting are the new machines from ASUS and MSI - they really are giving Alienware some serious competition.I know many gamers are turned off by the Alienware brand - especially after Dell acquired it in 2006, but Alienware is still producing new rigs and gaming systems... Area51 and the new Alpha gaming console comes to mind.

How well these new systems will be received by gamers remains to
be discovered, but Alienware is definitely upping its game and
not going anywhere.

We also have the introduction of the next Nvidia (fastest) notebook
GPU in the form of the GeForce GTX 980M. These will be appearing in
some new laptops for the upcoming holiday season. It is already in the
new Asus G751J and MSI GT72 laptops.

Gamers can look forward to better performance and higher resolutions
with 4K capabilities... should make for a more interesting time in

Let the games begin.

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