Friday, September 17, 2010

Is Google Instant the New Coke?

No, but...

After a week of Google Instant - some things are becoming
much more clearer in regards to online marketing. Google's
real time search may just be more of a game changer than I
first thought, especially with regards to organic results
and how they are displayed.

Valuable real estate is now being given to the Google Drop-down
menu and its Adwords paid listings... moving some organic results
further down and out of the fold. This can have poor results
in regard to the amount of traffic coming from Google.

Another major concern is the worry that Google is basing these
suggested keywords and listings NOT on rankings, but on its
compiled data of users' histories and activities. If more
emphasis is placed on this compiled data rather SEO and rankings
- will it mean the death of SEO as we now know it?

Maybe not, but Google Instant has all the hallmarks of changing
online marketing and SEO. Google could simply dictate what
listings should be suggested and shown to web searchers, taking
control from marketers and webmasters who play by all the SEO rules.

Within the last year, Google has made so many changes, it is
hard to still recognize the old Google. Whether all this "New
Google" is for the best - still remains to be seen. Let's hope
for their sake, Google takes a breather or at least keeps
"Classic Google" on the sidelines so that everyone can go back
to some peace and quiet when doing their searches.

After all, this new Coke may just be too hard to swallow
for some folks.

To find out more of my findings on Google Instant go here:

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Thursday, September 09, 2010

Google Instant - Changing Online Search To Warp Speed

Google's new Instant Search is really something to behold
and it is faster than you can type. At first, it kinda freaks
you out somewhat, it is that fast.

See what a little competition can produce!

Maybe it has nothing to do with the introduction of Bing and its
upcoming union with Yahoo, but chances are pretty high this is
one of Google's responses to this new competition. Google has
made so many, many, many changes over the last 6 to 8 months - it
is a much more improved search engine.

This latest addition of Instant Search really raises the bar
on online search to a much higher level. One other search engines
will have to rise to if they want to compete with Google.

Anyway, I have written more on this new Instant Search on my
main site and what it may mean for online marketers and webmasters.

Read more here:

Google Instant Search - Faster Than The Speed Of Type

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