Sunday, May 10, 2009

Why Twitter Is Becoming So Important

o Why Twitter Is Becoming So Important

Twitter is becoming increasingly important for
anyone marketing on the web. As a list building
tool it simply can't be beat. It is attracting
millions of users and growing quickly - ranked
50th in terms of traffic by Alexa.

Twitter is posed to become such a major force - you
just can't ignore it.

How did such a simple glorified "text message" thingie
get to be so big, so fast.

And the fun haven't even started yet!

Recently, WebProNews reported Twitter will now be
searchable and the content in the links in your messages
will be indexed and ranked. They will have an algorithmic
ranking system much like the one Google has to rank it's

"According to CNET, Twitter's new VP of Operations Santosh
Jayaram says that Twitter Search, which currently searches
only the text of Twitter posts, will soon crawl links included
in tweets, and index content from those pages."

This is major news because we could potentially see a
True Rival for Google. Search engines can start
from anywhere and a souped-up communication tool is a good
a place as any. Besides, isn't online search only a way
of passing along what you heard through the grapevine -
basically sums it up.

The only real puzzle regarding Twitter is why haven't Google
snapped it up already. Some one is definitely sleeping on the job.
Maybe it's just the recession or other popular takeovers like
YouTube are proving too hard to monetize... doubt that very much
because YT has now become virtually obliterated with Adsense ads...
it's even hard to watch the videos anymore.

Can't imagine what a Google owned Twitter would look like.
Each tweet could come with a text ad? A ballot box? A vote?

Of course, this is all pure speculation, but stranger things
have happened on the web. Google buying Twitter would be a
slight yarn.

Guess, the real question should be: if not Google, than who?

Or maybe Twitter will grow armor, hang tough and expand into
a truly online democratic search engine. Then take on Google
in a few years...

But for right now, Twitter has become important in its own
right... find out more about Twitter here:

Twitter's Importance Is Growing


Twitter - Bizwaremagic

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Saturday, May 02, 2009

Should You Use Videos In Your Online Marketing?

Videos are everywhere on the web. It's no wonder that
marketers have taken advantage of this growing trend in
using videos to get their message across.

But the question remains - should you use videos in your
own online marketing or promotions?

Most savvy marketers would say it would be "foolish" for
any webmaster or marketer NOT to use videos in their
promotions. Videos are the perfect tools for communicating
your message quickly and easily to your audience. It works
much better than just a static webpage or content.

Videos can bring life to any content or message.

Despite all this, I have myself been rather slow in taking
advantage of videos in my own online marketing. Once you
get set in your ways - it is some times hard to change what
you're doing... especially if you have become successful
at doing it. The old static websites are more my style.

However, I have seen the light and I am now starting to use
videos or other sites using my content have put them into
videos such as the one below from

Get the Flash Player to see this player.

8 SEO Techniques Every Webmaster Should Know

I must admit, videos are just as effective, if not more effective
than article marketing. It brings in a whole new audience of people
who simply don't have the time to read an article. Put your article
into a short video and you will get more viewers.

Videos are just another way of getting your message out there.
And it is very effective, especially for word-of-mouth advertising...

Just ask Susan Boyle?

Overnight, your content could be spread all over the web and beyond.
It's a marketing tool every webmaster and marketer should be
using. End of story.

Google now lists about 28,700,000 pages for "Susan Boyle"!

Make that one more page...

For more on video marketing, try here:

Video Marketing



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