Wednesday, March 23, 2011 Gets a Minor Facelift

Due to recent changes within Google and its latest Panda Algorithm
update dealing with "content farms" and low quality content, has made some minor changes to reflect current
SEO waters.

One of these changes is to cut down on the number of links (mostly internal)
which appears on the Index or home page... Google recommends around a 100
per page but I usually go a little higher than that due to the nature of
the site. Resources, articles, software, downloads... all demanding some
attention from the visitor.

Perhaps, an even bigger change has to do with articles on the site, in
the past not all the articles were unique to the site. In other words,
Bizwaremagic articles which appeared on the site were also submitted to
articles directories on the web and elsewhere.

Going forward, only unique articles and content will be placed on any other articles and content will be written
separately for these directories and related partnering sites.

Google gets what Google wants... although some very savvy SEO experts
believe you shouldn't always follow Google's guidelines to the "T"
because you site will be "TOO" over optimized and not natural.

In the end, it all comes down to quality content that visitors
want and need. If they can only find that information or quality
content on your site... the search engines can't ignore you.

Your site and rankings will be driven from this core source and
the search engines will just have to follow the visitors which
are attracted to your quality content. One follows the other... at
least in a perfect world. has always reflected this goal and has been
giving visitors what they want since 2002!

Onwards and upwards... the newer site:

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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Traffic Dashboard Review

Veteran online marketer Marlon Sanders has just released his latest
Dashboard product which is called: Traffic Dashboard.

As I usually do, I bought this product not only to use it but also
to have it for review purposes. And I must say up-front, I am a
long time affiliate of Sanders and promote his marketing products
on two of my main sites dealing with Internet Marketing.

This aside, I believe I can still give an objective review of this
product, since I am a full time marketer and many of the points and
information given in this product I have already used and know
from my own experiences that these techniques do indeed work.

At least when it comes to two of the main modules dealing with
article marketing and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)... I have
been using those two areas to get traffic to my sites for years.

In addition, a few of the other modules dealing with email marketing
and social media - I have had lots of experience with too. Especially,
when it comes to list building and Youtube videos.

One word of caution, many times when someone buys an info product,
they expect all they have to do is click one button or
put one miracle technique into practice and everything flows...
this just doesn't happen or at least in over 10 years of marketing
online, I haven't found it.

In other words, even if you buy this Traffic Dashboard, you have
to do some work (write articles, fix your webpages, do press releases...)
if you want to succeed at getting traffic.

Marlon does give you an excellent "point & click" program which
will give you step-by-step information to get all this done and
the traffic flowing.

He gives you over 15 different ways/sources to get traffic. These
are proven methods which have been tested and used. Along with a lot
of helpful tips to increase your traffic numbers.

Anyway, if you want to go directly to the product click here:

Or if you want to check out my full review go here:

Traffic Dashboard Review

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Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Let's Hope This Panda Roars

Well, at least Google's latest Panda Algorithm Update has
many webmasters and site owners calling foul. They believe
their sites have been adversely affected by Google's latest
try at cutting down on low quality sites and content farms.
As of yet, few of my sites have been affected, so I am keeping
my fingers crossed, but I take a much more relaxed view of
these Google Updates, even the major ones which come with
a name.

Last year's Mayday update hit me hard in the "long tail" but
I am still operating. Most times it's just a matter of
adjusting your SEO and the way you create your content.
If Google wants more high quality unique content on your
site - just shut up and put it there. What Google wants,
Google will generally get it - so why beat around the bush
and whine.

Now, what has upset many webmasters and some of them rightly so...
CNN just reported that Google's Algorithm change has affected
around 1 Billion in revenue or sales... if you're on the losing
end of that equation, maybe you have a right to protest. See some
sites which have been negatively affected here at
WebProNews: Foner Books and Suite101.

Like me, if you have experienced countless Google Updates,
you will realize Google usually does some fine tuning after
the hatchet falls. Traffic in most cases will come back if you
just wait awhile. I am hoping this is the case here too.

We all like to believe we produce superior content... but we
all have to take a close look to make sure it is indeed superior
to most of the stuff out there. This update will make webmasters
think twice before putting low quality content on their site...
if Google will penalize your site for it.

However, what really has me worried - will Google apply the same
"game over" call on your site like they do in their Adwords program.
In that program, once your site is judged as low quality... it's the
end - no amount of whining, fussing or begging will get your site
listed again. Go away, we don't want your business.

It's this kind of attitude that has many webmasters upset this time.
Google is the only game in town, if Google doesn't want you in their
game, it's the end of the road for many good hard working webmasters.
Or at least they will have to find other ways of getting quality
traffic to their site.

However, it's the search engine traffic from Google that's most
prized and appreciated, not to mention, the most valuable. Cleaning
up their index is a good idea for Google and everyone concerned.
Getting rid of spammy sites with little or no unique content is
also a good idea. Making only high quality content available to
web users has to be applauded and cheered.

I just hope Google can get it right. I just hope this Panda roars
and only the cream rises to the top.

More information on this topic:

Google's Latest "Content Farm" Update - Here We Go Again

Titus Hoskins

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