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The Joys Of Affiliate Marketing

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o The Joys Of Affiliate Marketing...

o Boost Your Affiliate Sales Programs
With Popular Trends

o Affiliate Marketing Connections


o The Joys Of Affiliate Marketing...

I didn't exactly set out to become an affiliate marketer.
It just happened somewhere along the way.

When starting my first site affiliate marketing
was only one option to make the website pay
for itself. I was mainly aiming for advertising
revenue from sponsored links and sales, Google
Adsense and the like.

Affiliate marketing was only a way to occasionally
promote a product or marketer which I found to
be offering a great product or marketing system.
Just a small part of the whole picture. An appetizer
and not the main course.

It didn't turn out that way. Things rarely go as
we plan them or as we would like them to proceed.

Another lesson I learned. Money changes everything.

The affiliate programs that I did join and promote
with my first site quickly became the main source
of my online income. I simply followed the money.

I quickly learned affiliate marketing is extremely
lucrative. It quickly presented an opportunity
to work full-time online, which was my main goal
from the start.

The main reason affiliate marketing became so lucrative
was because of the high commissions one can earn.
Many programs pay over 50%, some even as high as 70%
or 80% to their affiliates. Especially in the Internet
Marketing field which the general theme of my first

But there was one Big Problem!

Little did I know the competition would be so fierce
in that niche, all those special bonuses from
the 'brand-name' gurus made promoting any new
marketing product simply hellish!

I could not compete!

How can an unknown marketer compete with all
those big name marketers and their special bonuses
offered if you buy from their links. I quickly
learned this is a favorite marketing technique of
the so-called big dogs. One of the ways

Offer bonus gifts/products if you buy from them
and their affiliate links.

Facing all this competition I ventured outside
of the marketing info niche with my site and
affiliate programs. This is where the floodgates
really opened for me and my online marketing.

Promoting affiliate programs with little or low
competition was the main reason my site became
so profitable. I could compete because I had
all the marketing information (from years of
running two sites on Internet Marketing) but
I didn't have all those big-name marketers
competing against me.

I used my own SEO tactics to promote my
affiliate programs and suddenly found because
the competition was very minimal - I could
easily get on the first page in the Search
Engines for my affiliate keywords and phrases,
displaying all my affiliate links of course.

In promoting general common day items,
the affiliate commissions are lower usually
around 1% to 10% but you can sell more of these
products very quickly. Early on, I choose big
ticket items that if you only earned 1% or 2%
- you still make money. 2% of $5,000 is $100!

Plus, as an affiliate marketer if you regularly
make sales in the 100 to 200k per month for a
company or business you get rewarded with a lot
of bonuses and incentives. These quickly
add up to a very healthy online monthly income.

Affiliate marketing has been very good to me, and
I am just getting started really. The main joy
of affiliate marketing is the freedom it gives
you. I can work anywhere in the world, anywhere
you have Internet access...

I am currently on vacation visiting family and
friends and I have already earned in a couple
of days what the ordinary worker probably makes
in a month.

In this whole affiliate marketing scenario, there
is one extremely important element that I totally
missed, actually I always knew it was an option
but I never followed that road.

Those who have a few more gray cells than me
already know this option. It's staring you right
in the face!

What is it?

Simply, those who make the most money are the
ones WITH the affiliate programs. Those who
own and run their own affiliate programs. These
are the true affiliate marketers.

Owning and running your own affiliate program
gives you 1000's of affiliates promoting and
selling your products for you. Basically you
have to be on the other side of the equation
to make the big bucks.

Now starting you own affiliate program does
have some risks and it does take exact planning
to set up but it can be done.

If you want to explore this profitable side of
affiliate marketing, Marlon Sanders has an easy
to use Point/n/Click system entitled "The
Affiliate DashBoard".

Marlon Sanders is one the prime marketers I
promote with my Internet Marketing sites - he
is one of the pioneers of this business and has
an excellent affiliate program.

I have made countless sales thru Higher Response
Marketing and the commissions are some of the
most generous you will ever find. I have placed
his products on the home/main page of my
sites not only because they sell extremely well
but they are truly helpful for anyone marketing
on the web.

One of the main reasons (in my opinion) Marlon's
products sell extremely well is not only because
of the marketing info and knowledge you get - but
because of the WAY the information is presented.

With Affiliate DashBoard and Marketing DashBoard
Marlon has presented all the information in a
simple Point and Click format - you can easily see
and access the information in a very user-friendly
way. Simple and easy.

Anyway, if you have ever considered starting your
OWN affiliate program, I would strongly suggest
you have a glance at Marlon's Affiliate DashBoard

Feature Article

Article Teaser:

Matching your affiliate sales programs with popular trends
can boost your profits. This ready-made marketing strategy
is one every affiliate marketer should be using...

o Boost Your Affiliate Sales Programs With Popular Trends
Copyright © 2006 Titus Hoskins

It doesn't take an Einstein to realize that matching
affiliate sales programs with popular trends can be very
profitable. If you're an affiliate marketer you should be
keeping a close eye on what people are using and buying;
then matching and marketing those trends with appropriate
affiliate programs.

It can be a simple process of observation and application.
Any marketer, online or offline, can and should take advantage
of this ready-made marketing strategy.

Spotting popular trends is relatively simple, just look
around at what your friends are using and buying. Take note
of the activities and products that's consuming their time.
Take note of your own activities and any new gadgets that
you have started using recently. You're probably find a few
trends worth your time and consideration.

Checking the amount of demand for certain items during
a holiday season is another way of finding what trends
and products are hot. What products are on Santa's list?
What are children and adults wishing for this holiday season?
How many ipods, digital cameras, x-boxes, blackberries,
nanos, flat screen tvs, video phones, laptops... were on
that list?

Match up your affiliate sales programs to this list and you
will have easier and more profitable marketing campaigns.
Promote the trendy products everyone wants and your sales
will go way up. Keyword market to these popular trends and
your online stats will also take a big jump.

If you're an online marketer you will know keeping track
of the popular keywords (what words and phrases people type
into the search engines) will give you a very good indication
of what's hot and what's not. It will also point out popular
trends for you!

You can use a site like to tell you what
people are searching for on the web and in the marketplace.
You can also use a popular site like to
find out how much competition there is for each keyword or
keyword phrase.

Watching for popular trends can be very profitable. New
services should also be examined, for instance, efax or
receiving your faxes from your email. Podcasting, receiving
music from RSS feeds. Videocasting, receiving videos on your
ipod or video phones are all just catching fire...

Keep an extra eye focused on RSS, with the advent of
Microsoft's new RSS powered 'Longhorn' browser and
operating system, the utilization of RSS should be one
trend prudent marketers should be watching.

What about voip phones, using the Internet as your
phone system? Online dating is another trend that's
expanding each year. Laptops are becoming very popular,
they are now outselling their main rival the desktop PC
for the first time in history. Wireless systems such
as cellular phones, satellite radios, GPS... are other
trends worth watching. They're growing rapidly and are
quickly replacing outdated technologies.

Keeping a close watch on all types of media advertising
is another way of spotting popular trends. Savvy advertisers
are sometimes in the vant garde, pointing the way to popular
trends and new products.

Once you have spotted the major trends and products, you
can use mega affiliate sales programs like ClickBank, LinkShare,
Amazon and Commission Junction to find products and services to
market. Finding the perfect match of an affiliate product to a
popular trend may prove very lucrative for the watchful affiliate

It's one case where being trendy can help you earn a healthy
income from affiliate marketing. Timely products for timely
profits - Carpe Diem!


The author is a full-time online marketer who has
numerous websites, including two sites on Internet
Marketing. For the latest web marketing tools try:
Internet Marketing Tools
Copyright © 2006 Titus Hoskins. This article may be
freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.

o Affiliate Marketing Connections

Joint Ventures (JVs) are essential elements of
affiliate marketing. Doing JVs with brand-name
marketers is one of the surest ways to earn
affiliate income online.

And one of Affiliate Marketing biggest JOYS!

As you can imagine, these big name marketers are
bombarded with JV offers every day. They become
very selective in what products or programs they
promote. Reputation is everything on the web.

Promote too many low quality products and you're
history in the eyes of your all important subscribers
and patrons.

So most big-name marketers are very careful when
choosing their programs. Some marketers like
Joel Comm even charge a fee for just considering
your JV project or product.

For serious marketers this may be a very good way
to proceed. You cut out those people who are
not really serious about their products.

Putting your money where your mouth is... should
rule the day.

Plus getting a high-profile marketer to promote
your affiliate product usually means many smiling
trips to the bank!

It can really make or break a project. Getting
that all-important JV is worth the up front money...

Anyway, if you want to see an example of how this
works, Joel Comm has a page and offer here:

Kind Regards,

Titus Hoskins

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Friday, August 03, 2007

Don't Make These Fatal Website Design Flaws

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o Fatal Website Design Flaws

o Google Plans to Buy the 700 MHz Band?

o My Internet Marketing Story


o Fatal Website Design Flaws


I am often asked by subscribers if I can take a look
at their websites and tell them what they're doing

Most times I find very good content but the websites
have some very basic design mistakes which dooms these
sites to failure.

The major flaw I see concerns 'keywords' - these sites
are not targeting good searchable keywords. If nobody
is searching for your keywords in the search engines
your site will suffer greatly.

You must make sure your site is targeting keywords and
keyword phrases your visitors are actually typing into
search engines to find what they're looking for on the

You must check to see the number of searches made
each month for your keywords. I personally use
professional keyword research software called
'Keyword Elite'.

But you can use any free online keyword suggestion
tools to see how many searches are made. This is a
good site:

Keyword Suggestion Tool

Check and find good keywords related to your site
and optimize your site for them. Don't pick the
most competitive keywords because placing for
them on the first page in the search engines
will just be too hard.

Instead pick long tail keyword phrases that
have fever searches but you have a better chance
of ranking high for these phrases.

Homepage Exterior Links

Another common flaw I see on some websites is
too many exterior, external links on the homepage.

Most SEO experts suggest ALL your links on your
homepage should be internal links - pointing to
your own content filled pages on your site. External
links should be on a separate 'links page'.

If you want to use affiliate links, create a
separate page for each affliate product or program
and link to this page on your site. Place your
affiliate ID link and moneymaker on this internal
page, rather than on your homepage.

To rank high, especially in Google, all your
PageRank and visitors should be funneled into
your site and not out to some external links.
This is extremely important on your homepage -
so make sure all or most of your links are
internal links.

As for other mistakes in designing your site,
especially where the overall look and feel
of your site is concerned. Here's a good
free resource by Marlon Sanders entitled

"10 Graphic Design Mistakes"

Get it here:

10 Graphic Design Mistakes


o Google Plans to Buy the 700 MHz Band?

In a press release, Google gave everyone notice
that it plans bid 4.6 billion dollars to buy
the 700 MHz band when it is auctioned off next

Google is promoting four types of 'open' platforms
which would make up the license conditions. Google
would like to see:

"Open applications: Consumers should be able to
download and utilize any software applications,
content, or services they desire;

Open devices: Consumers should be able to utilize
a handheld communications device with whatever wireless
network they prefer;

Open services: Third parties (resellers) should be
able to acquire wireless services from a 700 MHz
licensee on a wholesale basis, based on reasonably
nondiscriminatory commercial terms; and

Open networks: Third parties (like internet service
providers) should be able to interconnect at any
technically feasible point in a 700 MHz licensee's
wireless network."

Why is all this important you ask?

Mainly because it could mean Internet access
anywhere, anytime. It could also spell the future
of the web.

Google is basically an advertising company, could
a free Internet available anywhere, anytime be the
perfect vehicle for all those ads? The Internet will
be Free in the future, it's only a matter of figuring
out how it can be done. One can only wonder if Google
will be the medium as well as the message? Helped by
a little piece of hardware called the iPhone!

Could Google's latest intention be one more step to a
Free Internet?

Read more here:

Google 700 MHz Band


My Internet Marketing Story

We all have our own story to tell. Everyone
has a story to tell. We all make our own choices
and decisions along the way which affect how we
live and hopefully prosper.

My story is not out of the ordinary but it does
have to do with Internet Marketing so it might be
of some interest to those who are trying to set
up an online or home business on the web.

Because this part of my life and story concerns
the Internet, I guess it is not typical. Although
now the web seems such a solid part of my life
- it is very hard to believe 10 - 15 years ago
the Internet never existed!

I have a background in art education, and have
been somewhat of a free spirit where work is
concerned - I have worked as an professional
artist but that work can be loosely translated as

Although I have always fell back on teaching
as safeguard against total starvation and

When we first got the Internet, my eyes really
came open. I live in a somewhat remote part of
the world, a rock in the Northern Atlantic but
the Internet reached us slowly but surely. We now
have high speed Internet.

I quickly saw the net as a way of earning a living
from home - right where I was. Like thousands
of people who want the freedom of working from
home, setting your own hours... work where ever
you want in the world.

All my operations and sites are online - I can
work anywhere you have Internet access, and these
days that's anywhere on the planet.

Reaching a 5 figure monthly income didn't come
quickly or easily and I have put in some long hard
days... working 12-15 hour days are not uncommon.

I still put in some long hours but once you set up
an automated marketing system with websites,
autoresponders, article marketing... it basically
runs itself. However, I am constantly adding content
to my sites, blogs and newsletters... it is a lot
of work.

Don't know where that 'Four-hour Work Week' some of
the big Marketing Gurus are talking about - I work
long and hard for my income!

But the rewards have been totally worth it for me,
I enjoy the writing, I enjoy the SEO stuff and I
enjoy keeping track of all the latest developments
in web marketing. It has become a true passion
with me... something I didn't expect to happen
when I started my first site and didn't have a
clue how it all worked.

My story is like thousands of other web marketers
who are making a good living from the net. There is
nothing special about me, anyone can do what I am
doing... it's not rocket science or anything close
to it.

If you want to find out exactly all the details
of my story and how I am making a very comfortable
living from the web just follow the link below.

Everyone has a story! Mine is called: "In Search Of
The $100 Click or How I Found A Full-Time Online
Income And Came To Love The Internet" It's located

Kind Regards,

Titus Hoskins

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