Monday, February 20, 2012

10 Ways To Make Your Site More Visible On The Web

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There is one very important exception to the article

If you have been reading my emails, you will know at
the end of last year, I created two sites to see if
having the "exact keywords" in your domain name will
get you on the first page of Google. The whole
"authority vs mini-site" question?

How do these mini-sites get to page one?

This is mainly due to the ranking power of having
the exact "domain name" for your targeted keywords.
This factor alone means your site will usually make
the first page of Google.

Now, these are low competition keywords with around
5,000 to 20,000 clicks a month for the exact keywords.
I did a lot of checking and for medium to high competition
- having the exact keyword phrase WON'T "automatically"
get you to the first page.

However, it does give you a good head start or a great
advantage when you do start to promote your site and
build links. Which makes it all the more important to
do your keyword research and get the right keywords
in your domain from the get-go.

With this exception in mind I have written another
article on how to make your site more visible on
the web.

It points out 10 ways to get better traffic and rankings
for your site. It's rather long and detailed so I have
placed it online here:

10 Ways To Make Your Site More Visible On The Web

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Monday, February 06, 2012

Five Simple Ways To Quintuple Your Content's Traffic!

Getting Traffic Without Google

Most of my content starts with an article - the title of
which I carefully design to match the targeted keywords on my
sites. Since the Panda Updates by Google, I have been mostly
submitting unique articles to other websites/directories on
the web. I also only place unique articles on my own sites.

Here's the problem, in the past, I could submit an article
with my re-print resource box at the bottom and easily build
up 100's of (keyworded anchor text backlinks) to my pages to
increase my rankings. Panda has just about killed this SEO
method because Google is no longer indexing all these links...
you're lucky if they index one of these links for your article.

Since the Panda Updates, Google has become much less effective
for SEO - they're simply getting it all wrong by indexing
and ranking more junk than anyone could ever imagine.

If Google is out of the picture - how does one get more
traffic to their high-quality content? Webmasters have to
be pro-active and work around Google by simply ignoring
them altogether.

Your online marketing and blood pressure will thank you!

Click this link to discover how I Quintuple my content's
traffic without Google:

How To Quintuple Your Content's Traffic

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