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10 Most Valuable Free Google Marketing Tools

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o Happy Birthday Google

o 10 Most Valuable Free Google Marketing Tools

o Google Impact

As you probably know Google is celebrating its
10th anniversary this year. Don't know about you
but Google has been very good to me and I will
always be grateful.

Google has made my online livelihood possible -
organic rankings, Adsense revenue, Adwords...
perhaps I could have done it without Google, but
it would have been a lot more difficult. Just can't
imagine doing all this without Google.

It's hard to believe Google has only been around
for 10 years... it has made all the difference to
my online marketing. I have used Google and Google
Tools every day for the last six or seven years.

And it seems Google is only getting stronger and
better. The new Google Chrome browser will only
add to the long list of Google's helpful offerings
to the public.

With this in mind, here is my list of the most
10 useful tools Google has produced. I am more
than a little biased but for very good reason...
you might want to skim thru these to see if there
are any you can use.

o 10 Most Useful/Valuable Free Google Marketing Tools

10 Most Valuable Free Google Marketing Tools
Copyright © 2006 Titus Hoskins

Google has become the dominant search engine on
the Internet. It would be hard to imagine a web
without Google. For that matter, it would now be
hard to imagine a world without Google. As frightening
as that may seem to many people, it is none the
less true.

For better or worst, Google has permeated into almost
every aspect of our everyday life. Being Googled is
now a common expression and an act carried out by
millions of users around the world each day. New
Google products and services are coming on stream
at a staggering pace, further increasing Google's
impact on our lives.

Despite this dominating presence, many people still
don't realize Google offers some excellent free marketing
tools for marketers and webmasters. Marketing tools which
can prove extremely valuable to any webmaster or marketer
trying to promote their sites or products online. Useful
tools that will make your promotions easier and much more

Don't be fooled by the 'free' label, these marketing tools
might be free but there are also valuable. One even wonders
why Google would be giving away these tools and services for
free? It probably makes good business sense in the long
run, by providing these free tools Google is fostering a
lot of company good-will and building up the Google brand
name in the process. Good PR is good business.

Every marketer and webmaster should be taking advantage of
Google's good-will and snapping up these professionally run
services and marketing tools. Here's a quick run-down of
the 10 most valuable free Google Internet marketing tools:

1. Google Analytics

Perhaps the premier marketing tool offered by Google.
It will prove helpful to both the marketer and the
webmaster. Google Analytics gives you a daily snapshot
of your web site. Google Analytics analyzes your traffic,
where it comes from and what it does once it enters your site.
You can monitor up to three sites for free.

Google Analytics is extremely valuable in analyzing your
marketing funnel, it tracks all the steps leading up to your
sales or checkout page. Vital information for raising
your conversion rate and ROI.

You may be placed on a waiting list for this highly in
demand service from Google.

Google Analytics

2. Google Sitemaps

Webmasters can use Google Sitemaps to almost instantly place
newly created pages on their site into the Google Search Index.
This is an XML file that is uploaded to Google as new pages
are added on your site. Needless to say this can be a valuable
service for any webmaster or marketer who wants to get their
information on the web quickly.

Google Sitemaps

3. Google Alerts

Be notified when someone or another site lists your site
or mentions your name. Great way to keep track of all your
online activities. Great way to monitor all your online
business interests and products.

Google Alerts

4. Google Froogle

Froogle is Google's price directory! It simply lists all
the cheapest prices for different products on the web.
For marketers and webmasters who are promoting products,
it should be studied and analyzed. Optimizing your
site's content for Froogle may prove to be very beneficial.

Follow Froogle or Google directions exactly on how to
list or display products on your site. Froogle will
spider your site and display your prices and products
to thousands of targeted customers. That, as they say,
is priceless.

Google Froogle

5. Google Checkout

Not exactly free but for those marketers who use AdWords
- for every $1 spent on AdWords you can process $10 for free.
You can also place the shopping cart logo on your AdWords ad
and take advantage of the prestige and trust the Google
brand name has built up.

Over time marketers may find this tool to be very
effective and valuable.

Google Checkout

6. Google eBlogger

Blogging has become vitally important to the health and
functioning of your web site. No site should be without
at least one blog and RSS feed. Creating a blog (online journal)
on the topic of your web site or product will bring in extra traffic
and targeted customers. eBlogger is a simple free
blogging service that even lets you publish or post your blog
files to your own web site server. Keep in mind, each blog
has that all important Google Blog Search bar.

Google eBlogger

7. Google Toolbar - Enterprise Version

Try the new enterprise version of the Google Toolbar
for your company or business. Integrates countless
features with all your employees or corporate
network. These could include a common customer
database, company calendar, financial news...

Keep in mind, Google also ranks every page it indexes on
a scale of 0-10. While it is important to know the Page Rank of
your own pages, it is even more important to know the PR of
your competitor's pages. You can use the toolbar to get
the PR of each page you're visiting. Extremely helpful
information for webmasters and marketers to know when
forming online linking or business arrangements.

Google Toolbar

8. Google Groups

Every marketer knows the important of having a large
contact list of people with a similar interest. Social
networking will play an ever increasing role in your
success on the web. Just look at the growing popularity
of sites like MySpace and LiveJournal.

Google groups is another form of social and business
networking that every marketer should be aware of and

Google Groups

9. Google Adsense

One simple way to monetize your web content is to
use Google Adsense. Just place the Adsense code
on your site and receive a check from Google each
month. For webmasters who are not really into
online marketing (does such creatures exist?) Adsense
can be a painless way to earn extra income from
your site.

For professional marketers using the Adsense system can
supply a tremendous amount of marketing information on the
keywords in their particular niche. It keeps the
marketer informed on what keywords are being bid
on and how much advertisers are willing to pay.

Adsense also has an excellent real-time tracking
system you can use to keep track of all your
important web pages.

Google Adsense

10. Google Docs

A recent addition to Google's stable of free products.
Google Docs ( is a full featured online writing
editor with spellcheck and great collaborating features.
It also lets you publish your content directly to your blogs.
One feature that may be of interest to marketers, it lets
your save files in the popular download format of PDF.

Lets face it, until video takes over the web in four
or five years time - the written word is still king on the
net. It is the medium that markets, promotes and sells
your content or products. Writely will help you write better.

Google Docs

Honorable Mention - Google Trends

This Google program will let you search popular trends,
important for marketers searching for the latest hot
product to promote. You can also break down these trends
by different regions.

Google Trends

Final Note

Please take note that signing up for a Google account will
usually help you in obtaining most of these free services or
programs. Some of these programs may have to be applied for
individually. But be assured, all these free Google marketing
tools are well worth your time and effort. They will make your
marketing easier and they will help any webmaster or marketer
run their online business more efficiently.


The author is a full-time online marketer who runs numerous
web sites, including two sites on Internet marketing. For the
latest web marketing tools try: Internet Marketing Tools
Everyone is profiting from Google, why not you? Click here:
Google Cash File
Copyright © 2006 Titus Hoskins. This article may be
freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.

o Google Impact

Google, in honor of its 10th birthday, is funding
10 million dollars for the idea that can help the
most people. An idea that could have the most impact
on our world.

It's an ingenious way to celebrate Google and
what it stands for... a birthday gift to everyone.

What would you come up with? What idea would
do the most good? Offer the most benefits?

Actually, if I was re-inventing the world, I
would wish for that much-rumored Google Box.
A small mobile device that would give free
internet access to everyone on the planet.
It would be handed out like Halloween candy
to anyone who wanted it... virtually litter
the earth with this Google Box.

So that no matter where you're located or what
your need or crisis might be, the Google Box
would come to your aid. In schools, airports,
malls, homes, vehicles and very remote places
of the world... the Google Box would be there
for you to use and get help, regardless of
your request or problem. It would offer some
helpful practical solutions to solve your
problem... what more can you ask for?

Not really feasible but as long as we're
dreaming. Besides, did I mention I am a big
fan of Google...

You can find out more about Google Impact

Google Impact 10 to the 100

Kind Regards,


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Friday, September 19, 2008

These 10 SEO Tactics Bring Me Over 2000 Visitors Daily

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o These 10 SEO Tactics Bring Me Over 2000 Visitors Daily


As you probably already know, getting traffic to
your site is a constant battle. One every webmaster
has to deal with if they want a successful site.

Lately, I have been examining this issue especially
after finishing John Reese's very good and very
comprehensive Traffic Secrets 2.0 course... it got
me thinking about my own sites and the traffic they're

My main site gets around 2000 visitors aday, most of
my traffic methods are traditional old school - but
they still work. I sat down and made a list of all
the SEO factors or tactics I use to get this traffic.

Most of these tactics you probably heard of before,
but like I said, they still work. Hope you can skim
thru these and see if you're missing any tips/tactics
that can increase your own traffic.

One other note, if you're into affiliate marketing
or online marketing of any kind... you don't need
large traffic numbers to earn serious money on here.
Another one of my sites only gets around 100 visitors
aday but it is just as profitable as my main site...
you just don't want traffic, you want traffic that
converts into a sale. If just 3 or 4 of those 100
visitors converts into a sale or subscriber - you're
in business.

Just something to remember as go about acquiring
traffic for your own site or sites.

Anyway here's the traffic article in full... hope
it helps.

o These 10 SEO Tactics Bring Me Over 2000 Visitors Daily
Copyright © 2008 Titus Hoskins

No matter how hard some people try to mystify SEO,
it is not as complicated as many would lead you to
believe. Despite all the techno jargon that many in
the field will throw at you: SERPs, SEM, PageRank,
Keyword Density, Vertical Search, Algorithms...
SEO is really simple to do if you understand some
basic concepts and follow some easy steps.

Search Engine Optimization is getting your content
listed in all the top positions in Google, Yahoo and
MSN for your targeted keywords. When someone does a
keyword search in a search engine for your particular
subject or niche - you want your site or content to be
at the top of the list.

Here are 10 SEO tactics that have worked and are
working for me at this moment in time. I make this
clarification because you must understand search
engines, especially Google, are constantly redefining
how they rank pages. Here are my favorite tactics
and strategies:

1. Quality Content

Quality Content is and always will be your number
one factor for getting high rankings and keeping them.
You must understand search engines are simply businesses
who supply a product like any other company. That product
is information. They must offer quality results to anyone
using their service to solve a problem, answer a question
or to buy a product. The more relevant, the more targeted
the search solution they return, the higher the overall
quality of their product and the more popular their search
engine will become. Providing quality content is vital for
SEO success.

2. Keywords

Keywords are your number one tools for achieving high
rankings. You must understand keywords and how they work
on the web. You must know how many searches are made each
day for your chosen keywords. Sites like Wordtracker and
Seobook will give you a rudimentary number of searches.
Design your pages around your targeted keywords and don't
forget to do some deep-linking to these pages on your site.
Find and build backlinks to these interior keyword pages and
not just to your home page or domain URL. Picking keywords
with medium to low competition has worked out well for me.
So too has using the more targeted and higher converting
"long-tail" keywords been very beneficial for me.

3. Onpage Factors

Onpage Factors and site design will play a major
role in the spidering and indexing of your site/content.
Make sure all your pages are SEO friendly, made sure all
your pages can be reached from your homepage and no pages
should be no more than three levels away from it - keeping
a sitemap listing all your major pages makes the search
engines happy. Make sure you have all your meta tags such
as title, description, keywords... are all optimized.
(Title = around 65 characters, Description = around 160
characters) Remember, your title and description should
not only be keyword targeted but these are the first
contact/impression anyone will see of your site - make
sure you use them to draw and entice interested visitors
to your site and content. Also make sure your title and URL
are keyword matched for maximum effect. Having your major
keyword in your Domain Name also helps, using a pike to
separate different elements of your title has helped my
rankings, so too does having your keyword in the first
and last 25 words on your pages.

4. Google

Google will send you the most qualified traffic so
concentrate the majority of your SEO efforts on Google.
Don't ignore Yahoo! or MSN but Google is king of search
so give it the respect it deserves. With its new browser,
Google's influence will only grow stronger so you must
optimize your pages for Google. Use Google's Webmaster
Tools and Google Analytics to fine-tune your pages/content
for Google. I also use Google Alerts to keep up on my
niche keywords and for comment link-building on the
newly created pages Google is indexing.

5. Link Building

Link Building is still the most effective way to
boost your search rankings. Make sure you get backlinks
from relevant sites related to your niche market and
make sure the 'anchor text' is related to your keywords
but don't ignore the text and overall quality of the content
linking to you. The anchor text is the underlined/clickable
portion of a link. Don't forget linking is a two-way street,
make sure you link out to high quality, high ranked relevant
sites in your niche.

6. Article Marketing

Article Marketing is a well established method of
getting quality backlinks and it still works. Writing
short 500 - 700 word informative helpful articles
with your backlinks in the resource box is still very
effective for getting targeted traffic and backlinks.
Longer articles have also worked for me and I use an
extensive network of distribution including SubmitYourArticle,
Isnare, Thephantomwriters... plus other major online sites.
Don't forget the whole element of blogging and RSS feeds
in your article distribution. And always remember you're
also using these articles to pre-sale your content or
products. Don't forget to leverage sites like Squidoo,
Hubpages... to increase your rankings and traffic.

7. Onsite Traffic Hubs

Onsite Traffic Hubs have worked extremely well for me.
These traffic hubs are whole sections of your site devoted
to one sub-division of your major theme. For example,
if you have a site on Gifts, then wedding gifts could
be a separate section. This would be fully fleshed out
with extensive pages covering everything dealing with
wedding gifts - a self-contained keyword rich portion of
your site on wedding gifts. Works similar as a sub-domain
but I prefer using a directory to divide it up, such as
yourdomain/wedding_gifts. (Most experts suggest always
using a hyphen in your urls but underscores have worked
fine for me.) Search engines love these keyword/content
rich hubs but keep in mind you're creating content to
first satisfy your visitors.

8. WordPress

WordPress blog software is extremely effective for SEO
purposes. WordPress software is easy to install on your
site even if you have no experience with installing server-side
scripts. Besides search engines love these highly SEO friendly
blogs with their well structured content and keyword tagging.
I have at least one of these on all my sites to draw in
the search engines and get my content indexed and ranked.
I also use Blogger (owned by Google), Bloglines and other
free blogs to help distribute my content.

9. Social Bookmark/Media Sites

Social Bookmark/Media Sites are becoming very important
on the web. These include a whole range of social sites like
MySpace, FaceBook, Twitter... media news sites like Digg,
SlashDot, Technorati... you must get your content into this
whole mix if you want to take full SEO advantage of Web 2.0
sites. You should be joining these sites and using them.
It's time consuming but it will keep you in the swing of
things. One simple thing you must do is to put social
bookmark buttons on all your pages so that your visitors
can easily bookmark your content for you. You can use a
WordPress plug-in or I like using a simple free site/service
from which gives me a simple button to put on
all my content.


Masterplan! Many webmasters and site owners forget to develop
or have an overall masterplan/strategy when it comes to SEO.
You must have an understanding of what SEO is and what it
can do for you and your site. More importantly, you just
don't want SEO - you want effective SEO. In order to achieve
effective SEO you must have three things: Relevance,
Authority and Conversions.

First, your content/site must be relevant to the topic
or niche area you're pursuing - your content must fit in
and be related to all the other sites in your niche. That's
why closely themed sites do so well in the search engines,
they give only relevant content to what's been searched
for or discussed.

Second, your content/site must be perceived as an
authority site on your subject or niche. Establish
this authority position and the search engines will
love you and your content. One way is to develop
this authority, besides offering superior content,
is to form links/partnerships with other perceived
authority sites in your field. Always strive to make
your site an authority site - tops in your niche - the
one site everyone has to check before drawing or
forming a conclusion.

Third, conversions should be your main goal of any SEO
efforts because you want to convert your targeted traffic
into site members, subscribers, buyers or just repeat
visitors. If you're into online marketing, conversions
will be the most important element of the whole SEO
process because you want buyers, not just visitors
coming to your site.

Most of all, you must convince yourself Search Engine
Optimization is not difficult, nor is it the equivalent
of the online bogeyman as many would like you to believe.
Used effectively, SEO can give you the targeted traffic
you're seeking, just follow some of the outlined steps/tactics
listed above and you will have SEO working for you and
your site in no time at all.

The author is a full-time online marketer who has numerous
websites. For the latest web marketing tools try:
If you liked the SEO tips above, why not check out the
author's blog at SiteProNews:
More SEO Tips
Copyright © 2008 Titus Hoskins. This article may be freely
distributed if this resource box stays attached.

Kind Regards,


P.S. These are some of the sites that make
my online lifestyle possibe:

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Friday, September 12, 2008

Traffic Secrets Ain't So Secret

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o An Honest Assessment of John Reese's
Traffic Secrets 2.0

o How Many Times Can You Put Lipstick
On A Pig?

o Tale of Two Browsers


o Traffic Secrets Ain't So Secret (An Honest
Assessment of John Reese's Traffic Secrets 2.0)

Just slogged my way thru John Reese's Traffic Secrets 2.0
- I had to read the badly transcribed Training Manual
because the slickly produced State-of-the-Art CD-Roms
wouldn't work properly on my trusty Toshiba laptop. The
videos kept crashing - I finally read the minimum requirements
and you need Windows XP or greater, Pentium 4
2.4Ghz Processor with 512 DDR RAM... just to run
these CD-Roms. Gees Louise!

I did manage to watch a few of the opening videos - this
is the way this comprehensive training course on increasing
your website traffic should be viewed. Direct and immediate
instructions, as if you have the perfect view, looking over
John Reese's shoulder as he goes about explaining all the
major techniques and factors for getting traffic
on the web.

Unfortunately, I had to slowly work my way thru a horribly
transcribed text made from the videos. Given all the
advice Reese gives about outsourcing and creating quality
content - a thorough proof-read and edit would have made
this $400 product more enjoyable if like me you couldn't
get the videos to work. Reese must have used some kind of
voice to text software - for example, you get different
versions for Adwords such as "add words", "ad words" and
so on.

Of course, this doesn't subtract from the solid marketing
information being offered here - just makes it annoying to
absorb. But then again to be fair, this is a VIDEO course
and that's the best way to absorb this information. Which
I quickly discovered after I upgraded to a new HP Elite Pavilion
PC with Quad Processors and 6 Gigs of RAM - I threw in a 24"
HDMI monitor just to be on the safe side. The CD-Roms worked
spectacularly on my new system.

In any case, no one should dismiss Traffic Secrets because
of a few jumbled words or dangling participles. John Reese
knows his stuff and in the end that's all that matters.
You're paying for the information and advice - not your
English teacher's good graces.

If you're new to web marketing, you may be wondering who
the heck is John Reese and why should I listen to him or
take his advice?

From running two web sites on Internet Marketing - I follow
most of the major names in online marketing. I first came
across John Reese when he was running a free advertising
site/program called - which is now closed.
Lately, he has developed a similar type of program for blogs
called BlogRush - which is a free way to promote your blog
posts on other people's blogs.

Most people know John Reese from when he made Internet
Marketing history by selling over one million dollars worth
of product in a day - that was way back in 2004 and that
product was Traffic Secrets.

Well, it's four years later and this is Traffic Secrets 2.0 -
it's a major update on the first TS product. (You get
access to this earlier product when you purchase his latest
offering.) The new traffic course concentrates more on the
new web media sites, social bookmark sites, video marketing...
where online marketing is heading in the immediate future.

I really like the way Reese explains these new ways of
marketing and how you must embrace them in order to fully
succeed on this new web. Reese gives concrete examples,
concrete ways to improve your traffic: go to this site,
check these stats, perfect this method, put this on your sites...
direct practical advice and directions that will help you
build your traffic.

Reese gives you a solid usable "Master Plan" which is composed
of 7 or 8 major areas or Blueprints you have to follow to improve
your traffic. These major areas are further divided into 10-15
steps you have to take to benefit fully from your online

Reese describes all these steps in a very detailed fashion
in this traffic course, but don't expect just one magic
bullet that will bring on the flood of traffic. Rather you get
a whole orchestrated array of tactics you should do to increase
your traffic, a very controlled approach that will get your
traffic numbers snowballing. You also get an online component
and forum to help you out with your traffic building tasks.

To be quite honest, I didn't find Traffic Secrets 2.0 as
helpful as I expected, mainly because I already knew most
of the material from my own marketing. If you're already a
full-time affiliate marketer using Commission Junction,
ClickBank, Adwords... with many SEO optimized niche sites
holding many top lucrative keyword listings in Google, much
of what Reese explains will not be new to you.

If you're already have had a front page listing on Digg and
know the SEO significance of WordPress blogs and the benefits
of using social bookmarking sites, you will be familiar with
many of the techniques and resources covered in Reese's traffic

However, even judging it from this perspective, I did gain a
lot of valuable knowledge about setting up and running your
own affiliate system, about creating your own video content and
your own software/widgets/programs - all areas that are relatively
new to me. This is where I gained the most knowledge from having
this course.

Guess, what I am saying, like any info product - Traffic Secrets
will only be as beneficial as your level of marketing. If you're
a complete novice this is an excellent product on increasing your
traffic. If you're a very experienced marketer, you will gain from
having this product but less so - in my opinion. Mainly, because you
will already be doing most of the things Reese advises you to do.

For me, there were two things that's worth the price of this
product alone - if you didn't even bother with all the training
videos and manual!

First, there are the 7 Master Blueprints listing all the steps
you have to take to master/conquer a particular area of Internet
Marketing, for example, "Adwords Attack Blueprint". Each Blueprint
has around 10 to 15 practical steps you have to take to master
this area of your online marketing, which Reese fleshes out in
the videos.

These Blueprints are some of the best online marketing advice I
have ever seen - putting them all together in this Traffic Secrets
course was a masterstroke and well worth the price alone. Simply

However, even given how good this information is, the best part
of the Traffic Secrets for me had nothing to do with John Reese.
There were two bonus videos of Frank Kern that were simply
spectacular. He presents some ingenius marketing strategies
that any marketer can use... these videos, in my opinion, are
also worth the price of the product alone.

Now, Reese's product did tell me countless ways to increase
my traffic over the long haul. However, my main beef is not
with Reese but with the whole concept of Web 2.0 traffic -
I really wonder or rather question the real benefits of this
traffic? Most of it is not targeted traffic; most of it is
just plain useless.

With one major important exception - the SEO benefits of
Web 2.0 traffic or listings. Web 2.0 is one way to quickly
get your content to the top of the search engines and you have
probably already noticed how many product videos, social bookmark
listings have jumped to the top of Google. Social media sites
in regards to SEO have become extremely important to anyone
doing business on the web.

I also know the importance of something like the very SEO
friendly WordPress blog software and I use it every chance
I get. I also know the simple power of just adding a simple
social bookmark button like the one from to all
your online content.

But how good is Web Traffic 2.0 in the first place?

I have been on the front page of Digg and gotten 70,000 useless
visitors to my site in one day. I have spent days analyzing
this traffic in Google Analytics. Most of it is very fleeting
and temporary.

This doesn't mean getting all those social bookmark listings
are useless, just the opposite, for SEO reasons and especially
in Google, you will need those listings in order to rank high
for your keywords. Mainly because quite frankly, what is more
democratic than a link/vote from actual users of these social
bookmark/media sites?

But most of this media traffic is not targeted. It's no way
near as good in quality as organic SERPs for your targeted
keywords. It doesn't even come close to PPC from Adwords or
Yahoo! Marketing. If you're marketing on the web, you want
quality traffic that will convert into a sale or a prospect.

Web 2.0 traffic can be useful but it usually takes a few more
steps to turn it into quality traffic, either thru SEO, or getting
subscribers onto your lists. It's an indirect way of doing things
but this traffic is still important because anyone marketing online
today has to realize the whole web is changing with video marketing,
social bookmarketing, blogging... the growing importance of sites
like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter... the ever increasing SEO influence
of social media sites like Digg, Slashdot, Technorati... your web
marketing MUST change with the times or simply be left behind.
You must adapt to the new web or go the way of the DoDo bird.

John Reese's Traffic Secrets 2.0, while not perfect, will still
firmly place you in the "Know" and give you your own "Master Plan"
to acquiring web traffic as we move forward.


o How Many Times Can You Put Lipstick On A Pig?

Lipstick seems to be a popular word lately. Although
I make it a point of never talking politics when
discussing online marketing. And the expression
above has nothing whatsoever to do with politics.


This phrase popped into my head when I was being
bombarbed by info-product launch after info-product
launch last week... we seemed to be getting more
and more major info-product launches lately and I
couldn't help but think how the marketplace is
simply becoming saturated with these products.

We just had John Reese's excellent Traffic Secrets,
Joel Comm came out with his history of Internet
Marketing and the Stompernet Boys have a new product

To compound my situation, because I run a few
sites on IM - I am subscribed to all the major
names (Gurus) in the field. It seems like every
few days now - I am either bombarded with emails
shouting the praises of the latest info-product or
from JV partners asking me to promote the products.

Not to subtract from these products but there's
just too many, too soon... we are getting flooded
with all these products and you really have to
ask the hard question: are these products
bringing in the sales figures like they did
just a few years back? Guess only the creators
and promoters know the answer to that question.

There has to be much overlapping of material with
the same stuff covered in most of these training
courses and info-products? That lipstick question

While examining Traffic Secrets I found the
perfect person to blame for all this marketing
frenzy - Frank Kern.

It's brilliant marketers like Kern who can
orchestrate these product launches like well-oiled
machines so that you never know what hit you.

You see there were two bonus videos of Frank Kern that
were simply spectacular and a real eye-opener for me.
He presents some ingenious marketing strategies that any
marketer can use... these videos, in my opinion, was worth
the hefty price of the TS product alone.

Now, I personally can't stomach the whole marketing
strategy behind Kern's Mass Control technique, no matter
how brilliant it is! It's way too manipulative and controlling
for my liking. Just thinking of all those naive buyers who
are persuaded into believing one info product or one simple
magic button will turn them into overnight Internet
Millionaires or set them up for life - makes me cringe.

Now whipping prospective buyers into a buying frenzy is
fine and dandy. It will produce all those big product
launch numbers - but you have to check your ethics at the
countdown clock. You just have to wonder how many people
are manipulated into plunging down hard-earned money for
info-products they won't or can't use? Many simply don't
have the necessary resources needed to carry out much of
what is offered or taught.

Granted, you can't tell people how to spend their money
but in these kind of online marketing launch schemes - you
soon realize it's always the people selling to the miners
that end up with most of the money in any Gold Rush. Sad,
but true.

How much of this is selling "pipe-dreams" to people who
can't really afford to put in the time to make these
marketing tactics work? Slick marketers make you believe
"earning money on the web is so easy, any idiot can do it".
Click one magic button and the money will pour in like water
from Lake Mead.

The reality is quite different.

Simply because, in many cases, these people don't have the
necessary skills, the drive, the heartlessness, or even the time
to learn the essentials in order to make all this online marketing
stuff work. They also don't have the resources or money to invest
in order to build a long term online business.

Still, regardless of how he's using his talent, a marketer
like Frank Kern has to be admired just for his pure marketing
genius. His sales copy writing and launch tactics can't be
equaled anywhere or by anyone. Simply great.

You also have to wonder how successful Reese's Traffic Secrets
series would have been without the help of someone like Frank Kern?
Further still, you also have to wonder - pig, lipstick, how
many times...

o Tale of Two Browsers

As you probably know by now Google has released
its own browser called Google Chrome. It is as
simple as simple can be to use. I really like
the text to search feature in the URL bar and
have been using it every day since it was released.

You can download it here:

Google Chrome

But I also use the new Internet Explorer 8 which
also has some features I like - mainly the custom
Zoom feature - as I go into middle age, this feature
has special meaning for me. Now Google Chrome
also has Zoom but its limited...

You can download IE 8 here:

IE 8

Both browsers have "private" viewing modes which
are also handy to have. And both offer secure
surfing features.

Couldn't help but notice, Google Chrome takes
a few minutes to download and install...
IE takes a lot more time and patience to
get and install... but its from Microsoft,
so you expect that by now. They do nothing
the simple way.

Kind Regards,


P.S. These are some of the sites that
make my online lifestyle possibe:

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