Friday, March 28, 2008

Google Ever-Flux: What It Means To Your Site?

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o Google Ever-Flux: What It Means To Your Site?

o My New Affiliate Marketing Blog At SiteProNews

o How To Buy Big Ticket Guru Info Products

o Right Link - Create PDF Files with Google Docs

o Spring Sale for SBI


o Google Ever-Flux: What It Means To Your Site?

If you're reading this email you probably already know
I do most of my online marketing thru the use of
keywords. I earn income (mostly from affiliate products)
by creating websites and webpages that rank high
in all the search engines for my targeted keywords
in the niche markets that I have chosen to promote.

So far it has been a marketing strategy that has
worked. Knock on wood! I have managed to get many
first page listings for my keywords. This search
engine traffic is leveraged to earn me a nice living
from the web. So far.

Now, the other search engines shouldn't be ignored
but most of my search traffic comes from Google.
According to Nielsen Stats in February Google had
around 60% (58.7 - 4.5 billion Google search queries)
of the traffic on the web.

But 60% is not the true number, from close examination
of my different site's traffic logs I know Google gives
me around 95% of my search traffic. Since it is extremely
important to my livelihood, I keep a close watch on my
major keywords in Google.

Movement up or down just a few places means an increase
or decrease in my traffic. Google has changed. It is
not the same search engine it was 6 months ago. Not by
a long shot.

Within the past months rankings within Google have
become more dynamic, more fluid, they can change
from day to day - what some people are now calling
Google Ever-Flux.

Once upon a time, your keyword rankings in Google didn't
change that much - every two or three months Google would
do major updates where your keywords and your site's PageRank
could have a major jump or fall in Google's index.

Now Google's index is more dynamic, changing on the fly
or as new links come online...

One thing I have noticed with my keyword rankings, links
from the so called Social Bookmark sites (Digg, Reddit,
Squidoo...) have become very important to Google. Real
people reading and ranking real content. This is what
these social media sites are all about and it seems
Google is placing more emphasis on these sites.

I say "seems" because with Google, nobody knows for sure.
However, I can see in my daily monitoring of my own
keywords - Google Ever-flux is real and is probably
here to stay.

What does this mean to your site or keywords?

It probably means you have to put your link building
efforts into overdrive if you want to get a #1 listing
in Google and keep it there. It will probably mean that
you have to be constantly creating valuable content and
quality relevant links related to your site's topic.

This is what you should be doing anyway but now you
will have to work harder to keep your links in those
top positions in Google. At least this has been my
experience lately.

Over time old links you had are being dropped, as
Google re-ranks their links and index. As new sites
and links become important there is a constant change
in the rankings within Google.

Google also seems to be favoring big, resourceful
authority sites for the top positions in their SERPs,
giving these sites 6 or 7 sub-headings and links
- all in the top spot.

Which means it will be much harder for the small
marketer to compete. Of course, it is only a matter
of time become big, large corporations completely
dominate all the major profitable keywords on the web.

Like any valuable resource, it is the big companies
and multinational corporate giants who will eat up
the little guys/sites. It will take some time, and
since there are millions of small niches - there is
still some marketing room for small sites to cash
in. But our days of glory are numbered...

If you count on Google for your search traffic,
keep building quality links/content daily and
don't forget the all important social bookmark
sites... make sure you're building some good
links from them.

You can read more about Google Ever-Flux in
this Site-Reference post:

Site-Reference Google Ever-Flux

o My New Affiliate Marketing Blog At SiteProNews

This week I made my first post in a New SiteProNews
blog. SPN has given several online writers and/or
marketers a chance to create their own blogs on
SiteProNews, which is a site mainly aimed at SEO
and online marketing techniques.

This is one of those "win-win" situations, the
writer receives wider exposure and SiteProNews
receives unique content to display. I normally
would only put my unique content on my own sites
but you have to change with the times.

Since most of my main sites are geared to Internet
marketing SPN is a good match for me. One of my own
long-term marketing strategies has been to hand-pick 6
or 7 top level sites to display my content. Google likes
people and sites who are connected to other closely
related sites. (As long as you don't pay for those links!)

Most of my Posts at SiteProNews will be on my own
marketing tactics and experiences. Concentrating
on affiliate marketing as applied to search engine

Along those lines my first post has to deal with
"Monetizing Traffic vs Monetizing Websites" - where
I look at some of the lucrative distinctions to
monetizing your traffic instead of your website…

Read more here:

SiteProNews Marketing Blog

o How To Buy Big Ticket Guru Info Products

This week saw the launch of Jeff Walker's
Product Launch Formula 2.0 - I am sure you
probably got an email or two. Jeff is the
guy who started all this product launch

Not that I am knocking Jeff Walker's product
- nor am I really knocking the "Gurus" that
are plugging it. It's a great product and
if you have 2 grand to invest - go for it.

My major beef - I don't like the process
or way these launches are carried out. It
just seems way too much artificial hype and
urgency is created to help sell these products.

Buy now before someone else beats you to it.
Only a few copies left... it's the whole
"shark bowl mentality" that I object to and
don't like. Any marketing product should
stand on its own merit - you shouldn't have
to create a feeding frenzy in order for you
or your well connected Guru Buddies can
make some big bucks in a few minutes.

And I don't like the big prices attacked
to these products. I can easily afford them
now but I couldn't afford them when I was
just starting out. Someone trying to get into
online marketing can't afford those high

But I can understand the marketing behind these
huge price tags - and no it is not all about
greed. What legit big name Guru is going to sell
a $20 ebook, no matter how good it is.

The large price tag is there to attract the big
marketers so that those same marketers can offer
their own high-priced products as bonuses.

Actually, if you're into online marketing
like I am, these huge prices are worth it.
You can write them off as a cost of doing
business and the bonuses makes these offers
worth considering...

But a word of advice, if you're going to
buy Jeff Walker's product - shop around first.
Make sure your buy it from the Guru or Big
Time Marketer that is offering the best
bonuses or the bonus that suits your needs.

NEVER EVER buy from the person who made the
product. Never ever buy from the original

Instead, shop around and consider what
the Gurus are offering to sweeten the pot.
If you're into online marketing you should
be on many marketers' lists, just so that
you can compare what each is welling to
offer if you buy from their links. Quite
frankly, sometimes what these marketers
offer as a bonus is better than the offered
product. In either case you get more for money -
especially since all the latest best marketing
products are coming with a high price tag.

Here's a few you should know:

John Reese
Mike Filsaime
Michael Cheney
Joel Comm
Frank Kern!
Yanik Silver
StomperNet Guys
Marlon Sanders
Neil Shearing...

One word of advice, make sure you clean out
or delete your "cookies" before buying from
your favorite marketer. Affiliate links are
usually "cookied" with the first link you
click so that person will get credited with
the sale.

If a dispute arises later, you may have
trouble collecting your bonuses - so clean
out your cookie first or only click on the
affiliate link of your chosen marketer to
buy the featured product.

o Right Link - Create PDF Files with Google Docs

My mistake - it was pointed out to me last week
that I had added the "www" before the Google Doc
link I gave you last week for creating PDF
(Portable Document Format). That link doesn't
work with "www" added.

Here's the correct link:

Great way to turn all your articles, ebooks,
posts... into PDF files. Use them to build
your list, get viral traffic and get your
name out there.

o Spring Sale for SBI

Site Build It is having a Spring Special
- for $100 more you can get another SBI
site. Pair up with a friend or just use
these two sites yourself.

SBI Sale

Good until March 28.

Now if I was a big time Guru I would
be offering you special bonuses to buy
from my link. However, since I am not,
I can only offer you my help which I give
free anyway... always have and always will.

Just email your questions or concerns and
I will get back to you as soon as I can.
Not that I know all the answers, I just
may have just been around for a longer time
than someone just starting out and know
where to find those answers.

Kind Regards,

Titus Hoskins

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Using Micro-List Building To Boost Your Sales

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BWMagic's Internet Marketing News!

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o Using Micro-List Building To Boost Your Sales

o Create PDF Files with Google Docs

o Happy Easter & First Day of Spring!


One of the keys to making online sales has to
be list building or sending follow-up emails
to interested customers. Instead of just having
one shot when a visitor frequents your site,
you get them to sign-up to your opt-in list so
that you can continue your relationship with
them in follow-up emails.

It's a proven system. It works extremely well
for me and it is one of the main reasons I can earn
a living from the web. I know it works, because
I use it every day on all my sites. And have
been using for over 7 or 8 years now.

It is also quite easy to set-up, it does take
a little work at first but once you get these
contact list collecting systems in place, they
can work for you for years to come. I use Aweber
Autoresponders which give me unlimited campaigns.
I still have some list systems I created 8 years ago...
still collecting names and making sales for me, 24/7
365 days of the year.

Now, you have to offer those who sign-up to
receive your emails some valuable information.
Reviews, buying guides or tips, free articles,
free reports... customer ratings, any negative
factors... all this on the product or service
you're trying to sell.

Of course, do your homework first, use the net
to thoroughly research the product or service
you're promoting. Pick ONLY the highest quality
ones with good customer ratings... I am extremely
"picky" with what products and services I
promote... I usually contact the company,
check BBB for any complaints, use the product
or service yourself, get customer ratings and reviews,
visit all the online forums to check for support
issues and monitor these forums to see how quickly
support problems are dealt with...

Keep in mind, if you're offering or selling any
product or service on the web... people must have
a reason to buy from your affiliate links or sites...
give them a reason by offering quality information
on the products and services you're promoting.

Everybody is busy! If you can save people time,
you will sell products online. If you can save
people the hassle of collecting all the product
information and ratings... you will sell products

Just give them a deal they can't refuse. That
might sound a bit corny but it works. Use
coupons, special offers/deals, extra bonuses
when they buy from your links and you will
succeed online.

And the main part of doing all this is building
Micro-Lists which I explain in the article
below... hope you can give it a quick glance
and give the list system a try. You will make
more sales..

o Using Micro-List Building To Boost Your Sales

Using Micro-List Building To Boost Your Sales
Copyright © 2008 Titus Hoskins

Micro-list building and marketing is creating
small lists of very targeted and very interested
prospects for your products and services.
Instead of concentrating your marketing efforts
on building large general lists, you create
hundreds, even thousands of micro-lists directly
related to the product or service you're promoting.

This is not exactly breaking news, savvy online
marketers have been sub-dividing their lists into
smaller micro-lists for years. It is a simple way
of getting the right information to the right people
at the right time.

Many of these marketers create an "A" list which
may consist of their most responsive contacts,
usually customers who have bought from them before,
or affiliates who have joined the marketer's affiliate
program. They even divide those lists further,
such as a micro-list of your top 50 affiliates.

Micro-list building is only slightly different in
that your original goal or aim is to build a small
targeted list directly related to a product or service
so that you can send follow-up information. It often
means writing a separate tailor-made AR series of emails
for each product or service you're promoting.

The objective of this follow-up is to establish
a friendly business-like relationship with your
potential customers. Keep the emails objective and
give helpful information, buying tips, reviews...
but don't be all positive, if there are any
complaints/negatives against a product or service
give these to your subscribers. Any support issues
should be thoroughly dealt with and discussed.

Why go through all this trouble? Mainly because,
like long tail keyword marketing, using a micro-list
will be much more targeted and much more effective.
You are fine-tuning your marketing to target the
right customers for your product or service; then
creating custom information that will better convince
that potential customer to buy from you.

Granted, since we are talking about affiliate marketing
here, writing an AR series for each product or service
you promote can be a massive chore. And you may have to
do extra filtering on your AR forms or do other surveys
to find the best prospects. However, what I have found
is that once you have these plugged into your AR system
(I use Aweber which gives you unlimited campaigns) you
can virtually forget about them, no pun intended.

By using these micro-lists you can create hundreds
of automatic marketing systems that are selling your
products 24/7, day in, day out. Again, this is not
exactly breaking news, many companies who use
affiliates to sell their products already have
their own AR follow-ups... I always first check
to see if the company has their own system and use
that one. If it's not effective, even big companies
get it wrong sometimes... I do an AR series of my
own and see if it can perform better. Sometimes,
input from a third-party source is better received,
especially if that person uses and recommends the

Micro-list building is one of the most effective online
marketing tools you can use. Quite frankly, I have
found building a large opt-in list is not the real
key to creating online income but instead creating
small micro lists for each of your promoted products
to be much more effective. You can have hundreds,
even thousands of these different micro-lists.

Studies have shown, interested customers may not
buy on the first visit, that it may take up to
six or seven reminders. So keeping in contact with
an interested customer, one who is looking and in
the right mindset to buy, will definitely increase
your sales.

Here, rather then the hard-sell, the emphasis should
be on collecting contacts in order to give them helpful
informative content on the product they're interested
in buying. Supplying quality content should be your
main goal, let the selling take care of itself. If you
get the first part right, the sale will come naturally.

Micro-list building and marketing gives you the
perfect opportunity to reach your potential customers
time and time again. It extends your sales pitch
and truly gives you an opportunity to gently persuade
the customer to buy. The real money is in the Micro-List!


Get a Step-by-Step Guide that will show you How to Start,
Build & Manage your OWN HUGE Opt-In List!
Click Here: List Building eCourse
Or Our List Building Toolkit: List Building
The author is a full-time online marketer and has used list
building to produce a very comfortable online income.
Copyright © 2008 Titus Hoskins.This article may be
freely distributed if this resource box stays attached.


o Google Docs & Making PDF Files or Downloads

Don't know if you know this information or
not - but a simple way to make PDF files and
downloads to place on your sites and offer
as free gifts to get your visitors to sign-up
for your lists is to use Google Docs.

Just sign-up for a free Google account and you can
can create documents - articles, reports, ebooks...
and export them as PDF (Portable Document Format)
files to your site. Simple way to create viral PDF
articles, reports that you can pass around and bring
traffic back to your site.

I use these PDF files/downloads to offer my free
articles, reports... for building the micro-lists
I explained above. Simple and easy way to get something
unique to offer your visitors. Easy way to start
building that relationship process...

If you haven't seen or tried Google Docs, you
can find it here:

o Happy Easter & First Day of Spring!

Happy Easter for those who celebrate it...
hope you have a nice one.

It is also the First Day of Spring, so
that's another reason to celebrate. Always
puts a smile on my face, hope it does the
same for you... and I hope this simple Newsletter
helps you in some way!

Kind Regards,

Titus Hoskins

Friday, March 14, 2008

How To Boost Your Opt-ins By Using iFrames

BWMagic's Marketing News!

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o Boost Your Opt-ins By Using iFrames

o Google Adsense Downturn

o Battling the Flu!


o Boost Your Opt-ins By Using iFrames

Retaining your visitor's attention while they are
on your site is a well-known problem for many
webmasters. Visitors get distracted and click
away from your page or site without preforming
your chosen tasks you had planned for them to
carry out.

How rude of them!

Many times it is the webmaster who is to blame...
a poorly constructed webpage can result in a lost
sale or a lost subscriber. Many times the core reason
for this failed manipulation has to do with the layout
of the webpage itself, than to any lack of interest on
your visitor's part.

Most webmasters want their visitors to do two things:

1. buy their product or click thru to an affiliate link
to buy a product

2. sign-up or opt-in to their newsletter to receive
follow-up information

This is where problems can arise, visitors may just
opt-in and they are taken to thank-you page. Or the
visitors my buy the product without signing up or
opting in to your newsletter or list.

Many professional webmasters use a squeeze page where
they capture the contact information of interested
customers. But many times having your visitors go thru
all these different pages can be distracting and result
in bounces or lost sales.

One simple solution to this common problem is to keep
your visitors on your main sales page and still collect
their contact information. This can be easily done
by the use of a simple iFrame.

An iFrame lets you insert content from another website
into your current page without disturbing or distracting
the reader.

By using the iFrame code, you can open or display
your autoresponder form or sign-up page directly
on your sales page. Then as your visitor signs up
for your list or newsletter - you can display the
thank-you page in the same iFrame, all the while
keeping your visitor on sales page and still reading
your message.

Setting up your iFrame code is quite simple. Here
some sample code you can use. Keep in mind, you
can adjust the size of your iFrame and the color
of the page background, etc. like you would do
with any HTML webpage.

<*iframe src="" frameborder="0" width="450" height="150"><*/iframe>

Remove *'s in actual iFrame code.

Your lead capture page will contain your autoresponder
form. Then once your visitor has signed-up, they will
receive your thank-you message right on the page. Just
design your thank-page to fit neatly in your iFrame window.

Why is this effective?

The main reason why using an iFrame can be very effective
is because your visitor never leaves your page, they
can continue watching your video, reading your sales
messages... while they sign-up to your list. Many
webmasters offer incentives for people to sign-up,
extra videos, free software downloads, free tips...
people will gladly go you their contact information if
you provide them with valuable information they can use.

If you need more information on how to create iFrames
just try here:

o Google Adsense Downturn & Multiple Income Sources

For years now I have been using Google Adsense
on my sites. It was an easy and painless way
earn income from my sites... lately this income
has been going down. Don't quite know what is
happening here, whether it is a general downturn
in the U.S. economy and people are advertising
less or whether Google is simply cutting back?

My pageviews are not down by any large amount,
but the revenue is down. Other webmasters have
noticed the same so it's just not my sites.

If Google Adsense was my only source of online
income - I would be concerned. But it is not...
one of the best strategies you can possibly have
is to develop many, many, many income streams
with your sites or content.

Use other text ads, use affiliate programs,
develop business relationships with companies,
display banners, sell your own advertising...

...just make sure you have multiple streams of
income flowing from your sites... when one
stream dries up (and they will) - you have
countless others to rely on.

Best advice you will ever receive....

Now I am often asked, but how do I create
multiple income streams for my content and site?

Well, I don't have all the answers, but I usually
know where to find them. Recently, I was researching
this very topic for a future article and I came
across this great site.

It is by Steve Pavlina, who is probably the
top self improvement guy in the world. He has
a very extensive list of ways to make income
from your blog:

Check it out - it will give you ways to create
those multiple income streams for your blog
or site.

o Battling the Flu!

Have to cut this Newsletter short, for
the last couple of days I have been
(like a million others) battling a bad
case of the Flu!

Not really complaining, I always get
the flu around this time, each year.
And I discover all over again, what a
luxury it is to be able to breathe
thru your nose!

Actually, it points out to me how lucky
I really am to be working from home when
I do get the flu. I don't have to leave the house,
and the revenues are still flowing... it's
at those times that I truly appreciate working
from the comfort of my home.

Got to love this Internet Stuff!


Hope this helps!

Kind Regards,

Titus Hoskins

Friday, March 07, 2008

Helpful Suggestions For Designing & Creating Websites

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BWMagic's Marketing News!

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o Designing Websites That Work

o 4 Ways To Design A Site


o Designing Websites That Work

Perhaps, my most asked question is:

"How can I design a website that brings
in money quickly?"

The answer varies depending on what type
of site the person wants to create. A simple
sales letter, an affiliate site, a business
site selling your own product or products...

No matter what type of site your build, if
you read last week's newsletter you will realize
the key to the success of your online site will
be keywords and how you optimize your keywords
or pages for the search engines - mainly Google.
(See below)

Get that part right, and chances are good your site
will be profitable.

Truth be told, site design (graphics, layout, navigation...)
plays an important role but the real profits are
in the high rankings for your keywords.

Even though I have a background in Art, mainly
art education, when I designed my first website -
I didn't have a clue what I was doing... but thanks
mainly to Brad Callen I did get the keyword part

And since I do mainly affiliate marketing, that's
extremely important. I needed to get high rankings
for my keywords and sites to turn a profit.

Now, the overall design of your website is still
important. You must try to get a professional looking
site so that your visitors will take you seriously.
Flashy colors, links that don't work, mismatched
fonts... will all subtract from your site.

Unless you can do everything yourself, producing
a professional looking site will cost you some money.
How much will depend on your budget and what kind
of site you want to create... but here are some
helpful suggestions on how to go about designing
your site.

o 4 Ways To Design A Site

Here are some of my suggestions for going about
designing a website.

Sales Letter Site

Usually consisting of the ONE main sales page and
few smaller pages. We have all seen these types of
site, consisting of bold headlines, countless
testimonials and the offer to buy the latest
thing since sliced bread.

But I am not knocking these sites or the people
that make them... these Sales Letter Sites are
are some of the most profitable pages on the web.
They can be tremendously effective selling machines
when they're done right.

If you're interested in creating this type of
site or just want Graphics for any kind of site
I would highly recommend Irene Fulton's
"Sales Letter Graphics".

It contains everything you need to create a
website, including templates for your sales
letter site. All the graphics, buttons, bullets,
check marks, backgrounds... to design an interesting

This is a comprehensive Graphics Package with
lots of bonuses and it will give you everything
your need to create a sales letter web site.

o Design Dashboard

If you want a more elaborate step-by-step
help with designing a website I would recommend
Marlon Sanders' excellent "Design Dashboard".

Marlon is a well know online marketer, one
of the true pioneers, who really knows his
stuff. Design Dashboard gives you all you
need to design your webpages that work:

o Neil Shearing's 10 Days To Cash

Usually, I suggest you be patient when starting
an online site... it doesn't happen overnight.
At least that was my experience when I started
but we didn't have blogs in those days and it usually
took several months before everything started working.

Well, things have changed somewhat now, with sites
being indexed quicker and quicker. And Neil Shearing
has had a different experience, he has produced a site
that started bringing in cash on the tenth day. And not
from PPC (Pay Per Click) traffic but traffic from Google.

Neil shows how he did it in his "10 Days Cash Secret"
product so you can use his methods to build your
own site or sites.

o Site Build It

Of course, if you want a lot of help and guidance
in creating a web site or web business I would
highly recommend Site Build It by Ken Evoy.

It will be more expensive then the systems above
but it is a complete marketing system and a complete
education on how to make a profitable site.

A word of caution, using SBI will also be a lot slower
then the other site design methods listed especially if
your totally new at this, but it is the most comprehensive
and gives you a full understanding of how online marketing

I recommend SBI mainly for those who are really new
to online marketing and want to know the basics. It
is the perfect starting place to design your first

Site Build It

Hope this helps!

Kind Regards,

Titus Hoskins